In this blog, My Terella, I’ve had the privilege to share my daily life and give you a taste of our cultures, tradition and habits from Norway and the Nordic countries. For me it has been a great experience, a givers gain. Even more enjoyable has been my chance to communicate with you; I have gotten a lot of interesting comments with questions from all over the world. Soon My Terella is celebrating its one year anniversary and I am preparing something special for you. In this I need your help; to give me an idea of what more you would like to know about Norway and the Nordic countries.

My regular readers have already read a lot about food and other traditions, about our peaceful forests and mountains as well as some reports from cities and quality times with my family and friends. What amazes to me are all the people taking their time to read and comment. That is what I learn the most of and it gives me inspiration to keep on blogging. I want more, though, a lot more:-)

So my challenge to you this time, is to comment this post and submit your question of what you want to know more about. It might be statistical-, political-, society-, cultural- religious- or other subjects. You can also ask about our food or other traditions as well as the Nordic spirit and habits. There is no such thing as silly questions, only stupid answers – try me!

When you comment and submit your question, please fill in your mail address. Trust me not to share your address with others – I won’t! But I might need to keep in touch to deepen your question or prevent misunderstandings.

This is an experiment and your chance to satisfy your curiosity– carpe diem!


  1. Sounds like fun and congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary!
    I’m fairly new to your site, but I’d love to see some of the stores and costs of living in Norway. (perhaps you’ve already posted on this?)

  2. I’m also a fairly new reader of your blog but I’d love to know more about the people of Norway and specifically what are the most commonly spoken languages. Your english is wonderfuly Renny and I am truly impressed. Happy anniversary on your blog too!

  3. You are so sweet Renny :D

    As I’m an active unionist…I would like to know more about your industrial relationship in Norway. Very pro or anti-union? Any active female unionist that you know whom you think you can introduce to me :D

    How about yourself? What is your profession or you know of any union activities?

    Thank you Renny, my email is


  4. A blogversary is always fun. Questions of Norway…

    biggest growth industry?
    immigrant language training and settlement resources are common or sink or swim policy?

    page half full (at)

  5. Happy blogversary renny!Looking forward to read that special post;)

    I’d be very interested to know Norwegian’s superstitious beliefs (If there’s any?)

    Thanks in advance! Have a nice week ahead!

  6. wow! is your first entry about your werdding anniversary? coz the dates are just near. heheeh. i can’t think of a question. what i just want to learn from norway is the language :)

  7. I haven’t searched through your post archive and don’t know if you’ve alraedy wrote about it since I’ve only been reading you for a couple months, but I’d like to hear about your automobiles, Television programming, Electronics and what-not as well as everything else you write about. it’s all fabulous. Congratz on your Anniversary…

  8. Congratulations on your upcoming one year anniversary!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the alternative fuel/wave power entry on my blog… and I agree~ we need to think more (and quickly) about the subject!

    I am having a blast reading through your archives, and I am sure I am going to love anything you write about Norway. So glad you stopped by so I could follow the ‘bread crumb trail’ back here.

    Have a great day~ and I am sure we’ll talk soon!

    Carla Lynne Klimuk

  9. i’d really like to learn about some of the folklore, not just the mythology, but the children’s stories handed down, the explanations of why things are.

    also, i’d love to know, since your wife is american, what are the cultural differences that she has been most charmed by.

    and if i may be so bold as to have a 3rd question…share some idioms that really exemplify norwegian thought.

  10. Renny,
    what a great idea for your 1 year blog anniversary. Very interesting to see what your readers from around the globe want the learn more about concerning our country which nature has given so much richness.

  11. Maybe your wife can help with this one. How much is it to buy clothes? I’ve read from Charles’s and yours that it’s very pricey, but could you compared it to the states in some way? while we are on buying how much is it for dinner to go out???

    How about the winters. Do people act differently? What do people do, go to restaurants and pubs more? what about sports? are they mostly structured indoors? How cold is it in the winter?

    And more pics of course!

    I’m sure that gives you a few more ideas.

  12. congratulation for your upcoming anniv!
    how nice of you to think this idea, okay now here’s my questions….do you eat rice too?hehe,,,how cold is winter there?how much do you have to earn everyday or everymonth to have an average way of living? what people do mostly for living? how many kids per couple? curious because here in JAPAN one or two is enough, in PHILIPPINES unlimited! hahaha, population matters.

    that would be all for now! thanks in advance for your answers*.*

    Happy life there,here and everywhere! enjoy bloglife!

  13. thanks for stopping by :)

  14. As everyone else has said, congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary. I remember well that day for mine! I think what I like the most about your blog is seeing and hearing about your everyday life…and how you share it with your American wife. While some things are different, because you’re in a different country, so many more things are the same. I like that this is what connects us to each other. We really are much more alike than different and that should tell us something, when it comes to wars between countries/cultures!

  15. I don’t congratulate yet, I have been told that it brings bad luck ! I also would like to know a bit more about Norwegian’s superstitious beliefs, witches and tales. Like we have the chimney sweeper who brings luck and a pink fat pig too !
    Have you seen some of my pictures of Turkey in my “keyhole” blog ?
    I will try to write my reportage in the travel blog this week.

  16. I have not been with your for a year, so I am not certain what you published before I came to see you, almost every day.
    I am interested in Vikings. It wasn’t so long ago(in my kids’ lifetime) that we found our first relics of the Viking Settlements here.
    We knew they were here. But we never found settlements.
    In Newfounland and Labrador(one Province) they discovered mounds. these mounds were huts. Now we have a historical place to actually go and look at the place where the first from the East came to stay.

    I would like to know if Norway has preserved places of Viking settlements, or were they lost?

  17. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    What a wonderful idea Renny! I’m interested to know about the racial and religeous makeup of Norwary…Are there a lot of people of color? And many religeons, too? There is a lot else I would love to know too, but this is a good start. Okay? Thanks in advance….

  18. To All: I’m thankful and honoured by your comments and questions. It has giving me a lot to think about and a lot of ideas for new posts, like I was hoping for. I take it you understand that I don’t reply here, but save this for some anniversary material where all of you can participate. It’s in the beginning of November – so stay tunded!

  19. Mother of Invention

    Good going for a year! Yah!
    I’m a people person and love studying what makes them tick. What do they do with time off work in the different seasons? On week nights and then how it differs on weekend nights and days? Sports? Leisure? Clubs? Activities? Church? Both for adults and children of different ages. TV shows watched? Clubs? Music listened to? You get the idea! Thanks! I’m sure you’ll come up with some great blogs!

  20. I dont know if i have something to ask about. lol! ehehehe Just dropping by to say hi!

  21. I would like to know about the history of your flag.

  22. Lots and lots of questions, i dont know nothing about norway :P

    Kisses from Portugal

  23. I like hearing about your day-to-day life along with pix.

  24. I love seeing your pictures of NOrway, knowing that my family came from there long ago. I wonder why they ever left?
    I would like to know more about my family connection there in Norway and if I have any cousins, which I’m sure there are. But that would take a lot of research! I have looked throught the Digital Arkavet (spelling?) but haven’t had much luck. Eventually it will come.

  25. do you have northern lights? there’s another one. Never seen it yet in person, but P has where he used to live in Quebec.

  26. ohh,sorry im late,Renny.

    I wanna congratulate your for your first year blogsarry.

    I wanna know about the people;how they interract with foreigners/visitors.
    How do they treat and welcome others cultures and beliefs.

    So far,I have an idea,the way you respond to the comments and visiting your links,too.

    but how about others?do they act the same too?


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