In this blog, My Terella, I’ve had the privilege to share my daily life and give you a taste of our cultures, tradition and habits from Norway and the Nordic countries. For me it has been a great experience, a givers gain. Even more enjoyable has been my chance to communicate with you; I have gotten a lot of interesting comments with questions from all over the world. Soon My Terella is celebrating its one year anniversary and I am preparing something special for you. In this I need your help; to give me an idea of what more you would like to know about Norway and the Nordic countries.

My regular readers have already read a lot about food and other traditions, about our peaceful forests and mountains as well as some reports from cities and quality times with my family and friends. What amazes to me are all the people taking their time to read and comment. That is what I learn the most of and it gives me inspiration to keep on blogging. I want more, though, a lot more:-)

So my challenge to you this time, is to comment this post and submit your question of what you want to know more about. It might be statistical-, political-, society-, cultural- religious- or other subjects. You can also ask about our food or other traditions as well as the Nordic spirit and habits. There is no such thing as silly questions, only stupid answers – try me!

When you comment and submit your question, please fill in your mail address. Trust me not to share your address with others – I won’t! But I might need to keep in touch to deepen your question or prevent misunderstandings.

This is an experiment and your chance to satisfy your curiosity– carpe diem!