Every season has its charm and in Norway they’re significantly different and all four are beautiful. During my post the last month, I have kind of built up an expectation and promised to give you the proof. The report from Kings Mountain City gave you a peek, but it was quite to foggy to certify the colours. Of course I won’t let my readers down though, and my mobile phone camera has been kept ready all day, so this post will be a summary of what I’ve seen during the last weeks. Let me start with yesterday’s hunt:

Akershus Fortress
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

I took a walk around in Oslo city on my way from the office to catch the bus. The first beautiful view that caught my eye was Akershus Fortress. Click here to see my ‘Fortress on fire’ post last December.

The Royal Castle and Garden

Next was The Royal Castle and The Royal Garden. Some people were standing guard while others were just rushing home for dinner. It was just after 4PM where most of the offices close in Norway. I was lucky to be there when the gate was opened to show you the tree painted in golden colour of fall. Click here if you like to see my ‘The Royal Garden in spring’ post last year.

Yesterday I had a meeting at The Norwegian Department of Education and Research. The area close to my office is a Government centre in Oslo, and in the middle you find the governmental main office. I take it you can see the colourful view from their windows:-)

I end my proof of fall report from Norway with another quality time with my wife last Sunday. She was baking rolls in the morning and was tempting with some nice treat in her back bag for a nice walk on a nearby island. It was foggy last Sunday too, but I do hope you have a feeling of what beauty the nature provided us. If you like to see more of this Island, I had a post called ‘Frozen Paradise’ in January this year.

I do hope you excuse me, but I could not resist the last picture to the right. It’s defiantly fall season and the light clothing of summer season is over. You’ll have to wait for next year to see how the sun is warming up the Norwegian Vikings again. So stay tuned and in the mean time enjoy the fall seasons everyone!

Wondering about Norway?
For those who haven’t read and commented my last post, please scroll down and tell me what more you would like to know about the winter wonder land with the midnight sun and through all significant four seasons – Carpe Diem :-)


  1. Gorgeous evidence of Fall in Norway, Renny. Loved the fortress with it’s fiery foliage, and the tree on the bottom left of your post. It just glows with Autumn color!

    The leaves are still not quite at peak here in Arkansas. They need another week or 2 to be at their best. I tried to take some pics today, but it was raining and I don’t think they will come out very well.

    Have a great Friday and weekend, Renny and Diane. :-)

  2. Yo…different shades of colour all over Norway…it’s so beatiful. I feel so good now :D

  3. Every time I visit here there are such beautiful photos. My desire to see Norway is getting stronger with each post! It really is a *very* long way from here though.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be visiting for more gorgeous pictures and Norway explanation…

  5. As allways, beautiful shots and down to the earth storytelling. I happen to know the person that did the artwork on the “Naturist strand ” infosign. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Love the pics, Seize the day bro…

  7. oh that fortress on fire is my favorite! i just love that shot with the old wall and the blaze of color!

  8. Mother of Invention

    Beauty red tree! Looks like our maples’ colour. What kind of tree is it? Our leaves are a blanket on the ground now and this weekend a huge storm with lots of wind is coming out of Oklahoma! Northern Ontario will get a dump of snow!

  9. I love these pictures and saved most of them to my pc. It’s hard to believe that your phone takes such great pictures! Must be a really good phone! And really expensive!
    I also posted below.

  10. Oh the photos are lovely!
    Your colours are alot like here in Canada.

  11. yes yes – the colors are so lovely Renny! How cool is that. Thanks for sharing. It seems that we are having many of the same colors here. But it has been a great year as far as I’m thinking. =)

  12. Norway is always a beauty and charm,i just love the color of Fall,and you are totally inviting me to see its beauty by myself :)

    your nokia camera is a real good buddy of yours.

    thanx for sharing,Renny!
    happy weekend!

  13. This is another new one for me — I’ve never been to Norway in the Autumn. Thank you so much for showing us just how beautiful it is!

  14. Thank you for the lovely autumn pictures. It will be a few more weeks before I will experience late autumn/early winter. By the way, Happy Belated Anniversary! I love reading about Norway as my husband has such fond feelings for the country and I have still not visited. No tickets yet but will keep you updated . . .

  15. @Diane: Thanks for the compliments – I am glad you appreciated it. Thanks for sharing your fall collar hunt experience too – It’s hard to capture without the sun. Wish you and your family a great weekend too!

    @Shionge: What a compliment – to make a visitor feel good. Welcome back any time!

    @Bean: Glad I can tempt you post by post then. One day maybe and of course you are welcome!

    @Sasha: Your welcome and hope to see you back soon!

    @TorAa: Thanks for the compliments Tor. Would you tell us who did the art work then?

    @Grish: Thank you very much – I do the best I can. I great weekend to you!

    @Lime: Glad I could provide you with some candy for the eye:-)

    @MotherOfInvention: I’m not 100% sure, but I think it is a maple, yes – a small one though. Funny you mentioned snow in the northern part of Canada as we’ve got snow in the mountains and northern part of Norway too now.

    @Karen! I feel honoured. Yes, a Nokia 6680 is good and also quite expensive. But then again it is a phone, a PDA and a camera with video recording function. I can also surfing the net and watch TV on this phone, so it is very convenient.

    @Lynn: Yea, we are sharing the same kind of climate and fauna you know!

    @ExpatTraveler: Yea, I know and since you’re from Europe, you know the difference and similarity. It has been a lovely year and for me a very exciting first year of blogging. You where one of my first friend and on my blog roll you know.

    @Ghee: Your always welcome to experience in person and I will try to be as charming as I can be too:-) Happy weekend to you and your family too!

    @LynAnne: Providing you another Norwegian experience on my blog is my pleasure you know:-)

    @Hexe: Thanks for the compliments and yes I know we are a few weeks ahead of you. Thanks for the good wishes, it’s never to late and we are still married:-)
    Seeing you in Norway would be a thrill – so please keep me posted. You know I would love to guide you and your husband!

  16. I love all the photos but ship and the fortress are especially lovely.

    I’m so glad you have shared this with us all.

  17. Renny – I love the boat, it is a hidden passion. Old Sailing vessels! Too cool.

  18. Norway looks so much like Canada in the fall.

    I am glad you blog the country. I’ve known nothing before all you’ve said and shown.

    Amazing view to have from an office window.

  19. Lovely pix! I especially liked the ones with the leaves changing colours.

  20. Renny – the house in the background pic is definitely very swiss! Those were even older known houses, I really love em! thanks for stopping by my photo hunt.

  21. You know that I get so excited, Renny, when you show photos of things I have actually seen with my own eyes, like the Akershus Fortress, right where our cruise ship was docked at the end of May. Of course, I didn’t see it in the autumn foliage, so it’s only that much more spectacular. One thing I especially liked about this post was all your links to last year, when I didn’t yet know you, and to see what you wrote about back then. You and your lovely wife live such an enriched life together. A choice you have made that inspires us all!

  22. Those golden leaves are awesome indeed!

    I uploaded few autumn pics in my photoblog,too but they’re not as good as these shots,lovely!

    Greetings to you & wifey:) take care!

  23. because of your pictures, i’m starting to love norway. is norway all about good views and good stuff? :)

  24. wow, i love fall. it is so crisp and refreshing. and the colors are amazing. spring is great too. after winter, when everything is coming back to life.

  25. Hello Renny! I just adore the pictures you posted. I like the lovely colour of the leaves. Anyway, hmmm what are you going to do on your special day?

  26. STUNNING photos, Renny . . . such bright colors of fall always make me feel cozy. :-)
    I hope you have a great week, my friend! XXOO

  27. “The Queer Chef pimped me here”.

    Hallo Renny … i’m back, howdy?


  28. Omg, what a lovely colors, amazing!
    Happy fall Renny! as always thanks for sharing the beautiful photos here :)

  29. @Lisa: My favorite too you know:-)

    @TravelItaly: Mine too!

    @Pearl: Oh yea, Norway and Canada is very much the same when it comes to fauna and climate. Glad you find something interesting on my blog as I love to share.

    @Teena: Agree; fall collar is just wonderful and a good reason to love this season too.

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks for the confirmation and the pics was just great – thanks for sharing with us!

    @Ginnie: Of course the fortress is a landmark in Oslo and I’m glad I could bring back good memories from your stay in May.
    Thanks also for looking around by the referral links. I do miss categorising in blogger as there now are a lot of post with the same subject on my blog to look at.

    @CheH: Thanks for your compliments and I’ve seen yours too – they are great!

    @Tin-tin: A lot of reasons to love Norway you know:-) depending on how you look at things in life!

    @April: I do agree with you. All four seasons has its charm!

    @Charles: Thanks for the compliments!
    I’m working on my one year blog anniversary and will get back to you. Some will be about all the comments on my Wondering about Norway post you know.

    @Lisa: Thanks – makes me feel the same. Wish you a great week too dear!

    @Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng: So glad to see you back again! Happy Halloween too:-)

    @Ethel: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it and happy fall to you too!

  30. Amazing how much like Canada it looks.

    Most of the leaves are down now – especially after yesterdays strong winds (gusts up to 100Km/h) … well, maybe not all parts of Canada, but certainly the parts I am in.

    The colours are always lovely. The only colours more beautiful than the Fall colours are the Spring colours. I love the bright greens and the vibrant colours.

    Only have to wait … what? … 6 months until Spring?

    Take care.

  31. wow..

    i love the picture of the leaves during fall.. sort of orange-brownish-or whatever it is. :P

    anyway, have a nice day! *hugs*


  32. Estupidormitorian Neil

    Is education a good demand in Norway? Are there a lot of Filipinos in Norway?

    Will strive hard to become a news reporter or film maker someday!

    Nice photos and culture sharing, sir Renny! Still learning a lot from you.

    And oh, thanks for the email you sent to me a few months ago. I’ve only noticed it yesterday. Thank you very much.

  33. Now it is October 31.
    It is All Hallow’s Eve.
    The night of Halloween, or Samhain.
    The frolic new year of the harvest!
    Dance with the devil.
    Fool the beasts with your attire.
    Happy Halloween!


  34. Gives a nice overlook of Oslo’s automn spirit !

    Yesterday I published the post of my trip to Turkey. So if you want to see it …

  35. @Richard: I do agree; our nature and fauna is very much alike. Thanks for the weather warning – yours often comes to us a week or so later you know.
    I’m looking forward to spring too, but let’s enjoy the beauty of the rest of fall and the winter as well! You too take care:-)

    @aiRah: Thanks for your compliments! Hugs and a nice day to you too.

    @ASIATIC NEIL: About 80 % of the population takes higher education and there is a lot to choose from. I know a few Filipinos, but I don’t have any idea how many there are in Norway generally. Maybe you can ask Charles or Mark? Good luck with your goals – it sounds exciting.

    @Lynn: I do hope you had a good Halloween. The celebration is quite a new thing in Norway and we did not have any visitors this year.

    @Gattina: I’m glad you liked the look too! Your post about your trip to Turkey was very good – I do recommend a visit to all others!

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  37. Wow! Awesome photos RennyBA! The air looks so crisp and clear over there! Did you use any filters? The ship is magnificent! And the leaves look fantastic!

    Thanks Tina! No, this is as natrual as you can get it in Oslo as I just used my Nokia mobile phone cam. Glad you liked the pics!

  38. I likeyour post. I’ll fulfillon reading your post regulary.

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