Autumns golden bounty in Norway

Every season has its charm and in Norway they’re significantly different and all four are beautiful. During my post the last month, I have kind of built up an expectation and promised to give you the proof. The report from Kings Mountain City gave you a peek, but it was quite to foggy to certify the colours. Of course I won’t let my readers down though, and my mobile phone camera has been kept ready all day, so this post will be a summary of what I’ve seen during the last weeks. Let me start with yesterday’s hunt:

Akershus Fortress
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

I took a walk around in Oslo city on my way from the office to catch the bus. The first beautiful view that caught my eye was Akershus Fortress. Click here to see my ‘Fortress on fire’ post last December.

The Royal Castle and Garden

Next was The Royal Castle and The Royal Garden. Some people were standing guard while others were just rushing home for dinner. It was just after 4PM where most of the offices close in Norway. I was lucky to be there when the gate was opened to show you the tree painted in golden colour of fall. Click here if you like to see my ‘The Royal Garden in spring’ post last year.

Yesterday I had a meeting at The Norwegian Department of Education and Research. The area close to my office is a Government centre in Oslo, and in the middle you find the governmental main office. I take it you can see the colourful view from their windows:-)

I end my proof of fall report from Norway with another quality time with my wife last Sunday. She was baking rolls in the morning and was tempting with some nice treat in her back bag for a nice walk on a nearby island. It was foggy last Sunday too, but I do hope you have a feeling of what beauty the nature provided us. If you like to see more of this Island, I had a post called ‘Frozen Paradise’ in January this year.

I do hope you excuse me, but I could not resist the last picture to the right. It’s defiantly fall season and the light clothing of summer season is over. You’ll have to wait for next year to see how the sun is warming up the Norwegian Vikings again. So stay tuned and in the mean time enjoy the fall seasons everyone!

Wondering about Norway?
For those who haven’t read and commented my last post, please scroll down and tell me what more you would like to know about the winter wonder land with the midnight sun and through all significant four seasons – Carpe Diem :-)