Today I am going to tell you about something very Norwegian. Something I’ve done since I was born – almost literary. Norwegians just love to be outdoors, surrounded by the nature and elements and to breath in the crisp, fresh air. To me, nothing is more relaxing, inspiring and peaceful than walking in the woods and relaxing by a lakeside fire. We can do it all the time of course, but the tradition is especially to do it in the weekends and especially on Sunday. When I was young we did this often on Saturdays too, but that day has become more and more a shopping day in Norway. Let me start with a picture of how it looked last Sunday when I had another quality time with my wife:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – please click to enlarge!

We drove a short distance to our local sports clubhouse. Typical these days, but when I was young we walked straight from our home. We didn’t know but this weekend was an autumn family fun day with hundreds of people enjoying the same experience. Everyone is there, from small children in their baby carriages or in back-carriers attached to their father or mother, to grandmothers and grandfathers enjoying each others company. It was party cloudy and about 5 C (41F), and as you can see, in the pics: to us there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. If you enjoy being outdoors, you dress to make it a pleasurable day.

This Saturday, the sports club was arranging a family day and there were a lot of activities and competitions going on. Some were playing football (or soccer then, if you Americans insist:-) and some were competing in orienteering (a very popular sport in Norway!). The best part is that everyone wins and gets their medals to prove it – typical Norwegian spirit as we think that comparing young children is unhealthy, they are all winners in our eyes. Let me add that we are very competitive as adults though, just wait until the world championship in skiing takes place in Sapporo, Japan in Feb. and March 2007!

After watching the children playing, my wife and I went into the forest, as you can see in the first picture on this post. We had a lovely 5 KM (3,1 Miles) walk and the destination was this beautiful lake to sit down and enjoy the special treat my wife packed in the backpack. We weren’t alone as many others where in groups, such as parent associations who arranged for a cookout for their children’s class. There where camp fires close to the lakes of course, where they cooked hotdogs and as you can see in one of the pics even the family dogs had a good time playing in the crisp clean water.

My wife and I were alone as my children are out of the nest and her’s were otherwise occupied, so we found a romantic spot for our lunch. It was nice and quiet and the crackers, cheese and coffee tasted excellent. We even had a visit from a couple of ducks, looking for some leftovers. My wife had thought of that too, so they got some of the old rolls from last weekend’s trip to Kongsberg.
Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday with your beloved and to find your inner self in a stressful world?

Wondering about Norway?
I’m still working on posts for my blog’s first year anniversary (November 12th for those who have asked:-). For those who haven’t read and commented my last post, please scroll down and tell me what more you would like to know about Norway. In this I have given you a good example and it answers part of the questions, especially from Mother of Invention and Teena.


  1. I can think of no better way to spend a day with your family than this. Fresh air and fun for all! Your picnic looks lovley! Wonderful photos- thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Your day out on the lake is much like our camping trips, but we stay longer and sleep in a tent. I enjoyed going along for your day out, Renny. :-)

  3. Good times! Your pictures turned out very well with the camera phone – I’m impressed. Thanks for visiting my blog too by the way :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your day out. We also spent Sunday outside in the yard as it was cool here (70s):) Being outside does clear your mind and give you a positive perspective.

  5. Wow! Sounds like a great way to spend a day. We love hiking so would have loved to have been along. I’m jealous!!! :)

  6. That look so nice Renny. Sounds like you guys are having fun and the pictures are wonderful.

  7. it sounds positively wonderful. a fall walk in the woods is one of my favorite things!

  8. Heia :) Ble send hit av Chas, og er veldig glad jeg tok turen innom :) For en flott blogg du har! Hilsen fra bergen

  9. Time with a spouse is so centering. ‘

    Love the last picture.

  10. ‘hope we could also go out this weekend … autumn breeze is really great & healthy for body & ‘with our family around’ soul ;)

    have a nice evening!

  11. Mother of Invention

    This blog and your day is so “Picture Perfect” as we say! I love how Norwegians just go out in any weather and seem to have all the right clothing and footwear. You are all such outdoorsy people.

    Many of us are too in Canada, but there are a lot of Couch Potatoes too, especially our youth. We worry about their health with childhood obesity on the rise and many aren’t as active as they should be.

    Sunday was strictly a family day when I was growing up, but it’s a little bit sad that now it is many other things now too. Stores are open and many have to work. Many don’t go to Church either. As kids, we all went to Sunday School, came home to a roast beef dinner at noon, changed into play clothes and literally played outside all afternoon! I miss that, but now I do that with my husband. We walk or bike or he rollerskis and runs. In winter, he skis both Sat. and Sun. He can’t wait for SNOW!!!

  12. @Lisa: So we are two of a kind then – your welcome!

    @Diane: Sounds even better since then you can experience the sunset and rise as well:-)

    @Laura: Thanks for the compliments. Visiting yours where great too!

    @Hexe: Glad you had same king of experience then and I so much agree with you – it’s lovely!

    @Teena: Yes, sharing that kind of experience with you and your family would have been a thrill – let’s hope one day!

    @Charles: Thanks – yes we are doing well – hope the same for you and your studies!

    @Lime: Glad we share the same favourite then!

    @Susanna: How great to have a Norwegian reader and commenter. Welcome back any time. Btw; your blog is worth a visit too!

    @Pearl: Couldn’t agree more with you:-)

    @Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng: Wish you a great trip this weekend then – and please keep us posted!

    @Mother of Invention: Your comments are great read and enriches the power of blogging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and I do agree with you! To many ‘couch potatoes’ among the youth. But let us show the younger generation as we walk our talk. Yours and my growing up experience where very much the same and I have learn to appreciate it – thanks to my parents:-)
    Btw: As your husband: I am ready for the snow too!

  13. What a beautiful way to live, great to hear from you again, best wishes, The Artist

  14. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Wonderful Renny…A lovely day with everyhing one could possibly want—-including those lovely sweet ducks…
    I love the way you talk about your wife, using such very endearing terms….You are a man after my oen heart!

  15. hey renny – sounds like a fun time! I guess that is what I like best about Europe. Quality time and outtings are most important for families. People tend to forget that here. They get so wound up in their lives… I detest that a lot… And miss that too much!!!

    Great pics and a great way to spend the weekend!

  16. and i’m to ask where are the children. i thought the anniversary is the same as your bday, advance happy birthday!!!

    hmmm… another sport to research. heeh

  17. love sunday walks and the kids love them too. i think it is a very good norwegian tradition.

    have a nice weekend

  18. Mother of Invention

    You are so right! We have to walk the walk…well, maybe run the the ski!! I bet our kids are a bit less active than yours.

    Today is bright and sunny and most of the leaves are sitting on the ground in a yellow blanket. So pretty! You hate to rake them! So much that we are getting one of those youthful couch potatoes to do it! LOL!

  19. bad weather,only bad clothes?haha! its really great to read some other`s cultures.Norwegians are nature loving people..oh well,you are surrounded by beautiful god gifts environment out there :)

    the pics are great!as usual :)
    and you are always romantic as usual :)

    thanx for the info about the competition in Sapporo..i better watch then to see the Norwegians skiiers :)

  20. One of my favorites, coffee made on the open fire. Perhaps it is the ash that somehow seeps in but it is marvelous.

  21. What a fantastic bonding time with family and friends and your country is so beautiful would be a waste to stay in-door.

    Singapore is so hot all the time :(

  22. This is such a great reminder, Renny, about the importance of family times. My grown kids join us in watching important college football games (a big one is coming up on the 18th when my alma mater (Michigan) plays Ohio State–just ask your wife :) and playing cards. We love it. I agree with those who say that doing stuff outside would be so good for us here in America. We really do need to do it more often.

    BTW, I always enlarge all your pics and totally get the feel of what you’re writing about!

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