It all started one year ago today, after giving a lecture at the Norwegian School of Management for masters grad students in marketing. The subject was ‘Technology, Business and the Society’ and I lectured about blogging – mostly corporate blogging. Nothing is as practical as a good theory, so after studying the subject for the benefit of my students, I wanted to experiment with it myself. It has been a fantastic and interesting experience, now more like a habit – yes, you might even say I’m addicted. But how can you talk sufficiently about a subject without taking your own medicine? It’s a givers gain and never have I learned so much about people’s daily life, their culture and habits since I’ve started to share my own. I call myself a networking evangelist and really believe in sharing knowledge. Through blogging I’ve proven again that the more you give, the more you get.

Blogging connecting people:
Through blogging I’ve met a lot of wonderful people from all five continents around the world. It started slowly with just a few visitors and commenter’s whose blogs I visited in return and made new friends. From there my blog network has expanded like ripples in water. I am pleased that so many people have shown an interest in Norway and the Nordic countries but best of all I have had the honour of so many interesting and relevant comments on my posts. A lot of you have also told me about relatives you have in Scandinavia or that your own experiences living or visiting here. I’m glad I can share in your adventures and take you down memory lane from time to time.

I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of my blog friends in person – that has been really exciting. The first was Charles and after that Mark and I do hope there will be a lot more in the years to come. Next month I’ve already scheduled a meeting with TorAa and his wife. Please let me know the next time YOU are coming over!

Make blogs not war:
I believe that the most effective way to reduce conflicts in the world is to get to know and understand each other. Friends normally don’t make wars and understanding others bridges cultural and religious gaps. It’s what you don’t know or don’t understand that is frightening and blogging is an eye opener to others daily life, believes and thoughts. For me blogging is a powerful diplomatic tool – let’s tell all the world politicians!

Facts and figures:
I use different tracking tools like Google Analytics, ClustrMaps and of course Technorati. They tell me I’ve had around 12,000 unique visitors and 24,500 pages viewed this first year. The peak day was the 27th of July with 219 visitors voting for me as a candidate to Blogs of Summer – Thanks! Today my blog is registered to have 237 links from 105 blogs – and I am flattered. The most viewed posts have been Russ revelling Norwegian high school, Carnival in Mariostad, Hardangervidda Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau, From frozen ice to hot bikinis and Wild mountains of Norway. As a curiosity I’ll tell you an example of a Google search which leads to my blog: “building homes inside mountains norway”.

RennyBA’s Terella template:
There is one person I want to give special thanks to on my first year anniversary. As a newbie in blogging I soon met a very good blogger friend, Charles, otherwise known as ‘The Queer Chef’. I won a competition on his blog and the prize was a blog make over! I leave it up to you to judge, but I feel honoured to have this unique and special template. I have plans for improvements to make the stories and stuff I’ve posted more easily available for my readers. After all it is a special collection of stories about Norway, the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions and habits. So what I miss the most is categorising and searching tools so you can easily find information on my main subjects. I have thought about migrating to WordPress, but I might end up trying Blogger Beta instead. What do you think? Whatever I decide, I will have to lean on Charles. To me he is an artist in blog designing. Please visit his blog and tell him RennyBA sent you!

Wondering about Norway?
Some weeks ago, I asked what more you wanted to know about Norway and I’m overwhelmed by the response. Some of your questions have already been answered and in the coming weeks I will answer the rest to my best ability. It’s a challenge, but also a great opportunity to meet my regular and new readers and satisfy their curiosity about Norway. So stay tuned!

The four seasons in Norway:
I do hope I’ve haven’t lost you as this is a rather long post. Now for the frosting on the anniversary cake, I’ll give you something I’ve been working on for a whole year. One theme throughout my blog is Norway and the four seasons. I’ve given you insight in how the weather and nature significantly change through out the year. I love all the seasons as they each have their own special charm and the most important thing is to experience the nature itself. From a warm sunny summer day at the beach to the colourful beauty of fall, the crisp fresh snowy winter time and of course the anticipated mystery of spring. So from our living room window, I’ve taken a picture a few times each month. I do hope this gives you an idea of the significant four seasons in Norway. Please turn up the sound to hear Edvard Grieg, our famous composer’s Wedding March accompanying the movee:


  1. Happy anniversary!!!! Here’s to many more years to come!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your blog Renny! I think we can still keep the design or if that’s what you want while migrating to beta since I saw Mark doing it with his old design before

  3. Btw, thank you very much for the plugin! Regarding to porting to beta we just have to wait for this option to appear in your blog that states that if you want to port it in beta

  4. a very happy blogiversary to you, renny! i’m so delighted to have found you. it’s been so fun to learn about and see norway and a bit of sweden through your eyes and diane’s. i’ve truly enjoyed it and look forward to whatever you have in store for us next.

    glad arsdag!

  5. Happy 1 year blogiversary, Renny! Looking forward to many more years of blogging together.

    Blog on, fair Renny…Blog on. ;D

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Prosit (cheers)!

    … happy Sunday too! keep on blogging ;)

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Looking forward to your next year of blogging! You should really keep up the season photo projekt, it was very good! I have done the same from our cabin in Tromsø, and the photos really turned out amazing. Doing it in different weather and at different times during day (and night) captures many special moment!
    Love your blog, you`r a good inspiration!

  8. My dear Renny,

    First of all belated happy Birthday. I’m sad I missed the celebrations here in your blog!

    Now, Happy Blog Anniversary. The Blogging World wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Here’s to more blogging years!


  9. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    A Very Happy Anniversary dear renny…And many many more to come! Charles has certian;y been a a catalyst for many in the Blogesphere…so I congrdatulate you and am so glad I have met you through this fantastic phenomenon called blogging!

  10. Happy Anniversary from New Hampshire, USA!

  11. Congratulations to you on your anniversary in blogging!

    I enjoy reading your blog- I learn something new each and every time.

  12. You definitely deserve every positive comment you receive, Renny, on this blog. You are the epitome of Good Blogging! You practice what you preach. My own life has been enriched by yours, which is the beauty of this worldwide endeavor.

    I also am very honored and privileged to be one of those who has actually visited your gorgeous city, Oslo. It was because of that, and my bogging about it, that YOU found ME. If only we had met before, we could have had a nice rendezvous that day in May! Now we’ll just wait for the next time…or till you and Diane come to Atlanta :)

    It really is a wonderful habit/addiction! :)

  13. Congrats on your 1st blogiversary!
    Also appreciate your kind words for my nomination in the Canadian Weblog Awards. BTW I think Pearl is nominated in the same category as me!
    Although I live in Vancouver, I grew up in Saskatchewan on the Canadian prairies — so I know well what winter cold is about! Take care and thanks again.

  14. Congrats Renny! Cent’anni!

  15. Happy happy blogsary,Renny!

    Indeed,i agree with what you`ve said:i just nodded my head and kept on reading..I love the phrase”make blog,not war”!! so nice to hear that!!

    the video is awesome, really worked hard on this post and pls keep on blogging to give us more infos about your life and Norway,too :)

    by the way,I mentione your name in my new post(all about bday celebrants)and i hope you dont mind it :)

    happy more blogging days!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary! Look at all of your readers! An accomplishment for sure in just a year. :)

  17. Hmmm… my comment didn’t get in.

    Thank you for being such a supportive blogger and also for sharing how we live in this beautiful country!

    :) All the best to you and Diane!

  18. Make blogs not war sounds like a fabulous idea.

    Happy blogging anniversary Renny.

    If we ever work or vacation to Norway, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    Looking forward to your Q & A sessions.

    Glad you ended up being prompted to find out about blogging from the inside.

  19. Happy Anniversary renny! keep it up!

  20. To all: I’m overwhelmed, flattered and so happy that all of YOU wanted to celebrate with me!

    @Teena: Thanks dear blogger friend!

    @Charles: Thanks dear – you know you are a special blog friend of mine and a great template designer. Thanks also for wanted to help me porting when the time is right!

    @Lime: I’m delighted to have found you’re too and am glad you like my sharing about Norway as much as I love to read your blog too and learn too. Tusen takk (thank you:-)

    @Diane: Thanks – looking forward to the same!

    @Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng: Thanks and I will – you too!

    @Susanna: Thanks for your compliment – maybe I keep up the photo project for another year. Looking forward to the result of yours too as Tromsø is a wonderful town. Have you seen my posts from Tromsø in April this year?

    @Duke: Thanks for your greeting – better late than never you know and I’m proud to count you in as a blog friend!

    @OldOldLady Of The Hills: I agree about Charles and glad I met you too – blogging connecting people you know:-)

    @Maribeth: Great to hear from you again and you are a Scorpio too:-)

    @Lisa: Thanks – glad I can share some of value to learn about Norway to you too!

    @Ginnie: Thanks so much for your compliments – I’m blushing but also your word is a great inspiration to go on!
    I know and are so happy you’ve been in Oslo and do hope one day you decide to come back to Norway to meet in person! If my wife and I go to Atlanta one day, we’ll come and visit of course!

    @Larry: Thanks – great to see new readers here too. Good luck with the competition both to you and Pearl!
    I know our climate are very much the same meaning we share the lovely change in weather through the four sesons:-)

    @TravelItaly: Thanks my dear blog friend!

    @Ghee: Thanks – glad we think alike! Glad you liked the vid too:-) Thanks for remember my birthday in your post!

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks and yea, I’m overwhelmed you know!

    @AL: Thanks and you were one of the first I met when I started, so you defiantly have been an inspiration to me too! Thank you for all your lovely support through my first year!

    @Pearl: Glad you liked the idea and thank you! Hope you’ll make it to Norway one day – you are always welcome:-)

    @cheH: Thanks – I will and you too!

  21. Happy First Blogversary RennyBA!
    I did meet you on Charles blog, but how I got to Charles I have no idea!

    I am so glad I found you all!

    That is such a cool film that you made!

  22. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! Hope it is just the beginning of many more years. Great blog. That is from one scorpio to another. This is Karlyn,Brykmantras wife. Marks fourth blogiversary is Dec.30th.

  23. happy anniversary!!

    what i love about your blog is i learned a lot about norway. and the pople there. and also i gained a new blogger friend. i like your template, coz it somehow has a nordic spirit. hehehe :)

    and btw, i haven’t forgotten about my free lunch yet. hahaha

  24. Humm, It seems my first comment went poof!
    I think it must of timed out.
    Happy Bloggoversary!
    You have done a great job bridging the cultural gap for all of us virtual travellers.

  25. Happy first Anniversary!
    You can be proud of your achievements! You put Norway on the blogging map!
    And I am not surprised you have an active group of visitors!
    Keep up the good work !

  26. Hi again Rennyba!
    I read your posts about Tromsø, and now I`m really missing my islands up there! I lived right on the north peak of the Tromsø island for 7 months. It is so beautiful! My family has a cabin on Nordkvaløy where we go every summer, and in the autumn for the hunting season!

  27. Renny,
    what a great first year. I’m impressed and inspired. Looking forward to a weekend together with you, Diane and Anna. It may be a blogstory out of that?

  28. Happy Anniversary! 1 year is a huge milestone and very important! I love your blog…

  29. sweet. happy anniversary to your blog! :)

    cheers to you and to your blog! :)

  30. kampai! happy blogging aniversary !!!

    im happy to see my name on your links,thanks! Im proud to be youre blogfriend too!

    I agree make blog not wars! hehe
    enjoy bloglife*wink*

  31. Happy Blogiversary! That was a really neat video, so cool. And it was interesting that you started blogging so that you could teach about it. Thanks for sharing your story :-)

  32. Happy Anniversary, Renny! I hope you have many more years of happy blogging! I’m so glad I found you here. :)
    I loved your video too, by the way.
    Have a great week, my friend!

  33. @BarefootMistress: Thanks! Yes Charl is a true connector and we are glad to have found you too! Glad you liked the film too:-)

    @Karlyn: Thanks – great to have greeting from another Scorpio too! I’ll try to remember the 30th of December.

    @Tin-tin: You summarise so well what I try to achieve – thanks dear blog friend! When are we having lunch then hahah.

    @Lynn: Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad you see it that way too.

    @Sidney: Ohhh what a compliment coming from you dear blogger friend – yes I feel honoured and will keep up with all this encouraging.

    @Susanna: Tromsø is one of my favourite Norwegian towns too you know. After all it’s called The Nordic Paris.

    @TorAa: Thanks and also for your nice post for me today! For sure we’ll have a blogstory when we are gathering in December!

    @Grish: At least for me it a huge milestone – thanks for your compliments!

    @ralphT: Thank you very much!

    @Yorokobee: Thanks and I’m proud to be your blogfriend too!

    @Jen: Thank you, I’m glad you liked the vid. I believe in sharing you know:-)

    @Lisa: Thanks my dear blog friend for your lovely greetings and I’m glad I found you too! A great week to you too:-)

  34. Happy Anniversary, Renny! It was nice to be a part of your first-year journey. There’s more down the road!

  35. Dear Renny,
    Happy Blogging Anniversary! I can’t remember how we met, but I enjoy each visit to your blog. Your world is different than mine, but as you say, blogging is a powerful tool to open one’s eyes to other cultures.
    I’m looking forward to a long friendship!

  36. Mother of Invention

    Congrats on your 1st anniversary. I think I started about the same time but on another blog, 2 years ago. I deleted it and started another.
    The World Politicians should all blog with each other! You are right!

  37. Happy 1st anniversary!
    I really must remember to come here more often.
    Keep it up!

  38. Hi Renny, Thanks for clicking on my blog over at 25 peeps! :)

    And I’m so glad to know you on your 1st Anniversary with your blog…Happy Anniversay!

    (yah! all d way from a tiny island in d map)


  39. You are so wonderful Renny..yes blogging definitely enlarged our circle of friends and allowed us to embrace new culture too :D

    You are fantastic too for taking so much pride in sharing Norway with us :D Luv you for that!

    Once again, Happy Anniversary :D

  40. happy anniversarry, belated hapi bday!!!
    from spain amigo!!!

  41. Happy Anniversary Renny! I landed in here this morning and am enjoying reading your posts. As do many others! If a blog can be “successful”, yours is definitely an example of success. I loved the 4 seasons video. I’m linking to your blog in mine. Keep on blogging my friend!

  42. My goodness, I think you have to hire a secretary soon with all these comments ! My finger hurts from scrolling down lol ! You are absolutely right that people from the whole world are getting very well together and when I post a comment I even don’t know sometimes where they are living. We all have the same needs. Our winter here is quite soft or it rains or it rains not. Snow once in a blue moon. And thank you very much for your compliments on my paintings ! Went straight to my heart !

  43. beautiful post! and happy anniversary, mein Nordische freund. Dein Amerikanische freund – Bud

    ps: bet you didn’t know I speak a little German, ein bischen.

  44. Hey Rennyba,

    Can you come by my blog and help me help a friend?

  45. @Mark: Thanks – looking forward to walk the road with you!

    @Sue: Thanks, so true – looking forward to a long friendship with you too!

    @MotherOfInvention: Yea, blogsphere is great as you are your own boss:-)

    @ttfootball: Thanks – always nice to welcome new readers – welcome back any time!

    @violetvirus: Thanks – another new reader and you are welcome back too of course!

    @Shionge: Thanks for your nice words and compliments – I love to share and gain a lot as you can see:-)

    @NeiLDC: Thank you dear blog friend!

    @balou: Another new reader – I am flattered and feel honoured by your compliments. Glad you liked the vid too!

    @Gattina: I don’t use secretaries for such important work LoL It’s really a pleasure answering you all! Btw: Your paintings are a must see:-)

    @Buddy: Good to hear from you again Bud! Had no clue you where so great in German:-)

    @Lynn: Helping a friend of yours is a pleasure and I encourage others to do the same!

  46. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.

    It is all too easy to let it lapse, it does need to become a habit – whether it is daily or once a week. Of course, some people are better at forming habits than others.

  47. I have created a swap for women and men to participate in. It is a cheapy one, yet will be fun.
    Wanna join The Three Pin Shuffle?

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