Going to Brussels in Belgium

I think traveling is exciting, educating, interesting and fascinating. Tomorrow I’m going to Brussels and make the best out of the combination of business and pleasure. It’s another CEPIS (an umbrella organization for all computer societies in Europe) council meeting. It will give me the opportunity to meet other colleagues and discuss the needs of IT professional skills developments in Europe, among other things. As a network evangelist, I just love these kinds of meetings and of course I will also take the time for social gatherings and tourist attractions, like seeing this little friendly fellow in the picture; Manneken Pis. I’m staying at Jolly Hotel, so please get in touch if you are in the neighborhoods!

Last time I attended a CEPIS meeting was in Sofia, Bulgaria. Some of you might remember my posts ‘Culture rich European capital’ and ‘A culinarian sensation’. I don’t know what I will end up enjoying this weekend – time will tell.

Until then I wish you all a great end to your week and remember; take care, be good and make blog posts not wars:-)

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  1. Renny, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Be sure to bring back lots of photos to share with your blogging friends around the world.

    (My heart is beating a bit quicker now!)

    I am quite confident you will enjoy your stay in Belgium! ;-)

    Try the Mussels with Fries, the Flemish Beer Stew, the Loin of Pork Braised in Red Wine, the Endives au Gratin, the Creamy Chicken Fricassee, the Chicory/Witlof With Gruyere and Ham, the Steak Frites, the Eeels in Green Sauce, the stewed Rabbit with Prunes, the Carbonnades Flamandes, the Belgian Chicken Soup,…

    Don’t forget the desserts. The Liege Waffles, the Belgian Plum Flan, the Mousse au Chocolats, the Flemish Cheesecake,…

    And wash it down with one of our 1001 different sort of beers you can choose from…

    I think I am getting homesick now!:-(

    Too bad I am not in Belgium right now. It would have been my pleasure to show you around.

    Don’t forget Gent and Brugge if you got time!

    And bring back a box of Belgian pralines/chocolates for your lovely wife!

  3. Good luck to your travel Renny!!
    Enjoy it!

    I love traveling,too,though i dont have a chance like you :)

    wow!Renny is in IT business?cool!!

    Happy weekend,too,Renny!take care!

  4. While you’re there you might as well do some Belgium Feather Bowling and toss back a few good beers.

  5. To all: I’m soon off to the airport, but just wanna tank you for your support and good wishes for my trip.
    Thanks also for all your recommendations – I will take notice of them and keep you posted:-)

  6. yes belgium. I’ve been to Antwerp and loved it. Well for the few hours we spent there. I especially loved all of the shopping…

    Have fun and I hope you are taking photos. :)

  7. You didn’t mention, Renny, if this is your first time in Brussels? If so, you’ll love it. I don’t like mussels but Donica had “Mussels in Brussels” served to her in a big bucket. This Manneken Pis is surprisingly small and in a corner of the street that you almost suddenly come upon. I think this is the one that has a museum of different clothes to wear for different occasions and holidays, if I remember correctly.

    And yes, if you have never been to Brugge, that’s a must for some day.

    I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of pics for us on your return!

  8. How fun! Mixing business with leisure. Hope you had a fun time! I would like to go to Brussels someday, and see that pissing boy, as well as go inside the Atomium. And the grand sqaure! Oh!

  9. Business slash leisure trip, huh? Nifty.

    Best of luck to ya. :-)

    …be good and make blog posts not wars.

    No thanks. Hehe. ;-p

  10. Looks like just the kind of event you’d love.

    It’s a amazing that little statue got so much attention. Just around the corner from it, there’s a lovely old square with some rich carving above the columns.

  11. You are so lucky to have a job you love and all the perks you have too! Does Diane get to go to these things?
    Sorry, but I just happened not to be in the vicinity this weekend, so I’ll not be visiting! LOL!!

  12. Belgium sounds like a great place to go, Renny! I hope you have a fun time while you’re there, and don’t work too hard! By the way, do a lot of people eat brussels sprouts in Brussels?

  13. Lord Help Us…I’m following all those links to God Knows What…

    But I just wanted to say Renny, I hope you have a gloriously good time….Combining business and pleasure can be a wonderful way to travel….Like, someone else is payning for the trip—the best way! (Lol)
    Do have a good trip, my dear Renny.

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