Going to Brussels in Belgium

I think traveling is exciting, educating, interesting and fascinating. Tomorrow I’m going to Brussels and make the best out of the combination of business and pleasure. It’s another CEPIS (an umbrella organization for all computer societies in Europe) council meeting. It will give me the opportunity to meet other colleagues and discuss the needs of IT professional skills developments in Europe, among other things. As a network evangelist, I just love these kinds of meetings and of course I will also take the time for social gatherings and tourist attractions, like seeing this little friendly fellow in the picture; Manneken Pis. I’m staying at Jolly Hotel, so please get in touch if you are in the neighborhoods!

Last time I attended a CEPIS meeting was in Sofia, Bulgaria. Some of you might remember my posts ‘Culture rich European capital’ and ‘A culinarian sensation’. I don’t know what I will end up enjoying this weekend – time will tell.

Until then I wish you all a great end to your week and remember; take care, be good and make blog posts not wars:-)