Brussels, Belgium – another culinary sensation

Thanks for all your comments on my last post from Brussels and especially those of you who could add some more information about the places I was visiting. A good example of how educating blogging is and how much comments can be enriching. I promised to tell you about the dinner we had on Saturday and since the last one was so long, I will make it short and sweet this time.

We where staying at Jolly Hotel du Grand Sablon, so it was just a nice five minutes walk to the restaurant (actually quite close to Grand Place too):

The restaurant – visit their website!
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

On their own webpage they say: Les Brigittines “Aux Marches de la Chapelle” offer you a pleasant Art-Nouveau setting with restful, dark-green walls and wood panelling. The original paintings, clever lighting, elegant Art-Nouveau objects and, in particular, the magnificent wooden bar ensure a nostalgic conviviality that in winter becomes even more agreeable when the fire is lit in the big open fireplace.

The menu:

Crémant d’Alsace – a lovely start and appropriately dry I think, just to wake up your appetite:-)

As a starter:
Chicken Soufflé, butter sauce with chives. We had Mãcon Villages – Joseph Drouhin and this white wine tasted perfect to the chicken.

The main dish:
Fillet of lamb with tarragon, market vegetables. We had Cõtes du Rhõne – Paralelle 45 Paul Jaboulet and this red whine tasted lovely to the lamb with a rich and very flavour taste.

For dessert:
Ice nougat, very sweet and tasty and I had coffee avec with it – a habit of mine:-)

This was of course tasty and very delicious. What made it an even more perfect evening to me was to share this with my friends within CEPIS – Council of European Professional Informatics Society. We were about 30 people all together and from all over Europe. At my table there were representatives from Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Hungry. We talked about the food and the wine of course, but also about culture and traditions of our countries as well as the history and the development of Europe. For sure our part of the world has opened up after the fall of the Iron Curtain. It was very interesting to listen to their experience and observations before and after the fall. So I learned a lot from my European friends that evening as the atmosphere around the table was very enlightened and like a consciences sensation. That is an important part of a culinary sensation too I think. Dinning is not all only about food – its about socialising too, you know:-)

This was the same society fellows I was with in Sofia, Bulgaria six month ago. Click here if you like to see a Bulgarian culinary sensation from that stay!