In the Name of Science – The Speed of Meme

Today I came across an interesting post. It’s a grad student Scott Eric Kaufmann, at his blog Acephalous where he is making a test of how fast a meme travel through our blogssphere. As an Adjunct (part time) Lecturer I cannot resist giving him a hand. Pleas go over to his post, link it to your blog to participate and make blog history! When you’re done, ping Technorati!

While I’m at it: My partner in Lynn’s Three Pin Shuffle is KnitOwl from TN, US! How very exciting! I’ve sent my pins to her today. Be nice and go visit her blog too:-)

Update Dec. 1st:
The one and only; Barefoot Mistress at ‘Susies The Boss’ is celebrating her birthday today. Susie is a blog friend who challenged me by grilling me in July this year. Please visit her blog and wish her well!