Today I came across an interesting post. It’s a grad student Scott Eric Kaufmann, at his blog Acephalous where he is making a test of how fast a meme travel through our blogssphere. As an Adjunct (part time) Lecturer I cannot resist giving him a hand. Pleas go over to his post, link it to your blog to participate and make blog history! When you’re done, ping Technorati!

While I’m at it: My partner in Lynn’s Three Pin Shuffle is KnitOwl from TN, US! How very exciting! I’ve sent my pins to her today. Be nice and go visit her blog too:-)

Update Dec. 1st:
The one and only; Barefoot Mistress at ‘Susies The Boss’ is celebrating her birthday today. Susie is a blog friend who challenged me by grilling me in July this year. Please visit her blog and wish her well!


  1. Hi Renny, I would really like to join your links, but the line speed is not up to my standard here on board to CPH. Heavy waves, but that’s ok. Looking forward to next weekend.

  2. I’ll check it soon Renny, thank you.

  3. hi renny! hope you are well.

  4. barefoot_mistress

    Hi RennyBA! It’s my birthday, get over here and wish me well! XXXX

  5. Greetings:)

  6. Hi here from the comment whore…hope all is well!

  7. Estupidormitorian Neil

    Seems like some experimentation. But I can’t seem to agree about its accuracy. Not all bloggers tend to do meme.

  8. thanks to Charles and able to read your blog, on my way to check out Scott’s blog.

    and for sure to Susie’s blog to sent my greetings.

    as the part of the games of the comment whore, the Queerchef says hi :P

  9. Hi Renny,
    i went to your friend s site and greeted im greeting you a happy weekend :)

    enjoy your days!!

  10. Hei Renny,
    Dropping by to greet you and Diane a happy weekend

  11. schönes wochenende renny!

    and happy bday to your friend ;)

  12. ok – I’m off to do what I’m told! :)

  13. barefoot_mistress

    Aww thanks, RennyBA! XXX

  14. Thank you guys for the visit and taking your time to comment! Actually this was an experiment and I am still suspicion of what comes out of it. Only time will show.

    As a matter of fact I am most satisfied with the Update Dec. 1st as I think Susie deserve all the birthday greetings she can get.

    Thanks for the weekend greeting too – and the same to you:-)

  15. Hi!

    So, did you find out how fast a meme travel yet?

    Have a great weekend!

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