Crazy blog weekend with TorAa

For a while now, a very good friend of mine TorAa and I have talked about getting together with our wives and doing something fun the four of us. We finally made it this weekend in our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden. It’s a long time since I’ve had such an enjoyable, relaxing, lively and fun weekend. It’s seldom you find a more perfect match of people hitting it off right from the beginning. The whole weekend was like a symphony of happiness. To make it short; our definition of the good life is very much the same and that happened to be the same for our wives too. So I would say it was a perfect match.

Tor I and met quite a few years ago in The Norwegian Computer Society as we share an interest in strategic use of information technology among other things. The last year, Tor has become more and more interested in blogging and started his own blog the 31st of August. So now we are blog friends too:-) Let me then give you a peek into our hilarious Friday evening:

The Bloggers – Taken with my Nokia mobile phone.

As we have a wireless network in our apartment, there were at the most three computers connected. This picture is from late in the evening where we had coffee avec and a cigar each when surfing around, checking other friends (a lot of them mutual) blogs, commenting and enjoying cyber space together. We even migrated TorAa Mirror into beta blogger so he is ahead of me now:-)

With the introduction of this post, you might ask if that was the only thing happening this weekend. It was not! When was arrived, we had a lovely meal of Rakfisk (fermented fish) and I will tell you all about it in the next post. Saturday we had the most fun time shopping with the wives in charming Mariestad (I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of days!) and in the evening we had another quality time including a trivia contest until almost morning.

Blogging connecting people:
This weekend was to Tor and me a blogger’s gathering too and to be honest, I could tell our wives felt a bit neglected sometimes. They where very patient though and we tried to make it up to them Saturday night – and succeeded:-). Anyway I think it’s wonderful to meet other bloggers and have posted about it before, like when I met Charles in Bergen and Mark in Oslo. When surfing around on Friday evening, Tor found a post from a mutual blog friend Ghee in Japan who was suppose to meet Yorokobee in Tokyo. Blogging sure is connecting people!

See you next time when I will serve you Rakfisk – a historical culinary sensation from Norway!