Boy’s at play while wives are shopping

Shopping isn’t really my thing. Well, I don’t mind buying things, but then I know what I want or need long before I go into the shop. Let me tell you a story to explain my point of view: I was in Cape Cod in Massachusetts once. It was in the autumn and out of the seasons for this summer town. In the morning I went to the reception and asked what to do when I wanted to explore the area. She said: “You might go shopping!!!” Ehhhhh – do you get me?

So when my friend TorAa and his wife were with us to Mariestad, Sweden, last weekend of course, we went down town on Saturday. The wives went shopping and we had fun:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – please click to enlarge!
Update: RennyBA playing with Lego and stuff:-)

Above you see an excellent example from a woman’s wear shop. I found a toy box full of Lego and stuff and started a serious construction project. As you can see, Tor was amazed and impressed by my hammering skills. The clerk and the customers didn’t even seem to notice us in all their busy shopping activity :-)

As you can tell, we where polite and followed our wives in most of the shops and had a lot of fun talking to the staff about Christmas, the lack of snow and other subjects. In one shop they impressed me with having a sewing machine for adjusting the length of the jeans. The clerk willingly offered to demonstrate her skills.

Besides fooling around, talking to people, enjoying our company and having serious talks with the staff, we tried to get the in Christmas spirit as well. In spite of missing the snow – it should be snow this time of year but the whole Europe is experiencing the mildest winter season for hundreds of years – we succeeded somehow. Santa was in the video store and a Christmas billy goat was placed in the town square (Swedish tradition).

We also had fun posing beside two of the traditional wooden sculptures in Mariestad which gave some Christmas spirit. You might also ask: Did I buy something? Yes! I needed a couple of t-shirts. So I went to the men’s wear and bought them – took me 5 minutes:-) and I even got a 10% discount LoL!

One more thing: I’ve met a new blog friend from Sweden: Mrs. Lifecruiser. She runs a ‘Crack me up Friday’ party tonight and I do hope this post qualifies. Take a look at her post and vote for the sake of Friday craziness!