I love surprises, especially at Christmas time and this is one of the most precious I’ve ever received. When I checked my snail mail box yesterday, I saw a silver envelope covered with snow flakes. On the back side I saw it was from my blog friend Lynn at Motivated Motion. I ran into the house because it was also addressed to my wife and I wanted us to open it together. Inside we found the loveliest Christmas decoration and an extra metal snow flake – take a look – isn’t it lovely:

We were really touched by this, not only because of the decoration, but for the warm thoughts behind it; from one blogger lighting up the Christmas season for another. As I always say; ‘Blogging connect people’ and ‘Make blogs not war’. This greeting from Lynn is an ultimate example of the spirit of blogsphere!

Adding to that, she wrote this on her last comment on my Christmas shopping post: ‘I had a little talk with Santa. We had snow here and all…. I told Santa that RennyBA needs some in Norway. I made a deal with him. On the day he delivers my posted snow to you Norway will get snow.’ We are very close – at least it is below freezing and the ground is covered with a glowing white layer of frost…so I’m sure it will be a white Christmas in Norway, thanks to Lynn! See picture on the left taken from our living room this morning – at least we’ve got the Christmas frosting:-)

So now I do hope you’ll go and visit Lynn’s Motivated Motion. She has a great post showing her Park and Festive Advent Calendar Table with a Christmas Cactus – a must see and of course it would have been nice if you tell her how great it was of her to brighten up our Christmas spirit.


  1. I also love how we’re all connected through the blogging world. We have very cold (28º) weather today. Lots of white rooftops and icy windows. We won’t have snow though…

  2. Mother of Invention

    Yes, Lynn’s great! She always puts so much effort into her posts and special projects she does for others. We still don’t have snow in Ontario and it looks like it will be a green Christmas. Today was a beautiful 10 Cel.!
    But somehow, my husband has gone skiing 8 times, 27 km each time! He had to roller-ski today though!

  3. How utterly beautiful my long lost friend….hope you have been well. Wishing you a very wonderful Christmas & a very Happy New Year.


  4. How nice! I saw them in the store today and they are very lovely :)

  5. Wow You got it in time!

    I love these snow globe cards.
    It is like a present in a card!

    I like to send them to far away friends.

    Santa told us we will get cold again on Christmas eve!

    Oh Goodie!
    One more week! then….The Fat Man is Comin!

  6. that’s a very nice xmas present. and i’m amazed with the snow. hehe :)

    merry Christmas to you renny and diane :)

  7. oh, that’s a lovely little snow globe. i hope you get the snow you want, and oh, i’d love if we got some the week between christnmas and new years when my neice from the south is visiting.

  8. wow! Lovely Christmas card! This is my first time seen such a creative one. Back in Malaysia, most of the card are those traditional fold christmas card…I love the one in yr blog!!

  9. thanks for the Christmas wish!! :) awwww… can’t go to Norwegian mountains, but I will be spending the holiday to Alaska! yaaaaaay…

    it’s my first time here! nice!

  10. that is the coolest christmas card i’ve seen! Don’t get mad, but we already had our second snow here!

    I’m guessing all of it was diverted our way this year instead!

    Yes it is nice to get cards.. :)

  11. What a touching Christmas greeting. And so nice to send a handful of snow. Thanks for sharing this moment.

  12. That is fantastic! I’ve never seen anything like that before! I love snowglobes!

  13. @Sue: At least you’ve got the right Christmas temperature!

    @MotherOfInvention: Lynn really do, yes!
    Hope you get a White Christmas still – seams like your husband finds a way out of it anyway:-)

    @Yesterday-ashes: Good to see you again! Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

    @Teena: Yes, they are just great – never seen them in Norway, but now I’ve got one!

    @Lynn: I did and thanks again – sooo much!
    You seams to have good connections with Santa – I’m sure we’ll get the snow you’ve asked for too!

    @Tin-Tin: Marry Christmas to you too!

    @Lime: How exciting to have a family visit and I do hope you’ll get snow too!

    @Jackson: Same here, just the ordinary one – that’s why I’m so excited about this!

    @rHo: Well, I’m sure you’ll have snow in Alaska then:-)
    Good to welcome new visitors – welcome back any time!

    @ET: I’m not mad, but envy you a bit:-)

    @TorAa: Yes, Lynn is very nice and kind!

    @Caledonia: I’ve never seen one either – a lovely Christmas greeting.

  14. Wow! That is a wonderful xmas card! How extremely sweet of her :-) I’ve never seen anything like it before!

    We got a bunch of that xmas frost here too :-)

    Once again the whisky come in handy to keep warm…. *lol*

  15. That is definitely a beautiful card, I have never seen them. Maybe I haven’t made it out to the stores that deep yet. I have only covered the surface of my shopping, and most of it has been on-line.

    You are a very blessed man Rennyba.

    I always love visiting your blogs and enjoying the many wonderful adventures in your culture. I hope you get snow…

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family and all the bloggers within reading of this wonderful blog…

  16. wow, that is really cool. i think the blogosphere is a beautiful thing too. it’s great to have a sort of extended network of friends.

    we have no snow here either. as a matter of fact, yesterday it was 70 degrees! that is like spring. i wonder if it is really global warming.

  17. If you want to see the “Grand Place” again, it’s on my “keyhole” blog. It’s now decorated for Christmas with a very big tree coming from Finland.

  18. Wow lynn is so thoughtful and the gift is beautiful!

  19. MrsLifecruiser: Yes, a lot of frost but no snow yet:-(

    @服從到只一 A.K.A:SugarCat: Yes I am fortunes and very blessed. Your visit and appreciation’s is one of them!
    Wishing you and your family a very Marry Christmas too:-)

    @April: Well, said: an extended network it is!

    @Gattina: been there – seen it – it was great – thanks for sharing!

    @Chase: Yes Lynn is – a real good blog friend with a great blogger spirit!

  20. That is a wonderful card and decoration there Renny. Blog friends are indeed a special bunch

  21. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Hi Renny…
    Lovely Post!
    I went to visit Lynn….Charming, in every way, and that Ornament that she sent you and your wife is delightful, INDEED!
    I agree with you Renny, there is something very very special about Blog Friends. We are blessed, aren’t we?

  22. green eyed girl on planet earth

    I am here Via
    Diane’s Place (blog)
    your ornament is beautiful and the sentiment is as well . Your blog is very interesting and I will be back , I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas from Newfoundland ! Take care and have a Great Day .

  23. Aaaw, that’s so sweet :) And the decoration is real pretty too! :D

    and yeah, there isn’t much snow in Norway yet, and I’m totally HAPPY for that! hahah, cause I’m going to bike to school in the winters from now on.
    But it would’ve been nice with a little snow for 24th :)

  24. Hi Renny!!!!!
    Just a little hi from India!

  25. wow the card is nice, I never seen such a card b4. btw like to take this chance to wish you have a very Marry Christmas. counting down now 5 more days

  26. very impressive!Thats beautiful,Renny!
    That is one of the good things here in blogging:making friends and sharing sentiments and love as well :)

    Merry Chrsitmas to you and Dianne,Renny!!

  27. Hello Renny
    On 12/27/06, I was in looking at your blogg. The food looks tasty, can’t wait to come over & check it out.
    That card was “outstanding”.

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