Christmas surprise from Motivated Motion

I love surprises, especially at Christmas time and this is one of the most precious I’ve ever received. When I checked my snail mail box yesterday, I saw a silver envelope covered with snow flakes. On the back side I saw it was from my blog friend Lynn at Motivated Motion. I ran into the house because it was also addressed to my wife and I wanted us to open it together. Inside we found the loveliest Christmas decoration and an extra metal snow flake – take a look – isn’t it lovely:

We were really touched by this, not only because of the decoration, but for the warm thoughts behind it; from one blogger lighting up the Christmas season for another. As I always say; ‘Blogging connect people’ and ‘Make blogs not war’. This greeting from Lynn is an ultimate example of the spirit of blogsphere!

Adding to that, she wrote this on her last comment on my Christmas shopping post: ‘I had a little talk with Santa. We had snow here and all…. I told Santa that RennyBA needs some in Norway. I made a deal with him. On the day he delivers my posted snow to you Norway will get snow.’ We are very close – at least it is below freezing and the ground is covered with a glowing white layer of frost…so I’m sure it will be a white Christmas in Norway, thanks to Lynn! See picture on the left taken from our living room this morning – at least we’ve got the Christmas frosting:-)

So now I do hope you’ll go and visit Lynn’s Motivated Motion. She has a great post showing her Park and Festive Advent Calendar Table with a Christmas Cactus – a must see and of course it would have been nice if you tell her how great it was of her to brighten up our Christmas spirit.