Belated greetings to regulars and new readers, wishing you all the best for the year to come! This will be a short note to tell that we had a wonderful New Year Celebration in Mariestad, Sweden. A traditional Swedish seafood dinner in the evening and then all the four Norwegian apartment houses in the neighbourhood gathered to ring in the New Year. There were a lot of fireworks at midnight. Yes, my firework box was great too (find more information about it in the previous post!). I had my Nokia mobile phone ready of course – bear with the quality, but what can you expect – and here is the best shot from the evening:

There where around 30 people gathered at the midnight celebration and we had Christmas cookies and cake served with coffee and avec of course. I was so happy to celebrate the end of one year and beginning of a new together with good friends. Of course I saved my best cigar for the evening too:-) It’s a lovely community with people in all ages and I could not resist taking a pic of the youngest ones in their best New Year outfit, while firing a sparkler:

I haven’t forgotten the sea food dinner of course and took a lot of nice pics of the lobster, the crabs, the craw fish and the shrimps. I promise to share it with you in a day or two. That is if you’re not full with all the Nordic Yule dishes LOL!


  1. sounds like it was FABULUOS time!

  2. Hallo Renny! Godt Nyttår! Hope the new year will usher more blessings and success!

  3. Happy New Year Renny :-)
    Yes it’s 20 years ago since we first met. Think about it. Think about what we have done the last 20 years and what then what it’s possible to do the next 20. After all, I’ll only be 79 and still going :-). And so will you.

    We are celebrating Christmas and New Year here in and with not so much fireworks as in Norway. And thnaks for that. A few years ago a house and a couple of appartements in our neighborhod burnt down because of fireworks and we are looking forward to making fireworks illegal. See you back in Norway old chap.

  4. Renny,
    I’m sure you and Diane had a smashing New Year Celebration with all the delicious seafood, your Cigar and some sparkling… and the Fireworks outside together with the Norwegian “colony”.

    Lot’s of private fireworks in Fredrikstad as well. Did last for allmost 10 minutes around midnight. But you know, typically someone was not able to wait that long. Startet at 5 pm. Crazy Norwegians.

    Looking forward to see the pictures of the seafood.

  5. Mother of Invention

    Glad you had a good one…amazing how people are still bringing out the Christmas cakes and cookies!
    I’m still going to many lunches and dinners with people who want to get together! Back to school for our kids in Ontario on Mon.

    Have a good restful weekend or are you still entertaining?!!! I’m taking a break from people.

  6. Happy Happy New Year to you and yours!
    What kind of shoes are most popular over there? We have a little Scandianavian shope over here that sells clogs with wooden soles made in Sweeden. I tried them on and they were so comfortable. I might go back and get a pair!

  7. Sounds like a very fun party! My husband and I had a New year’s DAY party…New Year’s Eve is a difficult night to go out for families with young children (no one wants to babysit!)

  8. belated new year’s greetings for this post ;)

    HAPPY THREE KINGS and schönes wochenende (happy weekend) … have fun fun fun :)

  9. Ah, tomtebloss! No xmas or new years eve without tomtebloss, sparklers :-)

    I’m glad you had a good time. Like the fireworks pic, your mob camera must be pretty good to be able to catch it like that! It’s very difficult to photograph fireworks.

    Looking forward to see the seafood pictures. No, still not tired of seeing it :-)

  10. Happy New Year Renny ! I am back from 2 weeks non stop sunshine and 25°C ! Our New Years Eve was very nice and special, I will write about it and also do my report about the Red Sea in my travel blog, but first I have to “get back” !
    This morning when I opened Internet I saw this as first news :

    “(Belga) Quelque 790.000 saumons et truites se sont échappés des centres d’élevage norvégiens en 2006, un phénomène en hausse de 10 pc par rapport à 2005 qui menace sérieusement les poissons sauvages.”

    Read that it is quite a big scandal that so many salmons escaped in 2006 and are now menacing the wild salmons because they have flees (?) I didn’t know that a breed salmon could have flees (lol) ! My cats yesj, but salmons ??

  11. Looks like fun! You always seem to have fun :)

  12. Seems like a good time.

    Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to ask this, anyway, here it is, will you tell me a bit about the phrase “Hilsen Fra Bergen”? What is it’s place in Nordic culture?


  13. Happy New Year Renny!
    Lots of festive food, you’re gonna get fat.
    Glad you enjoy your new year celebrations.
    Have a wonderful year ahead.

  14. @Lime: It was – wish your family was there too:-)

    @Chase: Wishing you the same!

    @Gunnar: Looking forward to new adventures with you in the next 20 years then!
    Yes I know it is dangerous and over 20 serious injuries in Norway this year too:-(

    @TorAa: Glad you had a great New Years Eve too!

    @MotherOfInvetion: There is a lot of the cookies you know. Every family has to make 7 kinds:-)
    Yes we are still entertaining and tomorrow I’ll serve you the sea food!

    @Karen!: Clogs are not that popular. No self respecting woman would be caught in public without nice, hight, leather boots (according to my wife:-)

    @Nancy: Glad you had a great time! In Norway we bring the children with us – they should be able to have fun and see the fireworks to you know!

    @bakya ni neneng: Thanks – hope your having a great weekend too!

    @Mrs Lifecruiser: So you call it tomtebloss – I’ll have to remember that!
    Hope you like my see food post tomorrow then!

    @Gattina: I have red your blog and thanks for sharing you trip!
    Never heard about the salmons, but it sounds scaring!

    @Teena: I always look on the bright side of life yes:-)

    @Ano: Bergen is a nice city in Norway. Go see my post here: Bergen

    @eastcoastlife: My waist is expanding, but that goes along with the season yo know:-)
    Wish you a wonderful year ahead too!

  15. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! I was telling my New Years guests about your “FireWorks Box as we watched some fireworks from my deck on the stroe of midnight…They are outlawed here for individual peolple, so we cannot have any ourselves…BUT, it was fun to sip some champagne and watch what was happening throughout the city!

  16. Great picture of the fireworks! That’s not always easy to capture!
    Happy New Year Renny to you and Diane too!

  17. Bon jour Renny ! I am back as you can see from 2 weeks non stop sunshine and 25°. We also had a funny New Year’s eve (on my blog)

    I have been asked (I don’t know how they found me) by a group of people from the whole world to write together with them about my country, for me it’s Belgium although I still have the german passport. I saw they are looking for a Norvegian and I thought about you. The blog is called TOPICS FROM 192 COUNTRIES
    and the link is
    It seems to be very interesting and so I have posted today for the first time. Have a look, maybe you can write in there or copy one of your posts.

    Great news ! I moved with an overloaded truck to “New” Blogger !

  18. Well, you certainly did a better job with that shot than I did with my webcam, but then I had to fight wind and rain – typical Sunnhordland weather. Pah!

    At any rate, godt nytt år, and great blog!

  19. ah yes sparklers – fun!

    Renny – we are just fine. Most of us just started laughing at the dome deflating. It’s just a rip which happened during the snow storm. Yes we had another snow storm! That night it started raining and we had 100km plus winds… Not fun!

    No power went out and our trees stayed in place… So yes we are fine and thanks for asking. ;-)

    P has a post I should publish now.

  20. The most impt. thing is I guess,new year started off well on time lol

    Wow sea foods galore! nammm same here actually We had seelachs filet on New Years eve D & a quite evening with a bottle (or two lol ) of wine:)

    Wishing you a great 2007 renny & family!

  21. I always smile when you mention having a cigar, Renny, because my daughter’s Dennis is a cigar smoker on special occasions. He had one the one night we were on the deck by the fire at our cottage in Michigan. A special memory!

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