Happy New Year from Norway

Belated greetings to regulars and new readers, wishing you all the best for the year to come! This will be a short note to tell that we had a wonderful New Year Celebration in Mariestad, Sweden. A traditional Swedish seafood dinner in the evening and then all the four Norwegian apartment houses in the neighbourhood gathered to ring in the New Year. There were a lot of fireworks at midnight. Yes, my firework box was great too (find more information about it in the previous post!). I had my Nokia mobile phone ready of course – bear with the quality, but what can you expect – and here is the best shot from the evening:

There where around 30 people gathered at the midnight celebration and we had Christmas cookies and cake served with coffee and avec of course. I was so happy to celebrate the end of one year and beginning of a new together with good friends. Of course I saved my best cigar for the evening too:-) It’s a lovely community with people in all ages and I could not resist taking a pic of the youngest ones in their best New Year outfit, while firing a sparkler:

I haven’t forgotten the sea food dinner of course and took a lot of nice pics of the lobster, the crabs, the craw fish and the shrimps. I promise to share it with you in a day or two. That is if you’re not full with all the Nordic Yule dishes LOL!