Norwegian Sea Food dinner

After all this Yuletide posts full of calories, I will end this Christmas time food feast with seafood. It’s typical Nordic country traditional New Years Eve food, especially in Sweden. No wonder since the North Sea is full of it:-) I must admit I love all the home made Norwegian Yule food like, Pinnekjøtt (Rib of Lamb), Ribbe (Roasted ribs) and all the cold cuts at Christmas Day buffet (click ‘Archive’ to find more details on my December 2006 posts!), but after all this fat food, sea food is a delightful change. So sit down and let me serve you a lovely, tasty and joyful dish:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

My wife has become artistic in garnishing the platters! No wonder our mouths where watering when we sat down at the table. I like to see a table well decked and of course we used our best china and glasses for this feast. The china was my grandmothers and dates back to around 1920. White wine glasses for the adults of course and one of my contributions is to provide wine with the right temperature; 18C (64F). We had Plaisir de Merle from South Africa. A chardonnay wine, my favorite grape!

This time we decided to have it all. Lobster is my favorite though and it is more than 10 years since I last had some. No wonder since it is very expensive in Norway – around 200 NOK (35$ or 40€) pr. kilo. A sea food delicacy if you ask me and very tasty, especially if you have the right wine with it.

But of course, there are other very good seafoods too: like craw fish and crabs. Nothing is more delicious and enjoyable than sitting around the table and digging the delicate white meat out of the claws and legs. Okay, your fingers get sticky and it takes some napkins, but that is part of the charm. We had this at New Years Eve, the very best end of 2006!

While I’m at it: let me reveal my wife’s surprise when I came from the office last Friday. Since all the kids where out, she had planned for a romantic dinner for two. She knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we had steamed clams with Fettucini Alfredo. She had even bought the same white wine as we had New Years Eve. I am the luckiest husband on earth, don’t you think? :-)