After all this Yuletide posts full of calories, I will end this Christmas time food feast with seafood. It’s typical Nordic country traditional New Years Eve food, especially in Sweden. No wonder since the North Sea is full of it:-) I must admit I love all the home made Norwegian Yule food like, Pinnekjøtt (Rib of Lamb), Ribbe (Roasted ribs) and all the cold cuts at Christmas Day buffet (click ‘Archive’ to find more details on my December 2006 posts!), but after all this fat food, sea food is a delightful change. So sit down and let me serve you a lovely, tasty and joyful dish:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

My wife has become artistic in garnishing the platters! No wonder our mouths where watering when we sat down at the table. I like to see a table well decked and of course we used our best china and glasses for this feast. The china was my grandmothers and dates back to around 1920. White wine glasses for the adults of course and one of my contributions is to provide wine with the right temperature; 18C (64F). We had Plaisir de Merle from South Africa. A chardonnay wine, my favorite grape!

This time we decided to have it all. Lobster is my favorite though and it is more than 10 years since I last had some. No wonder since it is very expensive in Norway – around 200 NOK (35$ or 40€) pr. kilo. A sea food delicacy if you ask me and very tasty, especially if you have the right wine with it.

But of course, there are other very good seafoods too: like craw fish and crabs. Nothing is more delicious and enjoyable than sitting around the table and digging the delicate white meat out of the claws and legs. Okay, your fingers get sticky and it takes some napkins, but that is part of the charm. We had this at New Years Eve, the very best end of 2006!

While I’m at it: let me reveal my wife’s surprise when I came from the office last Friday. Since all the kids where out, she had planned for a romantic dinner for two. She knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we had steamed clams with Fettucini Alfredo. She had even bought the same white wine as we had New Years Eve. I am the luckiest husband on earth, don’t you think? :-)


  1. Oh, oh, I must confess that I have a problem when it comes to eating certain seafood. Oysters, octopussy and clams are not just not possible for me to eat… I wish it were, since I’m a hungry monster and a gourmet, but, no it’s not possible for some reason.

    The rest looks more tempting :-)

    And a surprise dinner is ALWAYS a very good thing!!!!

    But the luckiest husband on earth is Mr Lifecruiser, I’m sorry to disappoint you ;-)

    BTW: what Nokia cell phone model do you have? The pics get really well.

  2. These are my favorite seafoods, along with crab (probably related somehow to the crayfish?)
    The fettucine looks wonderful. Hope it was a wonderful evening for you two!

  3. I do think you’ve had the most fantastic New Years Eve Dinner. Only thing missing, to my preferences: Oysters. But I know how difficult it is to find a shop where to buy them. And to open, if you do not have the right tool.

    And what a surprise Diane gave you. Yes, I’m sure your a lucky man.

    Thanks again for sharing a meal with the world, even though we have some reflexions from our friend in Southern France.

    PS. I do think I recognize the Table. Very good memories.

  4. well, i am glad you and diane are BOTH such lucky people. it seems you have a very wartm , tender and fun relationship :)

  5. Mother of Invention

    You are very lucky indeed! Diane’s a keeper!
    My husband is lucky too and would be even luckier if he were able to dine with you on all this seafood!
    I love the dishes more than the seafood! LOL!

  6. How about that seafood! Well, Rennie, nobody could ever accuse YOU of not wanting to come out of your shell!

    Enjoy your Norwegian “See Food,” which is beautiful! Big Pig and I are drooling over the description of your feast.

  7. love the seafood fair!! love the mushells, and clams,.. wow. hope to meet you one day in Oslo and tour me the city!!

    Big Hug from spain and Happy new Year!

  8. Mmmm, seafood is always a favorite in our kitchen.

  9. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    I am not a BIG Seafood eater Renny…Especially all those things that are found at the bottom of the sea…All I can think about is what else is at the bottom of the sea…if you get my drift! (lol)
    But,thanks for sharing these many seafood things with all of us….!

  10. Hey Renny that is a HUGE lobster!!! Looked so fresh as well I’m amazed.

    My D will definitely drool if he visits your blog…thank you – Yum!

  11. That’s a lot of seafood! You know I’d be ordering out for pizza :)

    And yes, you are a lucky guy!!

  12. I got hungry after reading this entry. Lol! What a nice night you had. Happy New Year!

  13. You are so good at posting these very tempting meals, Renny. I think both you AND your wife are very lucky to have each other. It’s very heart-warming to hear you so lovingly share your life together!

  14. wow! i miss eating lobster also. i think i only have eaten lobster once. hehe. it’s an expensive food here as well, and not that common.

    and yes you are a lucky husband with diane. diane, i’ll just wait for my gift. hehe ;p

  15. Tack för dit besök!
    Gott Nytt År!
    I love crabs but after living in America and having all you can eat for 20.00 it is hard to pay 89kr for ONE!!! That is so unfair! I just want the legs!( slurp!)

  16. Growing up in Maine, I never realized the rest of the world did not have the same access to lobster – after all, what’s Christmas without lobster stew? Glad you had a chance to enjoy some good seafood. Your wife’s presentation was beautiful.

  17. Lucky indeed!

    I don`t eat much seafood but for no inparticular reason. I don`t think I`ve ever had crab in the shell either. Looks good though. :-)

  18. hi! blog hopped from duke’s blog. just wondering, and this is off topic, what nokia camera phone did you use to take these pics? they are quite clear for a camphone. ;P

  19. Wow Renny! You lucky man! Looking at all these food makes me drool so much. Your wife presented the food beautifully. I have to learn from her.

  20. That is so nice Renny! It has been a long time since i have a decent seafood meal. Honestly, I havent tasted lobster yet. Hmmm I should taste it no matter how espensive it is.

  21. Wow, Renny, yummy! yummy! Looking those foods makes me hungry. Seafoods, especially the lobster are very expensive in my place.

    I also admire your wife in preparing these foods. Perfect arrangement!

  22. Oh what glorious food! And a South African wine too..I AM impressed!

  23. That meal looks amazing! I live in Boston and we, of course, get lobster for much less than what you paid. I don’t know if they deliver to Europe, but you might try to mail order your next lobsters from a company here called James Hook at

  24. wow that seafood looks amazing, i think I’m want to be having some nice tiger prawns tonight.

    Thanks for visting.

    if I had a glass I’d raise it to you and say Skaal

    (sorry if I spelt it wrong)

  25. Now that is a dinner! Complimenti!

  26. WOW Renny that’s too much, you must be very very lucky! Happy New Year!

  27. To All: I’m far behind on this, so I hope you accept this general thank you for your comments which are carefully red and most appreciated!
    For those of you have have mail address in the comment form (not the comment in itself!) will normally get a remail.
    Of course I’ll try to pay you all a visit too:-)

  28. Hi Renny, I just listed your blog at Big Blog Directory. Check it out and see if its okay. Thanks for your support. Btw, your blog makes me hungry!

  29. This is great! I love seafood!
    I am so behind in post reading. The holdiays were just too busy for us. We just returned from hiatus!
    Ummmmmm lobster!

  30. WHOW – This was a really tasteful posting. The pictures was absolutely delightful and made me hungry for seafood. Thanks a lot.

  31. hmmm, my relatives are all here :D

    got to go shopping … friday is fishday for us ;)

  32. YUM! Now that looks incredible.

  33. Lucky boy! this all looks nam nam:)

  34. I’d rather eat sea food than chicken and beef nowadays – those photos mde my mouth “watery” – looks deliciouuuuuus!

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