Finally snow in Oslo, Norway

Since my blog also is about the four seasons in the Nordic countries, it’s about time for a weather report. Let me start with a couple of pics from the neighborhood taken last Sunday mid day. This is how I like it and how it should be from mid November until spring. Well, maybe a bit more snow – I like it when it’s more than one meter (3.2 feet) like I posted about last January – but as long as the ground is dressed in white, its okay:

Taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

Given the fact that we have around 6 hour’s daylight this time of year, snow gives us a much lighter effect. Even better it invites us to lovely outdoors activities like skiing, sledding or even making snow angels. I know some think its cold, but then I like to remind you of one of my slogans: there is no such as a bad weather, only bad clothes

In this part of the world everybody talks about the weather and this winter season we’ve had a lot to talk about. There has been much more precipitation this autumn and even in the winter months of October, November and December. The average temperature in December was 6 degrees above normal, meaning above freezing most of the time. It’s hard to get any snow then you know! Well, we had some in the end of October which lasted a few days and then again last Sunday as you can see on the first picture, but that was also soon washed away by rain a couple days later. I got new hope this afternoon though when snow was finely cheering up my bus trip back from the office. Here are a couple of pics from the neighborhood before I entered our house to have some quality time with my wife making dinner together:

I don’t try to make a big deal out of this. I know temperatures and precipitation vary a lot from time to time. If you check my post from January 2006 in the ‘Archive’ link, you find a lot of nice snow pics from last winter. I think the tendency is kind of strange though. Looking at it with a good sense of humor, they say that Norwegians are born with skis on. I sure hope they won’t be changing that to born with rubber boots on their feet. How about you, regular and new readers: have you experienced wired weather this season? If you’ve had a post about it recently, I gladly update this post with your link – for the record.

I know my regular readers like facts and figures about Norway and the Nordic countries. A friend of mine has a web site with temperature development on earth the last 250 years with information from more than 900 selected locations worldwide. So click here and check for yourself – all over the world!

A new blog friend, Pasticciera, now living in the Italian alps have a no snow post from where the last year Olympics took place. Take a look!

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  1. hi rennyba,happy new yr and best wishes 2007 to you and ur family.

    good to hear finally u have a snow there,
    i really miss the snow…feels like spring here in my place.

  2. well i am glad somebody is getting and enjoying snow. we have yet to see any here in pennsylvania. it’s been unseasonably warm. we should have snow and only a week ago i was going around with no jacket at all and perfectly comfortable. it’s quite insane. i want snow!!!!! we’ve had very lilttle rain too so i am afraid unless something changes quickly we will be having a drought in a few months time.

    and born with skis on??? norwegian mothers must be VERY tough!

  3. Our weather has been exactly like yours except we had our bit of snow in Nov. and then early Dec., only to be washed away by rain. North of me got 6inches but it’s raining now and tomorrow, then getting colder. The lakes are still open when they should be dotted with ice fishing huts!! It is weird…soon we’ll see polar bears floating past us!

  4. I’m envious of your snow! We’ve been unseasonably warm too this year. Few patches of snow here & there but no accumulation. 6 hours of daylight? Yikes!

  5. We had a little snow ourselves, yesterday, but it was only enough to cover the grass a bit and then ‘sludd’ the rest of the day.

    I’m sure you know enough about us over on the west coast – Stord – to know we rarely get much snow, but the surrounding ocean seems to catch much of the light to make the darker days a bit more bearable.

  6. We’ve had no snow at all and very little freezing temps so far this season, Renny. Much of the U.S. and Canada is having a very mild winter with very little snow, even in the Northern parts. We’re forecast to have flooding rains this weekend. Anywhere from 3-6 inches is expected.

    Very strange weather this season. jSo far the only snow I’ve seen is in pictures like yours on my friends’ blogs.

  7. @LadyWhiteSpirit: Thanks! Yes, spring is to early now!

    @Lime: Thanks for the weather report from your place – just what I was asking for! Insane is the right word!
    Yes, Norwegian mothers are the best you know:-)

    @MotherOfInvetion: Thanks for the weather report from Canada too! If you see polar bears, please make a post. We don’t have them in Norway either you know:-)

    @Balou: Thanks for the weather report from Wisconsin too!
    Yes, 6 hours right now, but then almost 24 in the summer time you know:-)

    @Tim: Great to have a report from the west coast of Norway too – thanks Tim!

    @Diane: Kind of a comfort we are in ‘the same boat’. Hope you’ll have a great weekend anway!

    @ShadowFalcon: Well, at least you have cold weather, so it feels like winter time:-)

  8. Weather Report from Oslo South:
    Friday morning: -4C. Clear sky. 4 cm snow.
    Afternoon: Cloudy. 0C . Still Snow. Even on the Trees.
    Weather forecast: Snow tonight. Milder.
    Tomorrow: Snow or rain? Depends on how high above sealevel.

    Nice to hear from NW of Oslo.

    Looking forward to Saturday Jan. 20th.

    PS. Took me a while, Blogger-server down

  9. HOORAY for snow!!! I can’t wait until we get some! Beautiful pictures, Renny!
    Have a great weekend, my friend. :-)

  10. I’m glad for you :-)

    Here in Stockholm we only got some white powder on the ground that’s almost gone, we’ll see if it comes any more or not!

    I hope you’re going to have a wonderful weekend with a lot of snow – that stays in Norway ;-)

    I’ll check out that site of your friend now….

  11. Hi Renny!!I miss yah!

    i dont prefer cold season but your pics are tempting me to do the outdoor activities and play with snow.
    yeah,i agree,no bad weather,only bad clothes. :)

    your place is really awesome!
    Happy New Year,Renny!! regards to Dianne!!

  12. Renny…this website that tells you about weather trends for all these many years….I am not sure how to “read” it and find out how things are diffedrent today from…well, like 1947, for instance, here in Los Angeles…
    But I LOVE that I could find out if I understood how to read it…(lol)

    6 Hours of daylight??? Oh No. I could not survive without a lot more sun and/or daylight than that!!! How long does that go on?? I mean, from when to when? So, it sounds like you haven’t had nearly the amount of snow you normally have…Well, GLOBAL WARMING rears it’s ugle head, yes?

    Thanks for your support of Whitney Steele…IF you have the time and can do it…we all can vote once a day on each computer through January 21st. I would love for her to win this contest, particularly because she is the only female and also the only ‘single’…all the others are ‘boy bands’…plus of course because she is my old friends granddaughter and MOST of all, because she is talented!
    So I thank you for your support!

  13. Snow right now would make a lot of people all over the Northern Hemisphere very happy, I’m sure. Congratulations! I don’t think we’ll get any here in Hannover before we leave on the 19th, but maybe when we come back the first week in February, the weather will change? I hope so!

    I always love your pics, Renny, especially this time. :) I love the snow!

  14. @Caledonia: So that’s how it is in Scotland right now. Hope you’ll have winter soon too!

    @TorAa: So now we’ve even have weather reports from different part of Oslo. Great!

    @Lisa: Hope you get some too soon!

    @Mrs Lifecruiser: And then a report from Stockholm, Sweden. Now we’ve covered almost all of the northern hemisphere.
    It’s snowing tonight too, but we are very close to freezing point so who knows tomorrow!

    @AL: Hope you get to use the shed then!

    @Ghee: Miss you too! Come visit and lets play then! Thanks for your greetings and I’ve passed it to Diane too of course:-)

    @Teena: I’ll help you dress properly and then show you it’ll be fun!

    @OldOldLadyOnTheHills: Good to know you had fun with the site – hope others find it interesting too!
    6 hours now yea, but think of the summer time when almost 24 hours a day!

    @Ginnie: Hope you still have a great time in Europe – snow or not – and wish you a safe trip home!
    Thanks for your compliments!

    @Chase: Well, since you are living in Bergen, I though you where used to it LoL

  15. Yes – I know you have had too much rain, now you know how we feel here. Snow is so much better than rain all the time. I feel like I can do stuff in the snow but the stupid rain, it’s only great for a while…

    I’m happy you are finally getting snow but as my theory has gone, I’m sure we stoll your snow from you this year. ;-)

    (geeze I’m so far behind on blogs this week.)

  16. Hi Rennie,
    We have only had one bit of snow this year although the upper mountains have had some, but certainly not enough. I mentioned it in passing in my blog yesterday about the University games that are coming this week to our Italian alps with springish conditions. We really haven’t had any rain either, just fierce hot winds.

  17. only 6 hours of daylight? that’ll be hard for me…(or maybe not – I’ll just sleep more :)

    I’ve only see snow once in my entire life! It was last year on the top of Haleaka Mountain on Hawaii. Yes, there was a one day snow on Hawaii last year :)

  18. Wow, I’m surprised that we had snow a full month earlier than you, and that it’s been so warm there. I guess I have a lot of misconceptions about weather in Norway …

  19. Our first snow came late November & that was it! I am missing it for some reason lol anyway,winter isn’t over yet right?:)

  20. I’m back in the US from my xmas holiday in trinidad and i really think its a waste of time being cold without any snow. but yes it truly is a “warm” winter so far, I WANT SNOW!! My friend in Porsgrunn was elated it snowed a few days ago hehehe

  21. I can attest to Norwegians being born with skis on…or at least my little half-Norwegians (or is that one-third…their dad has both norweigan and swedish citizenship) certainly FELT like they had at least one ski on during birth. OUCH

    And yes, both our boys were cross country skiing almost before they could walk.

    We haven’t had any snow here yet. Despite our latitude, we usually have colder temperatures than Oslo but this year has been very mild. I’ll never forget my husband’s first winter here. He said he could handle it because he was Norwegian. He was in for quite the shock. :)

    One thing I do love about Norway in the winter is how pretty the daytime light is (since the sun is so low in the sky its seems like the sunsets are drawn out longer through the day.)

  22. I love the first picture! Looks very enchanted!
    Well, I was in the French Alps during Christmas and the only snow they had was artificial snow! :-(

  23. Being from Canada, I always miss snow. We are currently in Southern California and it has been insanely cold here for the location. A State of Emergency has been issued, the crops have been threatened and Californians are deeply troubled.

    The weather around the world seems so off from normal. Let us all hope it is not a reaction to our lifestyles and merely a shift in a the weather.

  24. Renny, it looks like a shot out of postcard but I knew this is oh so real to you and this is an awesome sight.

    I wish I get the chance to experience winter once in a life time ;D


  25. Winter has finally arrived?
    It seems to be very cold in Iceland also, after some summerlike weather (13°C !)

    Love from Paris / got a new head !!!! :)

  26. Yes Renny, in Canada our weather is weird too. I think we have been running along the same precipitation as Norway this year, and our tempuratures are also warmer on average.
    We too have had only a few baby snow falls till now. Which were soon melted away by rain or warmth.

    I think the difference between Norway and Ontario Canada is that normally Ontario has a dry winter. Lots of snow that never melts till late spring, with no rain falls in between. Our temperatures and humidity in winter equal that of a winter desert.

    This year is an exception. Not much snow and alot of rain. Which means there is no frost in the ground (which is normally just over a metre into the earth) to protect the flower roots.

    Our almanac still says will will get lots of snow this winter. So it this is the case, we may have a very late spring.

  27. Well actually she is only going to school in Porsgrunn, she is one of those rare ones from above the arctic circle

  28. My standard text these frustating Days:

    Pls be patient with me, my TP and broadband are definetly not my friends this evening. Pradon me, I have only some seconds here.
    That’s why everyone will have the same short message.

  29. The snow we had after Christmas was short lived, but it came back early last week. In fact it has been quite cold (below normal), so it looks like this time it might last.

    Did you get hit by the snowstorm that struck Europe late last week as well?

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