Celebrating my Terella co-poster’s birthday

This post is dedicated to my wife and for a lot of reasons. Firstly because she turns another decade the 23rd of January and of course that calls for a celebration. Secondly because a lot of my regular readers have met her in several posts on my blog and I know you want to greet her. I’ll get back to that.

Diane is from NY, US and we met about 10 year ago. My Internet curiosity took me to newsgroups where I found her among hundreds of thousands others – or maybe it was she who found me:-) Then it was mail, then chat and at last I came over to see you and the family. You might say it was love before the first sight. She came over and we got married a bit more than 7 years ago.

Congratulate my colorful wife!

Among a lot of things, this has given me the opportunity to re-experience Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. At the beginning every place we went were new and places we went where I had been millions of times all of a sudden was experienced as exotic. This was an eye opener for me of course, and I often was surprising myself when she asked me about things in the Norwegian society that I had never really thought much about before. I was (am) able to learn a lot more about the American society in return, of course, and that was quite an eye opener too. Often for instance, we talked about Norwegian food and asked what typical American food was. Then I realised it isn’t that easy to compare because there is very little that is purely American. America is a society build on immigration, mostly from Europe, so there is mixed culture and traditions from everywhere. Well of course there are always Mac Donald’s and pizza and that might be typical, but not necessary traditional.

Then again you regular readers have had the privilege to see Norway through an American’s eyes as my wife occasionally is a guest poster. Her most famous or most read posts are from her trip to the typical Norwegian mountains and what are the cultural differences that she has been most charmed by. I do recommend you read them all by clicking here:

So all you readers of my blog have had the advantage of my wife’s contributions to describe my blogs theme: Norwegian culture, traditions and habits. If any of you want to send her a birthday greeting, I’ve had her open a new gmail account: deedeeamundsen@gmail.com. All contributions will be appreciated and I do think she deserves a lot of mail – what do you think?

Please remember that we still have guests from the US so there might be fewer posts than normal the coming week.

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  1. OK Renny, you said it, let’s be a surprise on Tuesday.

    Now this: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to be invited to the Celebration on Saturday. It was a blast meeting your and Diane’s family and friends.


  2. Do we e-mail her on Tuesday the 23rd or can we e-mail her now in advance?

    I agree, she deserves tons of happy birthday greetings! I’ll check back here for your reply.

    On the side note, my husband and I “dated through letters” (I didn’t have computer and e-mail at home). It’s a great way to really get to know each other :). I’m glad you and Diane found each other.

  3. was there an advance celebration of Diane`s bday?Ive seen some fotos at Toraa`s blog and it was definitely a nice and lively party!

    let me say that your love story is so interesting and one of the best!It was an internet love affair,too!Ive heard a lot about this and it proved that nothing is impossible even on net :)

    i wish her more bdays and wish you both a lot of happiness in life. :)

    maybe i should send her an email on Tues. :D

  4. OK, there will be something sent…. I’ll think out something.

    Lovely posts written by an equally lovely wife kitten ;-)

  5. There is nothing finer in life than to have a fresh perspective and voice to see our daily life in a new light. It is a joy!

    Best Birthday wishes to your lovely wife.

  6. Happy birthday to Diane from a fellow American! Although some people do think that Arkansas and New York might be different countries. ;D

    Many happy returns of the day, Diane, and enjoy your birthday celebrations with your family. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Diane! My mom’s bday is on the 26th while mine was on the 12th… i’m sure it’s nice to spend time with family on your bday.

  8. Happy Birthday Diane. Have a great year ahead.The picture is really sweet. She sure seems a fun person to interact with.
    Drop into my blog for loads of unique birthday gift and party ideas.

  9. I didn’t want to forget tomorrow, so I sent her an e-card today. I figure this is one of those years when the celebration is before, during and after!!!

    I love your story, Renny, about how you met and grew in love. My daughter’s story is similar with the man she will probably marry this year. She lives in Atlanta and he lives in LA. There is nothing impossible these days, is there!

  10. What a beauty picture! So cute and refreshing. Looked like a great party from Toraa’s pics! Have a great day and year, Diane! (Oh, to be 40! Sounds young to me now!)

  11. i’ve often wondered how the two of you met. thanks for sharing that background . and i hope the 23rd is a very special and wonderful day for diane. happy birthday!

  12. To All:
    -Diane’s birthday is tomorrow and the mail account is opened, so you are welcome to send any time!
    – We had a party with 30 guests, so we arranged it on the nearest Saturday!
    – All your greetings here on comments is of course passed to Diane!

    @TorAa: Thanks for your and Anna’s enthusiastic participation!

    @LisaEyeview: Thanks and you know I am glad too:-9

    @Ghee: Well, it’s kind of common nowadays I think:-)

    @Sidney: Thanks pal!

    @Mrs Lifecruiser: Thanks for your kind words and compliments!

    @Lisa: Well said, I do agree 100%!

    @Diane: Thanks – good to hear that from a name sister you know:-)

    @Pearl: Sweet said!

    @ET:: Sounds like a busy January then:-)

    @Kate: Thanks and also for the tips!

    @AL: Thanks to you too!

    @ShadowFalcon: Thanks!

    @Ginnie: Yea, we are celebrating for a whole week as her father and his wife is visiting from US you know:-)
    Thanks for your compliments and for sharing your family story too!

    @MotherOfInvention: Thanks for your greetings and warm words.

    @Duke: Nice to hear from you too!

    @Lime: Glad to let you know then and the day tomorrow will be special too especially since she has her father and his wife from the US here.

  13. Happy Birthday Diane! I hope your special day is wonderful…I know in fact, it will be, with a lovely person like RennyBA in your life!

    Have a wonderful borthday celebration, the two of you!

  14. Happy birthday Diane.

    Wishing you a warm and wonderful day filled with joyful memories of all the wonders in life you have experienced. May this day and its celebration be the start of an ever escalating year of accomplishments and happiness.

    And best of all, you have snow for your birthday!

  15. Feliz Cumpleanos Diane! Wishing you many, many blessed birthdays! You are a very lucky woman to have such a sweet and loving man… I think I’ve said it before though, I know that Renny would be the one to say that he is the lucky one here.

    You both are very blessed to have found one another in such a manner. I found my loving PC the same way… here we are one year later. Who knows where we will be seven years in the future… with your story, we all can only hope that there is hope for some of us as well.

    Many blessings to you both!!


    Sugar Cat

  16. Oh My Dear….A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Diane! I hope this is a faboulous Birthday Year for you Diane…I wish you ALL that you would wish for yourself, and more!
    Have a grand day!

  17. I sent Mrs. RennyBA a birthday wish email! She looks like she is probably pretty, but that makeup makes it hard to tell!
    Thanks for visiting my site once more!
    Sounds like you really appreciate each other! That’s great!
    Oh, dang. I’m not signed in, and if I sign in NOW, it will lose my post ,so I will be anonymous!
    This is Karen! From Kooky Karen!

  18. Oh, Renny, your party sounds wonderful. If it wasn’t so far from Down Under, we would have headed north and crashed our way into it. We might even have brought some rabbits to stew up for you! Big Pig and I wish you and yours a wonderful January. What’s left of it!

  19. That’s awesome you met on the net. I keep hearing of more and more couples that have met this way.

    Happy Birthday Diane! 40 is a breeze. Have a wonderful year!

  20. Hi Renny! Congratulations for your wife bday! Feliz Cumpleaños!
    WOW that was a nice story, How i wish i could go to someplace in search for love, happiness that i am looking for…
    again congratulations.. Ill meet you both soon!

  21. Dear Friend:
    Best wishes from Chile for your wife, you and your great country, we are fans of Oslo.
    Beautiful wife and funny blog, really.
    We are members of a blog in honour of a our great master: PhD. Roberto Arancibia “The philospher of the Heart”, this sexagenarian Mahatma blogger is our inspiration for a successful ageing.
    Our blog is: El orbe continua alli


    Good Luck.
    The Pinkerton team.

  22. Happy belated birthday to your wife! She shares a decade birthday with my eldest son. He was 10 years old on January 23.

    I will have to get my husband to read this post. He’s often made similar observations about the dynamics of our relationship (he and I first “met” over the internet 16 years ago though we didn’t fall in love until after we met in person and I had returned to the US – it’s a long story). However, he moved to the US instead of the other way around.

  23. Heya

    I’ll have to make sure my fiance adds that to list of countries to go to lol I think we so far have Paris(so i can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower), Germany (so i can go further than the departure gate in Munich airport) Barcelona (so i can go to the top of the Sangrada Famiglia).

    Something to do before i turn 30:
    Go to Norway and make a snowman!!!!

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