Celebrating my Terella co-poster’s birthday

This post is dedicated to my wife and for a lot of reasons. Firstly because she turns another decade the 23rd of January and of course that calls for a celebration. Secondly because a lot of my regular readers have met her in several posts on my blog and I know you want to greet her. I’ll get back to that.

Diane is from NY, US and we met about 10 year ago. My Internet curiosity took me to newsgroups where I found her among hundreds of thousands others – or maybe it was she who found me:-) Then it was mail, then chat and at last I came over to see you and the family. You might say it was love before the first sight. She came over and we got married a bit more than 7 years ago.

Congratulate my colorful wife!

Among a lot of things, this has given me the opportunity to re-experience Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. At the beginning every place we went were new and places we went where I had been millions of times all of a sudden was experienced as exotic. This was an eye opener for me of course, and I often was surprising myself when she asked me about things in the Norwegian society that I had never really thought much about before. I was (am) able to learn a lot more about the American society in return, of course, and that was quite an eye opener too. Often for instance, we talked about Norwegian food and asked what typical American food was. Then I realised it isn’t that easy to compare because there is very little that is purely American. America is a society build on immigration, mostly from Europe, so there is mixed culture and traditions from everywhere. Well of course there are always Mac Donald’s and pizza and that might be typical, but not necessary traditional.

Then again you regular readers have had the privilege to see Norway through an American’s eyes as my wife occasionally is a guest poster. Her most famous or most read posts are from her trip to the typical Norwegian mountains and what are the cultural differences that she has been most charmed by. I do recommend you read them all by clicking here:

So all you readers of my blog have had the advantage of my wife’s contributions to describe my blogs theme: Norwegian culture, traditions and habits. If any of you want to send her a birthday greeting, I’ve had her open a new gmail account: deedeeamundsen@gmail.com. All contributions will be appreciated and I do think she deserves a lot of mail – what do you think?

Please remember that we still have guests from the US so there might be fewer posts than normal the coming week.