Preschools exploring Oslo

As I’ve reported earlier, we finally got wonderful winter weather in the south east part of Norway. Since this blog also is about our four seasons, I’m happy to tell this time of the year has become more normal too. I just love it! Around -10C (14F), light snow with nice, crisp fresh air. On the express bus to work – when I slowly tried to wake up – I was thinking of my childhood and how much I loved to go skiing, skating or even ski jumping. I remember when in middle school, we used to ski to school. We could take a bus and got free tickets to ride, but it was much more fun to go skiing. Besides, we where training for the local championship. I came in second the first year: the world was mine:-)

When I get off the buss, a preschool group caught my eye. They came from Oslo central railway station and were on their way to explore Oslo. They where lined up so nicely, holding hands and probably have gone through this routine plenty of times before they took this big step. A small step for mankind, but a big step for them:-). One of my saying is: There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes. Do you understand this looking at these well dressed children?

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile – click to enlarge!

Aren’t they cute – ready to explore the capital of Norway – ready to take the city by storm. I was thinking of the first time I came to Oslo. I was from a small town, Porsgrunn, and for me the capital was huge, scary and mysterious. I was around 7 and never had seen street cars or trolley, never seen a traffic circle or even a mall. Do you know what; the mall even had an escalator! Not to mention that I had never seen the Kings Castle with my own eyes. If we went there, could we see the King and the Queen in their window?

The entrance of Oslo main street – Karl Johan.

I don’t know if that was what these children were thinking, of course I had to run to the office, so I didn’t check. They went up Karl Johans – Oslo’s main street and to be honest: I would have loved to go with them – to explore Oslo through their experience. I’m to dull though, so I went to the office and back to my daily routine. Thinking of it: it was a lovely, wintry, crisp fresh morning though.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is the same good old winter weather and I have a date! I’ll take my wife for some quality time in the winter wonderland. Stay tuned if you want to go with us:-)