As I’ve reported earlier, we finally got wonderful winter weather in the south east part of Norway. Since this blog also is about our four seasons, I’m happy to tell this time of the year has become more normal too. I just love it! Around -10C (14F), light snow with nice, crisp fresh air. On the express bus to work – when I slowly tried to wake up – I was thinking of my childhood and how much I loved to go skiing, skating or even ski jumping. I remember when in middle school, we used to ski to school. We could take a bus and got free tickets to ride, but it was much more fun to go skiing. Besides, we where training for the local championship. I came in second the first year: the world was mine:-)

When I get off the buss, a preschool group caught my eye. They came from Oslo central railway station and were on their way to explore Oslo. They where lined up so nicely, holding hands and probably have gone through this routine plenty of times before they took this big step. A small step for mankind, but a big step for them:-). One of my saying is: There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes. Do you understand this looking at these well dressed children?

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile – click to enlarge!

Aren’t they cute – ready to explore the capital of Norway – ready to take the city by storm. I was thinking of the first time I came to Oslo. I was from a small town, Porsgrunn, and for me the capital was huge, scary and mysterious. I was around 7 and never had seen street cars or trolley, never seen a traffic circle or even a mall. Do you know what; the mall even had an escalator! Not to mention that I had never seen the Kings Castle with my own eyes. If we went there, could we see the King and the Queen in their window?

The entrance of Oslo main street – Karl Johan.

I don’t know if that was what these children were thinking, of course I had to run to the office, so I didn’t check. They went up Karl Johans – Oslo’s main street and to be honest: I would have loved to go with them – to explore Oslo through their experience. I’m to dull though, so I went to the office and back to my daily routine. Thinking of it: it was a lovely, wintry, crisp fresh morning though.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is the same good old winter weather and I have a date! I’ll take my wife for some quality time in the winter wonderland. Stay tuned if you want to go with us:-)


  1. -14C, I cannot imagine wanting to step out of my house at that weather. I am cold just thinking about it.

    These kids looks like they’re having fun in the big city!

    And I must say, you have a really good camera phone. What MP is it? I have one that’s 2MP, and I noticed that everyone better stay still or it’s blurry.

  2. how cute!
    At -10C I remember complaining about how cold it was. But really I guess -25C or cooler iis when it starts getting cold. I know you have to wear layers and that my yellow down jacket is my best friend…

    You’re right, its’ all pretty and stuff though! Yeah for winter finally making an appearance.

    (look I’m finally early!)

  3. Renny, this was a very sweet story, and I understand you became engaged in the children from the Kindergarden. As you so very well described, your first meeting with the “large” city of Oslo, exploring with childrens eyes and questions, is allways fascinating and also thoughtfully for us OTHG.

    Have a fantastic tour in the beautiful snowlandscape tomorrow. And give your charming wife a big hug from the two of here in Southern Oslo.

  4. what a sweet memory from your childhood. isn’t it funny how big a place seems when we are small and how small it seems when we are big?

  5. You oughta have run after those kids and joined em! I’ll bet you would have had a grand time!

    I remembered that thing that you always say when I was in India, feeling very hot….and thought, this can go both ways….so I bought those very fun cropped, lightweight orange pants, you know the ones…and I was so much cooler…and seriously Renny, I thought about you, and said to Karen, RennyBA was right when he said “there’s no such as bad weather, just bad clothes”


    Another thing I remember is Porsgrunn! Never turn your cup over to see if its made in Porsgrunn!

  6. @Shoshana: Get yourself a Norwegian sweater and ExpatTraveler’s jacket and you will enjoy the crispy weather too:-)
    My Nokia is actually not more than 1.3 MP, but it’s the lens that counts you know.

    @ET: It’s also about humidity you know. The dryer, the less you feel the cold.
    Good to know you know how to dress to enjoy the lovely winter weather too!

    @TorAa: The first time was scaring, yes. Like Lime says: quite a change when you are getting older.

    @Lime: I do agree, but it’s also important to keep the childish spirit as adults you know:-)

    @BarefootMistress: I was temped you know!
    Good to know I’ve impressed you to remember and yes, you can also find cloths to keep the heath out. Your pants was gorgeous!
    I do recommend all my readers to check your blog and posts about your trip to India!
    Good to know it’s safe to serve you our best Porsgrund Porcelain when you are coming over:-)

  7. Those pics and related story are so priceless, Renny. I started thinking about my little g’son Nicholas who is 6 and how he would have memories like this. I love seeing them all bundled up and holding hands. So cute. Even though you had to go to work, you DID go with the kids down memory lane. Thank you.

  8. Aw, they are so cute! That’s a good idea to put the yellow vests on them, I bet it makes them a lot easier to keep track of.

  9. Renny you crack me up…

    Now an ongoing question in my mind is why do you norweigens speak english to each other via blogs?

  10. What a fun adventure for the kids!

    I’ve been whining about how cold our weather has been. -10C would be tropical for us … our temps have been lower :(

  11. The Queer Chef pimped me here!

  12. The children looks so cute all bundled in their snow clothes. Having an almost three year old and a five year old still allows me to have those moments of seeing something for the first time. I always find that they see something that I would have never noticed. Wonderful post.

  13. Actually it was about this time of year I was in Oslo last time – 2004, so it does look familiar :-)

    Aren’t you curious of what I wrote in my new post about A-Team Cruisers? *lol*

  14. Why don’t you ski to work?! ;-)

  15. Hello! Sorry I have really been so bad at keeping in touch as things get in the way of the more important things in life such as blogging! :-)

    I have been thinking about going to Norway to teach… hmm…

  16. renny,

    the kids look so adorable. The more and more I read about Norway, the more I want to visit this country. Maybe not during winter ( I might die! lol) but summer or spring!

  17. Being a stay at home mom of a toddler I can testify that exploring things and places for the first time through their perspective is an amazing experience! Great story!

  18. Hey bro-

    Looks like, even though you had to go to work, you tapped into the moment — enjoying the sight of children exploring. Good for you.

    Kids are cute, man.

    Be swell, Bud

  19. @Ginnie: Yes, they inspired me to go down the memory lane and it was a great trip for me too!

    @Jen: Yes, and it also makes them more visible to traffic and the reflecs helps in dark mornings and afternoon.

    @ET: Me? LoL
    Well, we don’t want to keep you out of the conversation you know:-)

    @Teena: That only means it require warmer cloths you know – that’s all:-)

    @Hexe: Looking into the world through children’s eyes is always amazing.

    @MrsLifecruiser: Remember to say hello next time!
    I know: I’m in the A-Team – thanks! I do recommend others to visit your blog too to follow this exciting cyber journey:-)

    @Sidney: A great suggestion – but then again too much traffic in the capital you know!

    @Missy: Is there more important things in life? LoL
    Your welcome: I volunteer as a student!

    @Duke: Come on visit. I’ll give you warm cloths and help you dress properly and give you free guidances!

    @Chelle: I know and I’m glad you liked the story.

    @DMunro: I couldn’t resist, but just had to tap in you know:-)

  20. Is it this time of the year for kids to go on fieldtrips? Because I saw them in the City Hall around two weeks ago. Very cute. :-) They all get rosy cheeks from the cold. :-)

  21. They’re so cuty on yellow vests! I imagine my li’l one wearing one of those one day:) Thanks for sharing this heartwarming post renny! Brrr -10°C goodness me!!I think, I’ll go back to my country when that happen here in DE lol. We’re pretty lucky these days though, sometimes we’re getting as high as 12°C but it’s been raining here for days Very typical southern german weather!

    Have a great week! take care!

  22. Hey! Thanks for coming by my page.

    You could try it, Dancing Salsa is great! It’s a good form of exercise and you get to dance to your heart’s content. :D

    I used to feel weird looking at people dance and now, it’s totally different. Instead of watching people dance, I will go and dance and hope people will check me out! :D

  23. oh, i wanna go back in kindergarten ;)

    my greetings >>> You’re Everyday
    for tommorow :)

  24. happy valentines day :)

    God bless.

    just enjoy winter :)

  25. I agree that for Winter, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. But … for the summer, it can still be too hot even when undressed.

    When I was younger, the cold never bothered me as much. Now, I am afraid it begins to bother me. We are supposed to go to –32C tonight.

  26. oooo they’re so cute! Made me think of my friend in Porsgrunn and her stories about “field experience” in preschools, (thats what she’s studying for u know)
    You know Renny, you make it sound so nice over there even in winter…

  27. Well it is sounding like Norway is mirroring us.
    I will take a photo of the crisp silent night with the fresh virgin snow.

  28. Mother of Invention

    You guys dress for the weather more than we Canadians! We let our kids stay in for recess at school on days it’s 25 below or colder but they should just dress better! Cute kids!

  29. @Mark: No, I think the do that all time of the year. – Yes, they are cute.

    @CheH: You really should experience some snow and below freezing – it’s crispy you know!

    @Michael: Thanks for returning the favor – always good to welcome new readers you know1

    @Racky: Thanks for your Valentine greetings – hope you’ll have good one too!

    @LWS: You too and for sure I will:-)

    @Richard: Well, you can get chilly cloths for warm weather as well. Just ask my friend BarefootMistress!
    You really beet us with -32!

    @TtFootball: All four seasons are beautiful in it’s way you know:-)

    @Lynn: Glad I could inspire you – can’t wait to see:-)

    @MotherOfInvetion: No reason for staying in with the right cloths you know. Everyone, especially the kinds need some fresh air during the day you know:-)

  30. Those little reflective vests are wonderful! I have never seen them used by school groups here in the States, but it is an excellent idea! You are right about the right clothes making all the difference.

  31. I totally fell in love with that photo of the little kids in their safety vests! Just adorable! Oslo is a beautiful city. I have to run off now and convert Celsius to Farenheit!

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