I’m an A-team Cruiser in Cyber

Quite a while ago, I met a new blog friend, Mrs Lifecruiser from Sweden. She’s one of the funnier and creative types of blog friends with a lot of crazy ideas. The other day she was holding an admission round for becoming a Team Cruiser. As a network evangelist and still curious about what blogging might bring me into, I could not resist to apply. You know what: I made it into the A-Team! I know some of my regular readers know Mrs. Lifecruiser very well, but some might not. So let me introduce you to the Captain:

About her you can read: I’m the human hedgehog in Sweden that loves the summertime, who have very many spines out sometimes, wandering around the world searching for food, collecting it especially before the winter and in the nights, drags my legs behind me, have a long nose, I am slurping loudly when I eat, scratching myself like I have a lot of fleas. She even tells us she love yummy frogs:-)

She also assure that there will still be some first class tickets and many ordinary tickets for our cyber event later on, but it demands that you’re on our A-Swab Team at least. So go visit and apply if you dear!

So now I am looking forward to a relaxing, exciting, exotic and entertaining journey to where I don’t know. But who care with that kind of a Captain. So stay tuned as I will keep you posted of course!

Btw: From all of me to all of you; Happy Valentines day ;-)