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  1. Diane J.
    Feb 21 - 23:50

    Thanks for the history lesson, Renny. Long live King Harald! :-)

  2. Lisa
    Feb 22 - 02:37

    Oh that’s too bad that you didn’t bump into His Majesty- I’m sure he’d be happy to pose for you and your Nokia. :)

    Very interesting post, I must admit that I knew very little about him.

  3. Shionge
    Feb 22 - 03:58

    Happy Birthday to his Majesty! He doesn’t look a bit like 70 ~ WOWED!

    Shhh….could it be all the salmons perhaps :)

  4. Maribeth
    Feb 22 - 04:00

    Happy Birthday to your King!

  5. michael ringwood
    Feb 22 - 07:53

    Happy Birthday to your king. He looks much younger. Wishing him loads of luck and happiness.
    Peep into my blog on birthday ecards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and other interesting info.

  6. Balou
    Feb 22 - 09:53

    Happy B-day King Harald!

    I think in my next life I would like to be born a Norwegian Princess. :)

  7. tin-tin
    Feb 22 - 11:19

    of course you should write something about him. coz he’s your relative. you look alike. actually, you look better.

    he looks young. and i was amazed coz he joined sports events, even olympics! wow! that’s really something.

    we’ll just wait for your picture of the royal dinner. hehehe ;p

  8. AL
    Feb 22 - 12:15

    Happy birthday to the Kong Harald!

  9. Grish
    Feb 22 - 12:47

    Hi Renny! Interesting post…

  10. Sidney
    Feb 22 - 13:55

    Happy Birthday to your king !
    He still looks young !

  11. lime
    Feb 22 - 14:07

    when you bump into the king next time give him my birthday greetings. actually i do remmeber hearing that a norwegian royal had won olympic medals. i did not recall it was your king. i had no idea the fmaily had lived near our capital during the war. very interesting. wonderful post as always!

    long live king harald!

  12. RennyBA
    Feb 22 - 14:41

    @DianeJ: Your welcome!

    @Lisa: I do hope so – next time LoL
    Glad I could provide you with some interesting stuff from our King then!

    @Shionge: Yes, I know he loves seafood.

    @Maribeth: Thank you!

    @MichaelRingwood: Thank you!

    @Balou: I think you’ll do perfect:-)

    @Tin-tin: awww, thank you!
    I wasn’t at the dinner last night but it was all about it on TV.

    @AL: Thanks!

    @Grish: Glad you liked it!

    @Sidney: Yes he does for a 70er!

    @Lime: I’ll sure will do!
    Glad you could learn something new today as well then:-)

  13. ttfootball
    Feb 22 - 15:45

    You didnt bump into him?! What kind of excuse is that?? You go back there and see if that flag is up and get some pics!!!
    (clearly we are spoiled for pictures now Renny hehehe)
    I find that I am learning more from you than from my friends…another great post :-)

  14. Ginnie
    Feb 22 - 17:54

    As always, Renny, your history lesson is superb. Glad to meet your King!

  15. ghee
    Feb 23 - 01:55

    Happy Bday to your King!!so,Norway and Japan have one thing in common,we have our Kings!! :D

  16. TorAa
    Feb 23 - 03:09

    Thanks for informing the World of Bloggers about this great event: King Harald 70 years.

    Excellent entry:)

    btw. Where will you be seated during the Grand Galla at the Royal Castle on Saturday? I have seat #21.

  17. Lynn
    Feb 23 - 05:02

    Oh you have a lovely King and Queen. As a Canadian I am also proud of having a Queen. It is wonderful to have a Souverein.

  18. Teena
    Feb 23 - 05:39

    Happy happy birthday!!!

  19. RennyBA
    Feb 23 - 11:42

    @ttfootball: The King is in but rather busy right now – have to be later LoL
    I love to learn some from you too!

    @Ginnie: Thanks for the compliments and happy to introduce Him you know:-)

    @Ghee: Yes we Do!! And now you are hosting the World Championship in skiing too – so there are a lot of ski Kings and Queens from Norway in Japan this two coming weeks:-)

    @TorAa: Thanks Tor for complimenting!
    I’m not gonna bee there:-( Please keep us posted!

    @Lynn: In that way I think we both are lucky to have such great Sovereign.

    @Teena: I’ll tell him next time we meet:-)

  20. Gattina
    Feb 23 - 16:15

    Wonderful ! You only forgot a very important thing to me ! when your king married a commoner, Sonja Haraldsen, in 1968 and we girls were sooooo disappointed that he didn’t choose us ! and what a mess this event had created in Norway because she was not nobel ! I remember very well all this. First I wanted to marry King Baudouin of Belgium, before he entered into a convent, but then he found his Fabiola. Since then I married a commun Italian and feel very well ! Even without crown.

  21. Mother of Invention
    Feb 23 - 20:11

    What an accomplished King! And he does show the “All For Norway” attitude through his sport!

  22. chase
    Feb 24 - 14:44

    It is funny that I share the same bday as the king!

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