Networking in a Blizzard

We’ve had the most lovely winter weather lately. Temperature around -10C ( 14F) +/- 5 and with light, occasionally heavy snow throughout the whole week. The other day, I was attending a meeting early in the morning and while walking back through the street of Oslo, I felt this fresh, crisp air almost biting my nose. You feel alive and are reminded of the significant four seasons in Norway. Never is a warm and sunny summer better than after a cold and crisp winter. You can’t really have one, without the other :-)

While walking and observing the scenery, of course I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand and would like to give you some examples:

Off from the network meeting.
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

In transit over the cold Oslo fjord to work.

Some are just stubborn – others walk.

Regarding this posts caption, you might wonder what this has to do with networking. Well – this morning meeting was a BNI (Business Network International) meeting. I am a stand-in for a colleague of mine and he was visiting his family in Canada this week. As I call myself a network evangelist, I just love attending. It gives great opportunities to interrelate with other networkers who want to share references and open doors to new clients and customers. Like blogging, this is a givers gain. The more you help others to make business the more help you get to your own.

Mostly I explore my personal life and the Norwegian culture and traditions. This is about my professional life. I have the privilege of working at The Norwegian Computer Society – an IT-professional network, but also learn to take advantage of net based communities and networks. Blogsphear is for me one of the most important and never have I met so many lovely, caring, friendly and interesting people then since I started blogging. But there are others so let me take you with me in a round trip:

I’m registered at LinkedIn as well as Xing and Ziggs and Ryze. Click on them to see my profile and if you are a member, please invite me as your contact!

It’s all about sharing and pictures often say more than a thousand words. My membership on Flickr has given me a lot of new friends as well as opportunities to deepen the friendship among bloggers. For those of you, who haven’t visited, please click to take a closer look:

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Happy networking weekend everyone – whether in a blizzard or not:-)