We’ve had the most lovely winter weather lately. Temperature around -10C ( 14F) +/- 5 and with light, occasionally heavy snow throughout the whole week. The other day, I was attending a meeting early in the morning and while walking back through the street of Oslo, I felt this fresh, crisp air almost biting my nose. You feel alive and are reminded of the significant four seasons in Norway. Never is a warm and sunny summer better than after a cold and crisp winter. You can’t really have one, without the other :-)

While walking and observing the scenery, of course I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand and would like to give you some examples:

Off from the network meeting.
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

In transit over the cold Oslo fjord to work.

Some are just stubborn – others walk.

Regarding this posts caption, you might wonder what this has to do with networking. Well – this morning meeting was a BNI (Business Network International) meeting. I am a stand-in for a colleague of mine and he was visiting his family in Canada this week. As I call myself a network evangelist, I just love attending. It gives great opportunities to interrelate with other networkers who want to share references and open doors to new clients and customers. Like blogging, this is a givers gain. The more you help others to make business the more help you get to your own.

Mostly I explore my personal life and the Norwegian culture and traditions. This is about my professional life. I have the privilege of working at The Norwegian Computer Society – an IT-professional network, but also learn to take advantage of net based communities and networks. Blogsphear is for me one of the most important and never have I met so many lovely, caring, friendly and interesting people then since I started blogging. But there are others so let me take you with me in a round trip:

I’m registered at LinkedIn as well as Xing and Ziggs and Ryze. Click on them to see my profile and if you are a member, please invite me as your contact!

It’s all about sharing and pictures often say more than a thousand words. My membership on Flickr has given me a lot of new friends as well as opportunities to deepen the friendship among bloggers. For those of you, who haven’t visited, please click to take a closer look:

RennyBA. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Happy networking weekend everyone – whether in a blizzard or not:-)


  1. ah we’ve had snow finally but not fun snow…just wet then icy slop. i so much want one delightful powdery blizzard.

  2. We are also having blizzard here which I so love! I hope there are more to come soon!

  3. I love the fact that your call yourself a “network evangelist.” I noticed that you’re a Flickr member – the pictures that you take with your Nokia phone are great.

    Thank you for visiting my site and the birthday wishes. Have a great weekend!

  4. I think I prefer the Filipino sun to the heavy snow and cold… ;-)
    Yes, I am glad I have met you through blogging!

  5. Just to let you know, well I thought I had this comment here but I opened up our window and it looks exactly like your blizzard pics outside, yes snow again! 2 days in a row actually…

  6. And I am proud to be one of your contacts at flickr :)

    geee,-10,we had 4C today with the North wind and it was veryy chilly :)

    Your an IT prof!!Thats great!!
    Happy Sunday Renny and Dianne.glad that Dianne became a social worker now,isnt she great,too? :)

  7. Renny,what a great report from your daily professional life meeting people in real life and in the blogsphere and in the networking societies. Sometimes I wonder how you can cope with all your activities in only 24 hours a day. On top of all, you share so gently in words and pictures with people all over the World. Really great.

    PS. You have done a great sorting job at your Flickr account.I’ve joined two groups: The_Traveller and a Norway group.

  8. I’ve found it’s been enough “work” (and fun) to keep up on my blogging. Where will it end? Networks, forums, blogs…I love it all, though!

    I’ve always been attracted by cold climates and dream of retirement in Sweden (how strange, right?) — or should I choose Norway?

  9. @Lime: You have to come to Norway to get the real thing you know:-)

    @Chase: I know Bergen finally are having winter too – count your blessings!

    @DessertDiva: Yes, networking in all channels is great you know – a givers gain! Thanks for adding me as a friend in Flickr!

    @Sidney: You’ve been to long out of Europe Sidney;-)

    @ET: Enjoy it! Summer will taste even better after a real winter you know!

    @Ghee: Thank you dear blogger and Flickr friend!
    I guess chilly is the right word then – here it bite your nose:-)
    Thanks for your greetings for Diane – yes she’s great and I love her you know:-)

    @TorAa: Thanks for your compliments! Yes it takes time but also it’s worth it. Networking is a habit and yes, I’m addicted, but then again it’s a givers gain you know:-)
    Thanks for your Flickr tips!

    @BettyC: We seams to be two of a kind:-)
    You ought to come to Norway to get the real thing you know!

  10. I guess I have to make you a bit jealous Renny, in Dallas it is about 19c today.

    Networking is an interesting thought. I am not sure that I like the whole concept of professional networking; it is often very superficial and life is too short.

    On the other hand I do 90% of my business agreements at the dinner table.

  11. Renny, isn’t it interesting, the total difference in the weather by you and me right now?! We had about 75 degrees F. today here!! I like looking at the photos of “the other way of life” right now though…

  12. We have had some snow this winter, but not near enough to make the skiing good. Of course what do I care? With a twisted knee, the only thing I am doing these days is physical therapy! Bah!

  13. Your attitude is as refreshing as the winter air, Renny! Your shots are lovely.

  14. Gee, it looks cold there!
    I have the flu! Yuck!

  15. We’re having a snow storm tonight. I’m sooooooo done with winter!!! Please take it away!

  16. So true Renny, networking is very important and very much an aspect of our life.

    We learn from each other through networking :D

  17. I agree with your observation that summer weather is more enjoyable when contrasted with cold winter weather. This is part of what I miss living in Mouseland. Do you think I’ll still be able to see snow when I arrive in Stavanger in June :)

  18. @TravelItaly: I’m not jealous – our time will come!
    I try to make the best out of both, but of course the dinner table is the most powerful:-)

    @KleoPatra: Yes we have a lovely world with lots of variety!

    @Maribeth: Sorry to hear you can’t take advantage of a lovely winter – hope you get better soon!

    @Lisa: Awww, what a compliment and I’m honored since its coming from you!

    @Karen!: Hope your well soon!

    @Teena: Remember a good summer will feel even better after a good winter!

    @Shionge: Well said – a givers gain you know!

    @Hexe: Yea; this significant four seasons is wonderful!
    Don’t think (and hope!) it’ll be snow in Stavanger in June, but check the mountains from the plain before your landing!

  19. Networking in a blizzard. Sounds about right for here as well. I look out at the foot of snow in my back garden and keep thinking, “I wonder if Renny is dreamin about golf yet?” See it is about now, with March around the corner that my Dad starts pacing-waiting for golf.
    Networking here? Oh yes here the countryside Tucker house is all about networking. Carl is networking for his blog now too. And he is making business contacts from 6 AM to Noon. Then I am networking with my blog plus I am networking in search of a provisions supplier for my new invention which will be kicked off in the next two weeks. I network with craft and knitting guilds on the blogs and on flickr.
    My Son Alex’s whole business is networking. He supports an RSS feed reading company from his home office. He is in Canada in the countryside while in University, supporting 40hrs a week, a US company.
    Our youngest is networking schools. Picking schools working on portfolios and planning his courses all online.
    Our family networking has our family interlinked through the net so we can keep up with everything, and know all the new family gossip.
    I am also linked up with Classmates and Facebook and My Space.
    The best innovation to networking is the DSL or highspeed internet. But alot of our rural homes have no access to this. But recently a new internet provider can keep the most remote locations hooked up to highspeed and broadband services with two-way satelite only service. Before we could get satelite in and telephone out for internet, and now finally the satelite two way is here! (I have fibr optic DSL/broadband link here)

  20. i’m your contact in multiply! yipee! hehehe. honestly, i haven’t seen yet if you have pictures in multiply already. hehe.

    but i can’t wait to experience snow. hehehe ;p

  21. yup!I know that you love her,Renny!Just keep on loving her! :)

  22. Hi Renny! Stopping back for another visit on your great blog! And you know how I love all the latest about Norway.

    You are right about networking: it’s a kick and addicting. Your positive attitude is an example about what’s right about blogging.

  23. Please don’t show me any more snow… phew. I can’t take any more of that white fluffy stuff now. We have enough of it.

    Nice networking talk. I’ve been “connected” earlier too, since I worked within System Management trying to maintain and develop the Network Systems – especially for the helpdesks.

    Networking is very rewarding. Now I’m just networking in the blogosphere ;-)

  24. Mother of Invention

    I can tewll you are a star networker and do it comfortably. No wonder you find blogging easy…you understand computers!!

    You are a true Norwegian loving that cold crisp air! We still have snow but we’re getting into milder spells now so there will be periodic melting and freezing. But my husband is still skiing his brains out so all is well! He hopes to do some races this weekend. Has Diane tried skiing? Do you still do much?

  25. must be cold out there!

    here you will see no snow at all though yes its cold.
    but this yr is not as cold as last yr. i heard from the news less snow for this winter season in Japan. spring is coming early than we expect, huh global warming…

    thanks for visiting my site always.

  26. I can’t tell you how much I miss blizzards, Renny. They are some of the happiest memories of my life. When I was little, of course, it almost always meant school was closed for the day. And I loved school, but on those days, I loved the blizzard more. :)

  27. ill add you on mutliply !! btw im back on blogging!! so im here again blogconnecting!!

    greetings from spain!!

  28. @Lynn: What a great and rich comment from a real blogging networker friend!
    I’m afraid the golf season wont start before late May the earliest in Norway, but I’m looking forward to it:-)

    @Tin-tin: I have a pic on Multiply – don’t be shocked LoL

    @Ghee: I will for sure!!

    @Shophie: Glad I can give you some of interest about my country you know.
    Thanks for the compliments!

    @MrsLifecruiser: There will soon be spring and then summer!
    Your one of the best blog networker I know:-)

    @MotherOfInvention: Thanks! And how lovely to see your husband take advantage of the snowy winter time too!
    Diane has tried skiing – once:-)
    I do it to seldom:-(

    @Yorokobee: Well, if you don’t have the right cloths – yes.
    How do you like the World Championship in skiing going on in Sapporo right now?

    @Ginnie: We are two of a kind in many ways:-)

    @NeiLDC: Good to see you back!

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