Norwegian Ice Rose – A frozen work of art

In the weekends, you find the Norwegian enjoying the outdoor life. At this time of the year, normally on skis, but last Sunday they made an exception – at least most of the people in Oslo. In celebration of our King Harald’s 70s birthday, there was an art attraction on the castle grounds. My wife and I had a Sunday afternoon date and decided to see this art work in ice. We had seen it on the TV when the entire Kings guest at the royal ball took in the sculpture. I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand of course, and gladly share to give you an idea of the crowd and the fascinating Ice Rose:

The Ice Rose is made by Peder Istad and his group of artists ‘Minus’ from a town on the west side of Norway; Molde. It took 100 tons’ of ice, 45 kilo (99 pounds) per brick – totally 2000 bricks – to make this rose. The installation is 15 meters (49 foot) wide and 4,5 m (15 foot) high, integrated with coloured light and sound (compost by Jon Balke).

There where hundreds of people on the castle grounds and they all wanted to walk through the rose labyrinth. It was interesting to listen to all the dialects and languages spoken between the ice walls. It strikes me how ‘international’ Oslo has become.

Cute fingers just had to touch:-)

In the centre of the rose are the King Harald V and Queen Sonja’s monograms engraved. Let me remind you of that Queen Sonja also turn 70 this year, so the whole week of celebration is a joint adventure. As the matter of fact, she is born the 4th of July. So now you American friends and readers know why you have fireworks that day:-)

When we where there, there was also the daily change of The Kings Guard (taking place every day at 1:30PM). If one didn’t feel safe enough with the guard, we also saw mounted policemen on the main street up to the castle. It was a lovely Sunday outdoor experience and another lovely quality time with my wife!

To my regular visitors and friends: I’m rather busy this weekend. We are going to my home town Porsgrunn for the traditional yearly ‘Rakfisk lag’ (click to see from last year!). So please forgive me if you don’t see me that much commenting around the next days!