Driving down to Porsgrunn, my home town, always brings me down memory lane. I did it last week and the same thing happened. The closer I get, the more the memories come – when I was young – when life started – when the whole world was mine – unexplored and full of new adventures – good and bad – exciting but also scary. Everything is running through my mind like pictures or videos with sounds, feelings – I can even smell it, I can hear it; it’s like a revenue or a déjà vu. Of course I have been here before – many, many times, but even if it’s a long time ago, the old experiences are running like a movie in my head.

20 Km (12 miles) before home, I came to this valley: the one where we tested our very first family car. It was my grandfathers and the whole family was along for the ride in the early 60s. It was a station wagon with 3 adults in the front seat and 3 in the back seat and then me, my sister and our two cuisines way in the back. Safety in cars was not thought that much about at that time: no seat belts and we where just sitting on a blanket on our knees pressing our noses to the windows to see – to almost literary driving the winding road, first down to the bottom and then up again. The valley is still there of course, but the excitements is wiped out by a modern bridge:-(

Yesterday I was at a meeting at the Norwegian Computer Society hosted by Oslo Collage University. The subject was digital story telling and I was of course very inspired. So this post is my very first attempt to explore this fascinating phenomena and I combine the story above with the pictures I took as I exited the new highway to climb the old winding road – like climbing the memory lane. I had my Nokia mobile at hand of course and as a first time user of Windows Movie maker I made this movee (it goes with the music of the Norwegian composer Edvard Gried: “In the hall of the mountain King”):

Langangen means a long fjord

I challenge my readers:
This is an experience: To me the examples they gave at the meeting of very good stories told in a digitalized way, was a monolog. I was immediately thinking that brining it out to the blogsphere gives the opportunely of a dialogue. So I need your help to prove I’m right about the power of blogging: Please comment this movee and tell me: 1: What did you think when you watched the movee. 2: What did you like the best and 3: How could it be improved?


  1. Mother of Invention

    Hi Renny! I loved it, especially the artistic way you cut away into the new scene. The music was perfect for it. I did expect it to be a bit longer and you cold easily hold the audience’s attention for longer as well. I didn’t see much traffic…?? Too early in the morning?

  2. i just KNEW you were one would would press his nose to the window!

    i agree with MoI. the music was wonderful and a longer montage would have been just fine. perhaps interspersing with pictures of things symbolizing the memories that drive triggers?

  3. Yo Mr. Movie Maker :D I watched it and was mesmerised by the scenery as usual and the change of scene is very nice.

    Yep, could have been longer really other than that, it is perfect for a first timer Renny.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I was thinking I need a faster internet access! ;-)

    You did a good job. I like the way you recorded it. It was like walking with you to the top.

    Your home town looks charming…

  5. 1: What did you think when you watched the movee.I was thinking that it was beautiful. Also I liked the music.
    2: What did you like the best? I liked how you did the transitions. I know how tricky this can be when you are editing.
    3: How could it be improved? Next time have 1 picture of yourself in it.

  6. 1) I was in awe and wonder of the twisty roads. I thought about the safety of such roads in the snow!

    2) I enjoyed all of the photos and the transitions you used.

    3) A bit longer to view each photo after the title is removed from the frame. I like to look at all the details.

    Wonderful work Renny!

  7. I think it’s so sad to see some of the modern day changes in this world and how they ruin the beauty which once was…

    Also thought maybe more pics would make the video better as others did..

    But I enjoyed the story a lot!

  8. What a fun project!
    1: What did you think when you watched the movee? Beautiful landscape, music made it feel like the old route was a bit dangerous and yet more of an adventure.
    2: What did you like the best? Photos

    and 3: How could it be improved? Without your earlier back story, I wouldn’t have understood “Memory Lane”. More description.

  9. What a lovely little movie, Renny! It was nice traveling down memory lane with you… and yes, I agree that the music you chose was perfect!

  10. To ALL: Thanks! This is what I was hoping for – to show the power of blogsphere. I love to share and this shows my saying: It’s a givers gain – I’ve learned a lot from your comments:-)

  11. What a lovely way to show your memory lane. I would say it is really fab Renny!

  12. I first thought ‘what is that music – I know it – I just can’t put my finger on it?’

    Then I enjoyed the travel up and around the curves – wow what a curvy road!

    I enjoyed this – and don’t see any improvement necessary :)
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your surroundings.

  13. Your video showing your trip down memory lane was really interesting. Sometimes, it’s sad to see new “creations” spoil a beautiful scenic view. Have a great weekend!

  14. I really tried very hard to find something to critisize, but unfortunately there is nothing to do, it’s just wonderful ! I wouldn’t touch it anymore, even the music fits ! So leave it, it’s just perfect ! Commpliments ! When is “next” coming up ??

  15. What did I think when I watched this movie? I thought “Where is this taking me?” What did I like best? The way the pictures progress up from the valley; they take me with them! I also like the fade-in effects — especially the heart! What could be improved? I agree with the other commenters – more pics of people or maybe yourself!

    Digital storytelling! Love it! Wish I could have been at that conference!

  16. Estupidormitorian Neil

    Whoa! I like it sir renny! Really!

    Hope I could film one.

    I cannot afford to buy a cam. We’re poor. Poor me… huhuhu.

  17. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    I think you did wonderfully for a first try at this….I have made many extended Video Documentary’s not just using syill pictures but actual footage of people and interviews, etc…along with stills and music to illustrate certain sections of that persons life or of the subject of the Documentary….I would love to see you do more Rennie and maybe even actually use a camcorder with sound as well as still pictures…! It was very interesting to see this place and having read your memory that filled in certain things for me…Keep it up, my dear! And by the way, using archival pictures along with currwent ones enriches the experience too….!

  18. I like the music. Very upbeat.

    More pictures! That’s how I’d like it, but this one’s perfect because of the length. Very thematic.

    I would like a bit of color…say blue skies…but I understand it’s winter, so hard to get that summery picture.

  19. More pix!

    The last one was lovely :)

  20. More pictures and the music is good! There is still lots of snow, eh? Mother Nature was stingy with us this year! I am in search of the same photo/phone!qlnkz

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  22. Hiya Renny….just drop by to share that I have some Norwegian smoked salmon over at my blog, please come over :D

  23. Renny I think the show is lovely.
    I think the only thing I would change is to make a few extra shots. I would post a few zoomed in shots, especially of the valley with the bridge above, so on the next shot that photo is zoomed in to show detail. You could probably do that with a few shots.
    That would lengthen it too.
    I dream to see it lengthened because it is mezmerizing.
    It is lovely all in all.
    And I recognized the song. I play that song and it is one of my favourites

  24. wow!! reminiscing! hehehe. you should have added some voice-over on how it was memorable to you. hehehe ;p

  25. BTW: Mellis earlier post with the suitcases picture gave me an idea:

    Why not start ahead with the cruise in that sense that we all post about what we’re all packing for the cruise on this thursday?

    For the ones that participating in Thursday thirteen they could make it a 13 list!

    In this way we also get some more “advertising” for the cruise. It would be fun to have as many as possible with us on the cruise :-D

    We’ve already spoken about advertising it in the Wordless Wednesday posts, but it can never be done enough.

    I’ll pop over to the others blogs and suggest this at once :-)

  26. First thing I thought of: Back in the 1950’s, I went with my uncle and cousing from Oslo down south to Høvåg ( several hours on bad roads). What I remember best, is the passing of Leangen and the “screwdriver”.
    – then, many years later, when the bridge was new, I remember reading in the papers, that some youngsters did trow empty bottles from the bridge and on the houses deep under.
    – finally, many years after that incident, it was used as an arguement not to build a bridge across the Oslofjord. Instead we got the Oslofjord tunnel.

    btw. After the punctation last Friday, my back has been in bad “humour”, but luckely, recovers soon, I hope.

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