Climbing the Memory Lane

Driving down to Porsgrunn, my home town, always brings me down memory lane. I did it last week and the same thing happened. The closer I get, the more the memories come – when I was young – when life started – when the whole world was mine – unexplored and full of new adventures – good and bad – exciting but also scary. Everything is running through my mind like pictures or videos with sounds, feelings – I can even smell it, I can hear it; it’s like a revenue or a déjà vu. Of course I have been here before – many, many times, but even if it’s a long time ago, the old experiences are running like a movie in my head.

20 Km (12 miles) before home, I came to this valley: the one where we tested our very first family car. It was my grandfathers and the whole family was along for the ride in the early 60s. It was a station wagon with 3 adults in the front seat and 3 in the back seat and then me, my sister and our two cuisines way in the back. Safety in cars was not thought that much about at that time: no seat belts and we where just sitting on a blanket on our knees pressing our noses to the windows to see – to almost literary driving the winding road, first down to the bottom and then up again. The valley is still there of course, but the excitements is wiped out by a modern bridge:-(

Yesterday I was at a meeting at the Norwegian Computer Society hosted by Oslo Collage University. The subject was digital story telling and I was of course very inspired. So this post is my very first attempt to explore this fascinating phenomena and I combine the story above with the pictures I took as I exited the new highway to climb the old winding road – like climbing the memory lane. I had my Nokia mobile at hand of course and as a first time user of Windows Movie maker I made this movee (it goes with the music of the Norwegian composer Edvard Gried: “In the hall of the mountain King”):

Langangen means a long fjord

I challenge my readers:
This is an experience: To me the examples they gave at the meeting of very good stories told in a digitalized way, was a monolog. I was immediately thinking that brining it out to the blogsphere gives the opportunely of a dialogue. So I need your help to prove I’m right about the power of blogging: Please comment this movee and tell me: 1: What did you think when you watched the movee. 2: What did you like the best and 3: How could it be improved?