Do we need a Second Life?

I was at a very exciting First Tuesday Norway meeting tonight and of course I will share it with you. As I call myself a network evangelist and am curious about new technology, I just had to attend since the subject was a new phenomena; Second Life (SL). Some of you might know about it as there are 4 mil of us out there already. It’s not just another web based videogame, but an internet based virtual world. There were several speakers who told about their experience in SL. Big companies like Adidas, Toyota, Dell, Routers, Universal Studios are represented with offices within SL. IBM has a big head office simulating branch offices in several countries and their own organisation for IBM employers. Business Week had a interesting article about it way back in Mai 2006.

I was fascinated and of course I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand to capture some of the speeches. Sorry for the quality, but the lighting wasn’t like bright daylight (so please click to enlarge):

Power to the people; we are talking about user controlled content!

Commercial at SL – U2 gave live concert!

Advertising agencies: Design ContainersMaximilian Milosz from Norway.

The last pic on the right side is a Norwegian furniture carpenter who has made his living from SL since November 2006. He is not only making and selling furniture’s anymore; he can build your own dream house or office on SL. His name is Maximilian Milosz.

This was only a few examples of how this community is growing and what’s going on in there. If you like to meet me, I have my own avatar (nick name) and it is RennyBA of course. In SL you also have a last name (you have a list to chose from!) and mine is Janus. See you there?

Speaking of internetworking and current activity in blogsphere, my blog friend Lifecruiser has chosen me as one of her A-team cruisers. The cyber cruise starts on Friday and on Saturday, me and my blog friend TorAa will welcome you all to Oslo. So stay tuned if you are an internet globetrotter – its free of charge you know:-)

Maximilian Milosz’s blog – go visit!