Cyber Cruise party in Oslo, Norway

TorAa and RennyBA would like to welcome you as host on this cyber cruise. Today the destination is Oslo, Norway and we’re having a party. We hope you all have a pleasant stay and are enjoying the cruise with us:

This post will be updated during the evening and we love to hear your comments and suggestions for what you want to do!

The first post – please scroll down – was about shopping in the charming Oslo. Both I and TorAa are hosts, so please visit his blog too for more adventures and excitements!

Update #1:
Tor’s wife Anna, is serving the most delicious dinner tonight. Please sit in:

Smoked and warm fumed trout as a starter!
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

Pan fried white fish – Cheese and wild strawberries!

Hope you all enjoy the dinner!

Update #2:
Thank you all for visiting and being such great party companions when visiting Tiger City Oslo, the capital of the Vikings! It has been a pleasure to guide you around – to be shopping with you and to serve you all the food and drinks!
All things must pass, and so is the stay in Oslo for now – but the cruise will go on and I gladly pass you over to Gattina and are looking forward to visit her in Waterloo tomorrow!
Let me send you away out of the Oslo Fjord in the sunset:

Good night fellow bloggers – wherever you are out there in the world:-)

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