TorAa and RennyBA would like to welcome you as host on this cyber cruise. Today the destination is Oslo, Norway and we’re having a party. We hope you all have a pleasant stay and are enjoying the cruise with us:

This post will be updated during the evening and we love to hear your comments and suggestions for what you want to do!

The first post – please scroll down – was about shopping in the charming Oslo. Both I and TorAa are hosts, so please visit his blog too for more adventures and excitements!

Update #1:
Tor’s wife Anna, is serving the most delicious dinner tonight. Please sit in:

Smoked and warm fumed trout as a starter!
All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

Pan fried white fish – Cheese and wild strawberries!

Hope you all enjoy the dinner!

Update #2:
Thank you all for visiting and being such great party companions when visiting Tiger City Oslo, the capital of the Vikings! It has been a pleasure to guide you around – to be shopping with you and to serve you all the food and drinks!
All things must pass, and so is the stay in Oslo for now – but the cruise will go on and I gladly pass you over to Gattina and are looking forward to visit her in Waterloo tomorrow!
Let me send you away out of the Oslo Fjord in the sunset:

Good night fellow bloggers – wherever you are out there in the world:-)

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  1. How wonderful to see and hear you both!! Partying with the Vikings! Yee haw!

  2. Ohhhh, how ultra cool wasn’t that!!!

    Cheers to you too!!!!

    I have to remind you though, Tor said to me earlier today:
    “….we are approaching Champagne time.
    First now is excelent cheeses.
    Then berries from our summergarden – with champagne. I can’t mention the brand, cause of local legislation.
    But stay tuned- a picture will show up”

    So I want to see pictures! Or have you already eaten it all? I’m drooling heavily now and need a big towel -no not that I expect any sauna – for the drooling!

    But were is everybody? Must we go and get them from their cabins? I bet they are making themselves goodlooking for the evenings festivities.

    I’m off dragging people up on deck, no wait, first off to Sanni so she can give a signal with ther wooden dick pipe “All men on deck”!

  3. *HOOT-TOOT*!!! I love the video so much I saw it 3 times – what a neat idea =)

    And the dinner looks de-li-cious – Takk, Anna!

  4. I am applauding the culinary talents of Anna! It looks absolutely wonderful! I admire the great care taken with presentation.

  5. Good, I see that Sanni arrived here after my call for her to be on her blow-job duty ;-)

    *still chewing and enjoying that delicious mouth watering food*

    *looking delirious silly happy*

    *rolling my eyes in a heavenly gesture*

    Can I have some more? I’m gonna roll over the deck.

    – Anna: I LOVE you *smack on both cheeks*

    I’m having a smashing time here :-)

  6. I’ve tried to get Melli over here too, to make us some Sexy Alligators!!!!

  7. Nice to see you two on the video!
    Bravo! Bravo! it’s so funny!
    And the dinner ! Miam, miam!
    But the big must: the champagne!
    I adore the champagne!
    Not anonyme but only Claudie!
    It seems my adress on MSN space should be a problem! I have to stay as anonyme if I want to give you a comment

  8. I’m HERE! I’m HERE! I had to find some Jagermeister! You know… I can’t read Norwegian to save my soul… I thought what LOOKED like a liquor store … but they would not SELL to me! I must look under-age or something… *shrug*… anyway… I had skip into a pub and sweet talk the barkeep out of a bottle! But I’m READY to produce these Sexy Little Green Amphibiens now!!! Comin’ right up!!!

    Oh, and Renny — I’ll have the white fish please! Extra helpings! YUM!

  9. @Balou: Glad to know you liked to see the Vikings! and also that you liked what Anna served – she is happy and thank you all for the compliments!

    @MrsLifecruiser: Your a true party girl and the best captain ever! Tor have served me champagne and are trying to post but he has problem with the key board;-)
    I think all passengers are tired after a lovely night in Stockholm and then shopping in Oslo this morning. I’ll walk around with you and wake the others up to join the party in Oslo by night!

    @Sanni: The Viking salute was to you, you know;-) Glad you liked the food too!

    @MrsLifecruiser: Hmm Sanni is sooo good with the pipe and tonight she has promised me a personal instructions of how it can be used the Viking way too!
    I do agree: the dinner was excellent, but don’t worry, I’ll be there to catch you before you roll over!
    Sexy Alligators? Isn’t Sexy Vikings good enough?

    @Ano(Claudie): Glad you enjoy our vid and the party and the dinner. Tor is serving me Champagne right now and that might influence the way we are commenting and posting right now – tipsy ohooy: could anyone take me to the deck as I need some fresh air!!

    @Melli: Ohhh finally! I was a bit worried, but glad you found your way back and how great that you brought some Jegermeister – a snaps I really enjoy!
    The liquor store staff is very suspicious in Norway and you have this very innocent look you know!
    I’m up! All of me is Up, Up – straight up for your Sexy.. ….. whatever LoL

  10. OH my, my head begin to spin with all this nice talk about champagne, Jegermeister and sexy alligators…. What to choose?

    I just have to have some more champagne! CU L8er sexy alligator ;-)

    But what IS THAT sound? It’s some noise under the table!!!!

  11. Good Grief! I HOPE it’s not Mar again! Ohhhhh noooooooo… It’s GATTINA!!! Gattina! Gattina??? Oh dear… I hope she’ll be “around” to tour us through Belgium tomorrow!

  12. Well, by the sound of that snoring, I guess she will be a t excellent shape tomorrow and will take sooooo goooood care of us wrecks ;-)

    Waterloo but without ABBA she says. Well, I guess it have to go.

    But WHERE is Mellis Oslo hat? I want to see the hat!

    The hat! The hat! The hat!


    What do you all say about having the hat parade at wednesday the 28th of March?

    That way we can have it in our Wordless wednesday post, we that participate in that.

    And Renny is back from Rome.

  14. Well, of COURSE I am modeling my new hat! It is called a Setesdal Hat! I could not find a fiiiine fancy milliner’s shop — so I went to the ski shop and got this one! Isn’t it CUTE?

    of course, you can see the real hat in my diary entry for today!

  15. Ohhhhhhh a WORDLESS WEDNESDAY HAT PARADE sounds like a wonderful idea Captain! I loooooove it!

  16. Irish Church Lady :)

    Oh I loved the video! So fun to see you guys together live!

    Tipping my Aquavit to you both!

    Anna the fish is lovely! I’m really enjoying savouring it. You are a marvelous cook and food presenter extraordinaire! Thank you Renny for taking the pictures to share with us!

    I have posted a Norwegian – Canadian joke and a Norwegian – Irish joke for you to enjoy on TorAa’s blog! And they’re all about fish! LMAO I should have know you would be having this wonderful fish meal here tonight.

    Now I have to go over and see Melli and all these hats. I haven’t even made it there yet.

    So many sites to see and people to visit but also lots and lots of fun!

    Take care guys!!

  17. Mellis hat is just smashing hot fashion I would say. Maybe not a hat parade winner, but still :-)

    Time for a snapsvisa to the Aquavit:

    The viking secret
    Melodi: Viljen I veta

    This is the secret the Vikings used
    to get their exuberant feeling:
    Reach for your mead-horn and hold it firm,
    then raise it high to the ceiling!
    Odin the Great! Thunderous Thor!
    Balder, mild, and Freya, sweet!
    We toast until Valhall is reeling!


    Very suitable huh? *nodding*

  18. As a humble thank for this great Oslo tour!

    Skol for the hosts!

  19. oh that was fun to see and here the tour guides for oslo. what a crazy (in a good way) couple of vikings!

  20. @MrsLifecruiser: Ai, Ai captain; thanks for all your support and handy help during the stay in Oslo. It has been a pleasure hosting your cruise and we really have jolly good party tigers on the ship!
    A Hat parade at the 28th is a great idea and I’m so much looking forward to take you all to Rome in beforehand!
    Your snapvisa is just great and I am singing along on my way to dreamland:-)
    Skål to you too and good night!

    @Melli: Don’t you worry; I’ve taken care of Mar LoL and I’m sure Gattina is ready to welcome us tomorrow!
    Your Setesdal Hat is soooo sexy – your looking gorgeous!

    @IrishChurchLady: Your a jolly good cruise friend and I love to see you around in the ship with all your creativeness and good stories!

    At all: I’m trying to get Tor into his cabin and posting an update to send you all off of Oslo in the sunset! See you all in Waterloo with Gattina as our host!

  21. Oh my, what a devine looking meal – great applause for Anna’s taste & skills in presentation! Is a 3 course dinner the usual standard in Norway like this? Or is it only done for special occasions? It looks like such a dreamy way to eat nevertheless!

    What is inside that little package called Røros Smør? For a second, I *thought* I was seeing the small image of a big human toe and though it could’ve been a special type of mouldy cheese! Is the trout or pan fried fish infused with any spices?

    I’ve never seen wild strawberries before and they look really small. Are they very sweet? Is it a special type of cracker/biscuit which lives on the plate for the dessert? What’s liquid is living inside the balloon glass?

    Like, I’m so hungry just looking at the pictures!

    I’ve been a big fan of Norwegian heavy metal and have always loved the weaving i of Viking folk music. You guyz rock!

    Happy cruising! Cheers!

  22. Awwwwwwww…. would ya just LOOK at that sunset… Perfect! Okay… I’m off to my cabin! G’night all! We’ll awake in Belgium tomorrow! More excitement! YAY!

  23. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Well, I’m a bit late dear Tora And Renny….sorry about that. But the good thing is Oslo will still be here and I can come and visit anytime, right?
    What a lovely way to visit country’s I am unfamiliar with….especially with such a special dinner!

  24. @aka R’acquel: Anna is flattered – 3 course is usual, at least in the weekends I think.
    Røros Smør is organic butter – there was only salt and pepper on the fish.
    The berries is sweet, yes. Tor have them on his balcony and the grow all over in the forests here.
    Yes it is small toast cracker – in the glass it was Calvados (apple brandy).
    You have a good taste:-)

    @Melli: Yes the sunset is lovely and romantic you know:-)
    Hope you had a good night sleep and are satisfied with your stay in Oslo. Did you bought anything in Kondomeriet?
    See you at Gattina’s!

    @OldOldLady Of The Hills: Better late than never and your very welcome! Please be with us on the tour further on too!

  25. He, he your video was apparently so used this morning that the sound was always cut that made you both look like two fishes catching for air !! Blub, blub ! Such a great idea to see you both ! I switched off early yesterday we had visitors. And this morning I got a nervous breakdown ! I had started my post and uploading picturs at 5 am (!!) and by 7 it was ready. Click on publish and ..; %@#\”é%@ Bloogle Glogger (or whatever it’s name is now) had everything raised out ! Blank nothing anymore ! So I could start the whole thing again and just finished and can do my visits ! You are the first so you get all the complaints ! Have to empty my rage ! (@”%µ£@% mumble, grumble …)

  26. What an awesome idea! A cyber cruise!

  27. Where do we party at night in Oslo?

  28. Oh a video, how fun! What a great idea! And Anna outdid herself with all the yummy food!

  29. This is lovely and also it is quite fun. I hope I can both meet you when I am in Oslo soon…

  30. This was such a fun idea and getting to see places you only dreamed or heard of is so cool! Forgive me, but I have been making up for lost time inbibing in PLENTY of spirits while on board!

  31. Anna, Rosa and even Felicia says: We miss you. Mieew.

    Better attest on your CV is impossible to obtain.

    from your co-guide in Oslo + +

  32. It seems I was missing all the fun but better late than never! loved the video, what a nice invitation from the two of you. We should do this more often, you know!!
    That dinner looks delicious, hope I can do half as good tomorrow as a hostess, you’re making it hard! (just kidding). Loved the Oslo stop, thanks,and hope to see you tomorrow in sunny Barcelona! buenas noches!

  33. Mother of Invention

    Beauty sunset! Hope Anna made lots!
    I do hope we will see The Northern Lights!!!

  34. @Gattina: Glad you liked to see us even with the Blub, blub LoL
    Sorry you had all this problem with your Cyber Cruise post today but it came out very good after all – it was a great visit – thank you!
    @Missy: Yea it is and you are welcome back for 10 days round tour every day!

    @Sidney: Tonight is is Waterloo at Gattina’s!

    @Maribeth: We had a jolly good time and Anne was such a lovely cook you know!

    @Chase: Tell me when you are coming to Oslo – of course we will meet you!

    @Regina: Your forgive of course and let’s go on partying at Gattina’s!

    @Awww, how sweet of you to say so Tor and it was really great to have you as a co-guide. Thanks for a lovely party last night and give the cat’s and of course Anna a big hug from me!

    @Mar: Yes we should do this more often and I am so much looking forward to meet you in Barcelona tomorrow – I’m sure we’ll have a great time there too!

    @MotherOfInvention: In Cyber Cruise there is always more for our guests!
    Sorry, No Northern Lights this time – it has to be later.

  35. Ha! You two are so cute!

    Oslo sounds like a great place to visit. Perhaps I’ll get there some day.

  36. wow!!very interesting!!Renny and Tor hosted the cybercruise party!!

    and the food!!i find them healthy and yummy,no wonder why you have good health out there becoz you eat lots of fishes.. :)

    i wanted to join the cybercruise,too,but im so toxic nowadays and havent had enough time to blog.maybe you`ll welcome me later? ;)

    goodluck to all cruisers out there!!

    have a great week,Renny and Dianne!!

  37. Yesterday I left you hungry, but today I have some Waterloo Restaurants, so don’t eat too much for breakfast ! I just came back from Mar in Barcelona and it’s really wonderful, she lives in a paradise ! Now I have to shake off the sand of my shoes and go further ! Melli has put a new hat on with ostrich feathers, I cried of laughing !

  38. barefoot_mistress

    Wow! You are really getting wild over here, sir!
    I am happy to see that you are having such fun, my friend, and what fun to share it with us.

  39. Hi! Sorry I arrived late at the party, as you know I was working the night shift. Just wanted to say you guys made a great video and I’m sorry to miss Anna’s dinner. I’ll take a rain check ;-) Di

  40. Come and see my new sexy dress, I’m ready to go out for dinner and see the nightlife in Barcelona! Bring me some more Dom!

  41. @Teena: Hope you find the time – the sooner the better!

    @Ghee: Yea, exciting isn’t it! Healthy food for crazy Vikings you know.
    You can join us whenever you like. Just check the schedule!
    Wishing you a great week too:-)

    @Gattina: I wasn’t hungry, only thirsty – but thanks anyway LoL
    Yes, we have a lovely stay in Barcelona – they’re all so creative.

    @BarefootMistress: Getting even wilder when seeing you around:-) Your welcome on any harbor of course!

    @DeeDee: We really missed you too:-( But next time dear!

    @MrsLifecruiser: I came, I saw it, and it was a masterpiece – just right for you captain:-)

  42. wow! that white fish sure did the job! I’ve never been on a cruise and this was fab …

    Come visit my beach as well ..

  43. You are both amazing guys….:D I have thoroughly enjoyed this and the meal oh wow!

    Thank you some much, I am glad to be part of this :)

  44. Great video , have a great party and enjoy ,enjoy, enjoy ,
    heres to fun !!fun !! fun!!
    Take care

  45. wow!!! that was really cool. now, it’s really like we’re in the cruise and really on tour :)

  46. Mrs. Lifcruiser said we have pirates on board, but you and TorA safed us, thanks !

  47. “Cyber Cruise” sounds awesome! :-)

  48. Didn’t we all know you and Tor would have fabulous accents! :) And that Anna would serve up such delicious food. Great job, guys!

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