Welcome all Lifecruiser’s passengers and others who want to participate in this cyber cruise. What jolly good time we’ve had since boarding the ship in Stockholm last night! I’m honored to welcome you to Oslo, Norway together with my blog pal TorAa!

Oslo, the capital of Norway – 548,617 within city boundaries – is the seat of the Norwegian Government and Parliament, and the Royal Palace is situated at the end of Karl Johan Street – the main street of Oslo (click pic on the left). The city’s many astonishing features are unusual for a European capital. The city limits encompass wilderness areas as well as an array of restaurants almost unparalleled in Scandinavia. In winter, the city has an artificial skating rink only a stone’s throw from the National Theater and the University. Oslo City Hall is located in the city center only a few hundred meters from the city’s main street and overlooks Oslo Fjord filled with moored pleasure craft, shrimp trawlers, cruise ships, charter boats and ferries to all the islands.

Oslo is considered to be one of the most leading shipping cities in the world. During peak season, many cruise ships dock at the quays that are still within walking distance of the city center. It is only a ten-minute drive from these same quays to splendid bathing beaches with clean water.

While here, I suppose you like to go shopping. Therefore I’ve brought my wife, originally from US, who can help you explore from an expert shoppers point of view. But first: you might be hungry, so let’s start at a trendy little Café called Café Sør. Sør means south and this café has a southern Europe flair to it. Decorated it warm Spanish mosaics and terra cotta coloured walls it has a warm and trendy atmosphere and serves a fabulous caffe e latte:

All pics taken with mine or my wife’s Nokia phone (click to enlarge)

Greek and chicken salad at Café Sør

Then let’s take to the streets for some shop till you drop window shopping. There are few malls in Norway; most of the shops are still small charming little boutiques which each present their own specialty. I think it is so much more fun to wander along the streets and see in all the pretty windows, stopping to look a bit here and a bit there. My wife and I prefer that to the large chain stores where everything is exactly alike no matter which city you live in. Here you go to the pharmacy (chemist) if you need to buy medicine, the fish market to buy seafood, and the cosmetics store if you want to buy cosmetics.

The oldest pharmacy – a little side street café

Exotic fun if you like – fresh fish of course!

There is a rich assortment of street side cafes, outdoor flower shops, clothing stores, and interior decorating boutiques. If you are coming here to go shopping though, you should bring a lot of money. The quality is good but the prices are high. The prices reflect the income here so don’t go into shock when your caffe e latte costs you the equivalent of over 4$ or a bit less than 4€ or a paint of beer: 8$!

Street side flower shop – Nordic designs if you like

Norwegian products, wool sweaters and reindeer fur as well as blown glass

Still hungry for more shopping or sightseeing in Oslo? Here are a few of my posts around the year:

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And then I highly recommend you to visit the other host of Lifecruiser’s cyber cruise while anchored here in Oslo. The one and only TorAa at his mirror!


  1. I’m confused. ’cause everybody I’ve talked to and asked: Oslo.

    Answere: Forget it. Polar Bears and down the drain mains!

    how can people be so wrong?

    I’ve been around (just look at the map bottom of my blog). Oslo is unique. Why does thousand upon thousands come here?

    And Renny, your have seen, it’s more opportuntities here (clean and fun) than, yeah, where else.

    Great introduction to the cruiser’s paradise.

    hugs from
    Anna and Tor

  2. It’s the same with Sweden actually. Always that question about the polarbears running down the streets…

    Excellent planned seightseeing Renny!

    Help! We’re still dancing here at Lifecruisers and we need more cavaliers!!!

  3. oh that was a wonderful tour renny! i do so agree about the unique shops being better than chain stores, much more personality and charm. usually better service too! yo uhave really intrigued me about norway as a whole1 thanks. :)

  4. As always great post , love the pics and SHOPPING , I am IN!!!!
    LOL have a great day and even better weekend
    take care

  5. What a charming city! The more I learn about Norway in your blog the more I want to visit your place!

  6. It seems a beautiful city, love the charming cafes and the “shop until you drop” activity! thanks so much!! Happy saturday!!!

  7. To all: It’s a pleasure to welcome all Lifecruiseres to Oslo, The Tiger City (TorAa will explain later:-)! I hope you have some money left and want to go shopping with me!?!
    Please read this before you leave the ship today: Polar bears in the streets of Oslo?

    @TorAa: See you soon!

    @MrsLifecruiser: Sorry, I lost my shoes last night when I was chasing the woman from down under;-)

    @Lime: Great to have you on board and that you enjoy this special shoping!

    @Greeneys: It’s great to show you and the other around you know. welcome back, it will be a long day (and night) in Oslo you know:-)

    @Sidney: I’m glad you liked it and you are always welcome for a private guidence you know!!

    @Mar: Glad you see the charm in it. Do you want an Oslo Hat too? Happy Saturday to you too and let’s party all day:-)

  8. Irish Church Lady :)

    Great tour of Oslo! Thanks Renny!

    Is that a bunny I see in the window with her Easter Eggs?

    I have a few questions about Norway:

    Are you using Euro’s in Norway?
    Are you speaking Norwegian mostly there? What is the second most prevalent language? English?

    We have a carving of a Norwegian Fjord Horse from a friend my husband used to work with from Norway.

    Off to visit TorAa now but before I do I just want to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and leave you with this little bit of Irish wisdom:

    “Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbour. It makes you shoot at your landlord– and it makes you miss him.”

    hee hee happy cruisin’!

  9. @IrishChurchLady: Glade you enjoy Oslo shopping!
    -Yes the bunny shows spring feelings you know! I’m sure everyone on our cruise could find some interesting stuff in that shop? Who wanna join me inside?
    Check how we hunt them in Norway!
    -No, we use Norwegian Kroner (NOR), like Swedish using SEK and the Danish DK.
    -Yes, Norwegian is the national language, but we do understand Swedish and Danish as they are in the same language family! Right Mrs. Lifecruiser? But most all understand and speak English.
    -A Fjording horse is a very good and hard working horse and fits well in the mountains and our climate.
    Thanks for the wisdom words. It sounds like a Viking!
    Happy St. Patricks’ Day to you and all the Irish!!

  10. Oh, my, what a party last night!!!

    You’re all such a swell buddies to cruise with :-D

    I woke up at 01:00 pm today. No wonder – I went to bed at 05:30 am this morning! *yawning big*

    So, you’re still having the Kondomeriet shops over at Oslo. Ours has closed down, I haven’t seen any at ages…

    It’s expensive shopping, but I like it anyway!!! I’ll shop until I drop defenitely….

    I’ll be dead, but satiesfied ;-)

  11. BTW: Tor suggested that we all would tag the posts so they’re easier to find in Techorati.

    My suggestions is that we add this in the end of the posts:

    The Cyber Cruise Scheduled ports
    Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise in Technorati

  12. Hello, Renny!
    I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s cruise, but I very much enjoyed this trip to Oslo. :)
    The pictures are simply STUNNING!
    Have a happy weekend, my friend! XXOO

  13. Mother of Invention

    I think I’d love to visit in the summer so I could wander the outdoor cafes and shop! I’ll have to save up a lot for that! I love clothes!!
    I still have a flag pin my dad got me in Oslo when he went on a trade mission there in the late 60’s for Canada!

  14. I think my new vision is how lovely the sky looks in summer and how P and I will be there looking at those colors..

    What a great tour! Felt like I just went on the cruise with ya!

  15. Linguist-in-Waiting

    Wow. You’ve written a good introduction to Oslo. It makes me want to go there.

    I was supposed to go there last Summer but plans have changed. Upon bumping into your blog, I regret that I changed my plans…


  16. Very interesting Renny, the streets with the shops looks very nice ! Coffee prices can be also 4 € but beer is cheaper than water in a Restaurant ! I also like to “lèche vitrine” which means litteraly “leak the shop window” and means you just walk around and look without buying. Big shopping malls are only outside Brussels.

  17. @MrsLifecruiser: You started it and it was really a great idea and a lovely party last night!
    I knew you would love Kondomeriet – did you find anything special to ad to your dildo collection?

    @Lisa: Welcome on board! Glad you liked the post and pics and hope you had a great shopping trip!
    Happy weekend and lets party!

    @MotherOfInvetion: Hope you’ll save enougth soon as I love to see you here and gladly guide you around!

    @ET: Oh yea; the land of the midnight sun you know – very romantic;-)
    Welcome on board and please party with us tonight!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting: Glad you liked it and you are welcome any time too!
    Re change the plans – you’ll never regret!

    @Gattina: I know beer is cheaper and Brussels is the famous land for it! Yes, window shopping is nice too and small charming shops is much more fun than malls!

  18. I always get this highschool girl giggle everytime I pass on any kondomeriet store. I am so dirty minded!

  19. Irish Church Lady :)


    Thank you for your answers to all my questions Norwegian! LOL

    Yes I liked the bunny picture to spice things up and now I am curious to go inside with you.

    I have an excuse that I need to buy myself some new undies. Here’s why. When I came home last night it was late (for me) – 10 p.m. and so had to join the cruise quickly. I undressed and bathed and jumped into bed quickly to catch the ship (so to speak!). I was a bad girl and left me undies on the floor which I never do, because me grand-dog has a penchant for chewing these undies and yes she totally destroyed my leopard print thongs!! That may be TMI (too much information) for some but I have a feeling this cruise is going to be pretty rowdy, or at least it is starting off that way, even though you never said a word about my TITS when I boarded last night! ha ha

    Now I was thinking about the Irish quote I left you with and it could have too meanings! And yes it does have a Viking feeling to it I agree.

    “Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbour. It makes you shoot at your landlord– and it makes you miss him.”

    I interpreted it that the drink makes you want to fight but also makes you emotional so that after you shoot your landlord you actually cry because you ‘miss’ him. It also could mean you are so drunk that you miss the shot entirely! Good thing, lest you spend the rest of your life in jail!

    Now don’t behave at all with TorAa tonight. We want lots of evidence and proof of misbehaving from you two!

    Also come and check out me Irish jokes for a laugh on your St. Pat’s Day at ICL Plays and more Irish fun and music at me main blog Sláinte ~ It’s only Me


  20. So I just grabbed a Lefse down town Oslo – very niiiice!

    *chewing and loudly enjoying it*

  21. Hi! What a party last night, huh! Looks like somebody really knows how to do the town right :-) Hope you have a good blogger evening with Tor and Anna. Looking forward to see the results. Di

  22. Soooo, can I see the Akershus fästning here from the port?????

  23. Oh.My.Goodness. I am MOVING to Oslo!!! The very MINUTE you take me to the HAT shop! I see the shoe shop… and the divine sexy items shop… and the beeeeeauuuuutiful glass shop… but where O’ where is the HAT shop???

    I absolutely LOVE that wooden ship up top — would love to see it with sails all raised! I bet it’s gorgeous then!

    What a beautiful city! Is the palace open for visitors? (i hope, i hope!) I would like to go there (with my hat … and maybe gloves) and have tea! Oh… maybe I have to wait for England to do that! Perhaps I could have a latte at the Oslo palace? perhaps i can get tossed out on my can at the oslo palace…

  24. WHAT in the WORLD are we talking about with Polar Bears running down streets? Is this a joke? Ugh… I am UNschooled in happenings of Norway? Maybe this is like the running of the bulls in Spain??? Help me!

  25. There is always some people asking us from the nordic countries if there is polarbears running down the streets over here. I have no clue why they have get that expression – do you two, Renny or Tor?

  26. Oh, if it had been summer, I’d have wanted to go to the village Stavern! Just the nickname for it: “The Dimple of Norway” is sooo darn good.

    I bet Gattina would love all the galleries and excursions there :-)

    Oh, I just LOVE this cruise life!!!

  27. Excellent tour as always, Renny. Love the look of those boutiques!

  28. Hey every one, R’acquel is giving us some peeking in advance of Australia at her blog!

    And for the hat parade too!!!!

    Head over and enjoy it:
    Crazy weather and crazy hats

  29. Sad to say, I find shopping in Oslo very boring. I still prefer the magnitude of Asian malls and its multifarious offerings. I recognize Bare Jazz, that place is really cozy, Renny. :-)

  30. Oh what a lovely city! Enjoyed the salad at Cafe Sor. I picked up some essentials at the chemist and an evening gown at Design Forum. I also made a quick stop at Kondomeriet but it’s a secret what I bought. I’ll only say one is for me and the other is just in case Mrs. Lifecruiser needs a bribe so I can get out of chipping barnacles off the ship one evening. Now I just need to find a photocopy shop so I can print some more money. I was saddened to learn that Prince Haakon is indeed a married man. Maybe he wouldn’t be past a quick fling with a slightly older woman? Oh the scandal! Thanks for the tour Renny. Off to visit TorAa after I pick up my bottle of Aquavit at the liquor store.

  31. @Chase: Me too and I know you have on i Bergen too!

    @Sorry about your undies, but we can get you another one – if you really need it on this cruise?
    I promis not to behave with Tor tonight and the next post is the proof of the pudding – isn’t it?
    I’ll check your post as soon as I can!

    @MrsLifecruiser: Hmm Lefse – the most Norwegian you can get!
    Acershus fortress is a beatuy!
    About the polar bear – please read my earlier comment!

    @DeeDee: My wife! Sorry you had to work night shift this weekend, but thanks for participating on our feast after all!

    @Melli: Now you sly me! You are the ultimate tourist and you get the point – or hit the nail! The castle is open in August and we can both go there and ask for a latte!
    About the polar bear, please click the link on my precious comment!

    @Caledonia: Glad you liked it and welcome back!

    @Mark: Sorry you are bored, but that’s Norway you know:-)

    @Balou: How great to know you had a good shopping. You make me curious of what you bought in Kondomeriet of course!!
    Yes Prince Haakon is taken, but there are princes around every corners in Oslo you know!
    Aquavit is a good choice – I’ll bring the shot glass! Let’s party – the Viking way:-)

  32. The shopping and food look absolutely wonderful. The higher prices would be very much worth it just to visit such a lovely place. Now it is certainly on my list of countries to visit. I do so enjoy traveling, but we Americans tend not to have enough holiday time. I will make the time!
    Thank you for sharing, Renny.

  33. Oh, my, my feet aches from all the shopping! Karl Johan is a looong street and there are many stores to run around in! Phew!

    SKÅL everybody :-)

    You so have to explain that mentioning about the Tiger city! The only thing getting into my mind is tiger thongs, but I’m sure it isn’t what you have in mind!


  34. I fell head over feet in love with Oslo the first time I visited… and I didn´t expect any polar bears *LOL*

    Thanks for the fantastic tour. I bought a pair of new shoes (bringing 436 pairs to the cruise is not enough) AND a ton of wool socks. I love this socks since being a little one. =)

  35. @Fleur de Lisa: Good to have you here and welcome back any time – please tell me when you make the time and I’ll gladly guide you around!

    @MrsLifecruiser: and you are such a lovely shopping girl:-)
    Tiger thongs – hmmm sounds tempting – do you have one or found any in Kondomeriet?

    @Sanni: Well, stay close to me – the Vikings can handle the bears you know!
    Glad you found something you liked and socks is a good thing in the cold winter time you know:-)

  36. Funny to read about people’s perceptions of Polar bears running down the street. Some people think the same about Australia with the Kangaroo’s & Koala bears. They’re surprised to not see any in the cities. Sometimes the locals joke with the tourists by telling them to watch out for the “drop bears (koalas)” that will fall out of the tree and land on your head. =D

    I’d love to see what the interior of a cosmetics shop looks like as make-up is usually sold in pharmacies or department stores here. I wonder if the service is a lot friendlier in Oslo because I’ve always found the ladies in the Sydney department stores to be very intimidating for cosmetics & perfume (reminding me of predatory lions & vultures at times!).

    I’m very impressed with the brief glimpse at Nordic design with fashion. Very elegant style there which challenges conventional designs I’ve seen here. Would love to see more sometime! ;)

    The Norwegian easter eggs are soooo cool! They would sell so well here. Thanks for the great tour. Lovely to meet you & I look forward to keeping in touch! Cheers! ;)

  37. Wow.
    I had a great time, eventhough I was late for the send-off.

  38. You definitely do NOT need to sell me on Norway, Renny. I am 100% sold, after being there last year!!!

  39. Sorry to be late. What a wonderful country you have. I love the idea of small shops and streets to walk along instead of big shopping malls! Makes the shopping more personal. The food looks great! I am off to visit TorAa! I like this port a lot!

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