As you know (if not, scroll down!) there is a Cyber Cruise going on, and what a party it is! Mrs Lifecruiser, now better known as Jacquotte The Horny is inviting you all to a world round cruise. Last Saturday we were in Oslo with TorAa and me, and we had a jolly good time taking the passengers shopping! They all shopped till they dropped in the small charming shops of Oslo, emptying their credit cards and the stores inventory as well! As I went through the streets this morning, I could see they even emptied the shop windows. This is what I call windows shopping LOL:

Pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

aka R’acquel from Australia (we’re going to visit her the 31st of March) missed the cosmetics shop and if some of you other did as well; here you can see for yourself. My wife loves Chanel and is good at emptying my credit card too!

We’ve had an exciting, and educational trip so far, exploring exotic places and the hottest spots in each port. From Stockholm, to Oslo, then Waterloo and Barcelona, and today we wake up at The Irish Church Lady with a Pirate Attack! A tourist’s agency could never have done this better. It’s the ultimate proof of the power of blogging and another example of my personal motto: Blogging connecting people and the blogsphere as a cultural sharing vault.

Of course we would like to invite new passengers along for the trip, so just take a look at The Cyber Cruise Scheduled ports. Don’t miss this chance to see places you’ve never been or enjoy experiences you’ve never had!

Tomorrow we are going to Berlin, to meet Sanni – don’t miss it!


  1. I’m happy these shops were not raided by the pirates. But buy ultimated windowshoppers. But how did they pay:)).

    Was in town to day too. Some shops have refilled their stocks. And even a polarbear appeared:LoL

  2. Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny

    Arrrr! I could get use o’ thet make up store fer all me scars I get in th’ shipmate battles o’er here.

    Ya scurvy dog whut deserves the black spot!

    Report aft t’ yer captain at once!

  3. Shopping! ahhh, one of my favorite passtimes!!! Plastic money is always helpful.
    And blogging is such a wonderful tool to connect people, you are very right! don’t stop partying at the cruise!

  4. Irish Church Lady :)

    Arrrrrr Privateer Kidd the Wicked Stubble ~ ye be a good ship mate an’ lotsa fun along wit’ Cap’n Jacquotte The Horny, ain’t she hilarious?

    We pirates are sorry we missed the Oslo pilfering and plundering party but we be gettin’ it on the next sail. Keep yer grog in yer pants but gimme a sip first. Ye may be needin’ some moonshine b’fore the Cyber Cruise reaches ‘er final port. Aye matey!

  5. Mother of Invention

    I think I maxed out my card in all those shops in Oslo!

  6. Thank you so much! Very funny to see the emptied shop window! Enjoyed the cosmetics shot a great deal – really good perspective compared to here. It’s similar, though tends to live on the single floor of major department stores here. Very noice! =D

  7. I confess I was the window shopper who bought the ladies arms… right before my credit cards were shreddered =)

    You guys rock =)

  8. definitely an awesome cruise…

    Window shopping for me until I finally land a new job!

  9. I really appreciate what you write here,very fresh and smart. One thing though, I’m running Chrome on Ubuntu and sections of your current site structure are a little broken. I recognize it is not necessarily the popular system, but it’s always a thing to keep in mind.

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