Today at 00:07 AM (GWT) it happens: The sun will be directly over the equator and the day and night are equally long – all over the world!

In a wider sense, the equinoxes are the two days (in Marsh and September) each year when the centre of the Sun spends an equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth. The word equinox derives from the Latin words aequus (equal) and nox (night). Furthermore, the atmosphere refracts light, so even when the upper limb of the Sun is below the horizon; its rays reach over the horizon to the ground.

In Norway it means a lot as only three months ago had 6 hours daylight – today we have 12 – and in three month almost 24. Well up north in June, the sun doesn’t set at all – the land of the midnight sun you know:-)

If I in a simple way should explain what it means, I’ll show you with some pics from my garden:

Snow bells – Scilla

It means spring is in the air. It means that plants are waking up from hibernation and some even more stubborn than others. It means warmer weather – from -21C at the coldest in Oslo this winter to +25C or more in the summer time. It means less clothes and longer nights (romantic ones as well:-) It means warm enough temperature in the water to dive in and opportunities to enjoy a cold beer on an outdoor restaurant with good friends. It also means more people out and here you see a bunch of mothers enjoying the spring weather in Oslo:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

So what does Equinox means to you?

Btw: I’m off to Rome for a couple of days. Business and a bit of pleasure and also to contribute with a short stay in Italy with the Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise (click to see the route!). So forgive me if I’m not that much around visiting and commenting!


  1. The sun is shining and I am loving it! At least long days now and lots of time to do some stuff!

  2. Have a great trip to Rome! Good to find other Norwegian bloggers on here, and in English, too…
    Cyber Cruise – so much going on, maybe I’ll do some travelling too!

  3. yay!!! it means soon i can open my windows. soon i can replace my flannel sheets with my groovy tie dyed ones. i can hang my laundry on the washline. have a wonderful time in rome!

  4. What a great job you have to travel as you do. Have fun!

    Mud season has started here. Every day the sun warms up the ground and another bit of the top layer turns to mud and it freezes again overnight. We’re slowly coming out of our winter hibernation here.

  5. I love spring! longer days (not nearly as long as yours but still…!), bbq’s, sitting outside, flowers in my garden, ahhhh, lovely. That’s why we are going skiing now before we wear our summer clothes! have fun in Rome, bella Italia!

  6. Yeah,
    this day is really signifying both the leaving and the coming of life and light.

    btw. Had to wash my car this afternoon. ‘ cause of the light

    mieees from R and f

  7. Yeah! Can’t wait to soak under the sun and get a natural tan! Jeg gleder meg til sommeren! :-) But I hafta enjoy spring first. :-) My first spring ever. Have a grand time in Rome!

  8. I was out almost the whole day yesterday and although the sun is starting to be really strong, it was very windy. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to summer :)

    God tur!!!

  9. Enjoy the romantic long summer evenings!

    Bon voyage to Rome! Bring us back some Pizza and Italian wines!

  10. Like the street corner vignette.

    Enjoy Italy (hee, as if there is another choice but to enjoy it)

  11. Linguist-in-Waiting

    Oh it means not wearing my Matrix-style long coat! I loved the feeling of getting out of the house in just a sweater again! And the snow finally melted!

    Enjoy Rome! I agree with the previous comment, there is no other choice but to enjoy it. I was there two years ago, I found it amazing.

  12. wow, and I thought it was annoying to put the kids to bed at 8:30 pm and still have light out! But we have less of a difference than you do. Do you have a time change over there? I hate it here. Twice a year we spring forward or fall back one hour so we have to change all of our clocks! I hate it!

  13. the time is different, one more ahead,. uff need to catch a bit!!!i love spring!! i hope top see u guys there!!! see my meme

  14. Enjoy your longer days! I’m looking forward to my visit in June and the “long” days.

  15. Longer days mean a happy me. :) I love the long nights and I’m sure if I was in the country of my ancestors I’d feel right at home too.. :)

    We are lacking the sun here though so it’s been depressing.

    But I want to see the long days of Norway which I imagine it a great time for photography!!!

    You know what’s on my mind..

    And Hexe will be there too…

    Argh! I want to travel. :)

    Hope Italy is treating you well.

  16. Equinox means that cat Lisa bites in my nose at 3 am ! Cat Arthur has a new ennemy and sings loud with him outside (the whole neigborhood is complaining) Mr. Gattino looks for his Italian (male) compatriotes to have a beer if possible outside, the neigbor’s dog tries to climb over the fence to look after dog girls, and I feel like going window shopping for spring clothes (only window !)

    BTW I found a picture of you (or is it TorAa ?) laying on the beach during our cruise !

  17. When I think of the spring equinox, so close to Easter, I always think of Resurrection, Renny. Everything starts rising from the dead! I love it!

  18. wow!!youre in Rome Renny?thats great!have fun!

    finally,spring has come in your place,too!i love it when the suns up and the weather is so mild,not cold and hot :)

  19. Oh, I seem to have missed the equinox. But I know what you’re yakking about since I’ve taken that in one of my ecology classes way back when I was still in college.

    Oh wow! You’re going to Rome? Coolness! Take me with you!!! :-)

  20. To all: Hi folks! I’m overwhelmed! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but your comments are appreciated and red carefully!
    I’ve been stuck in Rome with lack of net connection. Tomorrow I’ll take you with me so stay tuned!

  21. Irish Church Lady :)

    Hey Renny~

    Glad you’re back and we’re looking forward to Rome tomorrow. We’re still having a great time on the cruise but we missed you!

    Thanks for stopping by today and for your well wishes.

    Arrivederci! Fino a domani!

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