Palatium in Rome – a cultural gastronomic sansation

After a tour in Rome to see some of its lovely sights and great architecture it is time for a special treat. For those who haven’t yet; please scroll down to the last post to see The Spanish Stairs!

So I’ll take you to ”Palatium”, The Regional Wine Cellar. It’s a place dedicated to wine and food of the Lazio Region. Let’s have a look at the region before we go to dinner:
In the heart of Italy and along the Thyrrhenian Sea, Lazio is the centre of the Italian political life thanks to the presence of the government and Parliament; it is the Catholic world centre since there is the Vatican, and a favourite destination of tourism for the innumerable monuments of the Roman civilization and, along the Northern Tuscan border, of the Etruscan civilization.

All pics in this post taken with my Nokia phone. Click to enlarge!

Inside this gorgeous building, you’ll find, in a modern atmosphere, all kinds of typical products and information about them. It is promoted by the Region of Lazio and made to promote traditional and typical products. Window exposure of over a thousand traditional products is a multifunctional establishment which provides many different activities, like meetings, seminars, wine tasting courses and social or cultural events. While wine is the primary focus of this place, it is not the only one. You can try all delicacies of the region in a comfortable and informal atmosphere.

Are you ready for the dinner?:

Starter: Chicory hearts salad with fried fresh anchovies from Gaeta.
Wine: Chardonnay o5 Volpetti

Pasta: Paccheri (organic durum wheat pasta) with Amatriciana sauce (tomato, onion, chick pork, pecorino cheese).
Wine: Cesanese “Colle S. Quirico” 04 Cantina Terenzi

Main course: Breaded lambs chops seasoned with hazelnut from “Monti Cimini”.
Wine: as with pasta.

Dessert: Pure chocolate mousse with hazelnuts waffles from “Monti Cimini”.
Wine: Moscato di Terracina “Templum” Cantina Sant’ Andrea.

As a Norwegian, it has been a pleasure to have you all with me one day in Rome. Especially thank you to all Lifecruisers – you are all jolly good travel fellows! I do hope you’ve also had your DIY Brazilian Wax treatments by aka R’acquel today. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Dominican Republic with Coffee 2 go. See you there!


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  1. Qualcuno – passarlo che il tovagliolo grande, io molto ora drooling e li ho bisogno di aiutarli dal flooding questo posto! Mama Mia!

    Ancora sto mangiando. Adore questo alimento…

    Some one – hand me that big towel, I am drooling very much now and i need you to help me from flooding this place! Mama Mia!

    I am still eating. I adore this food…

  2. Perfect timing. I am hungry for my dinner now and Italian it is!! I have such a love of all things pasta!

    Thanks for the savory temptations Renny!

    Buon giorno.

    See you tomorrow in the Dominican Republic!

  3. Bongiorno no come dice BONSOIR good evening!
    Yesterday there was a young girl of Napoli who could help me! Now she is back home!
    What a wonderful dinner! Hope now we are not tired! Where will we go dance all the night??? I can ear the mandoline!! Si,si!

  4. Thank you for sharing your adventures in Rome with us! Oh my… it makes my stomach stretch just looking at the photos after a fairly filling breakfast this morning. What a delightful dinner!
    {round of applause}

  5. So, I feel sad to leave Roma already, i could easily spend a month or so here…. *lol*

    Thanks Renny for being such an excellent host for the second time!

    Now we’re setting sails towards Dominican Republic for Monday pleasures (oh, if that only were true!)

  6. am i allowed to skip straight to dessert?? please? :D (the other stuff looks good too, but the dessert….wowie!)

  7. Ohhhh HOW wonderful! Two wine tastings two days in a row! THIS was fabulous … all the way down to the chocolate mousse! Whooo hooo! I think I’d like to come to ROME more often!!! Thanks Renny! Whoa! I’m feelin’ a little tipsy!~

  8. Thank you for a trip down memory lane Renny coz I was in Rome back in 1990 (during my honeymoon) :)

    Lovely time you have there Renny and thank you for sharing.

  9. rome? wow!!! i’d love to go there. and renny, you really are active now in your blog with the cruise. hehe. and i love the food :)

  10. I have to find time to visit here more often Renny, but then it only makes me even more anxious to start travelling!!

  11. Åhhh! Deilig mat! :-) Nice pictures from Rome, too. I wanna visit Rome (and Venice) someday soon!

  12. @Captain Belly Lifecruiser: I’m glad you did the translation – if not I would just handle you another bottle of vine LoL

    @Irish Church Lady: Glad to be able to tempt you!

    @Sha: But I have take you with!! LoL

    @Claudie: I agree, it was a wonderful party the night after!

    @CaptainLifecruiser: You can always go back to every destination on our cruise you know – that’s the advantage of a cyber cruise!

    @Lime: Well, if you insist, but then you miss some of the good stuff!

    @Melli: Nothing is better than a tipsy fellow cruiser when the night party starts you know!

    @Shionge: Honeymoon in Rome must have been perfect!

    @Sidney: I’ve seen your eggs and they looks great too – urge others to check your blog!

    @Tin-tin: I just love this cyber cruise showing the power of blogsphear you know!

    @ttfootball: I feel the same about your blog – but lets be happy when we meet!

    @Ginnie: Thanks for the compliments!

    @Mark: Wanna go to Venice one day too:-)

  13. Ah, finally a meal that will satisfy my picky appetite! (I don’t eat fish..I’m weird!) I would enjoy everything in this meal especially the pasta and dessert! Wine flows freely in Italy!

  14. wow – what a treat! Love all the pics. I wouldn’t have managed with such great food in front of me to take some pics!

  15. Wow, all these delicacies and good wine. I should need a large doggybag. And the whole atmospere inside, must have been something to remember.

    Thanks for sharing a great meal.

  16. Hhmmm, looks like a marvellous feast !
    I finally finished my choice for a hat ! (Amongs 50 Ascott hats it was not easy !) Tonight it’s hat parade !
    And on saturday the cruise will stop in Brussels on the south station market (marché du midi

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