Most of my regular readers probably know that I am participating on an exciting Cyber Cruise these days. For those who don’t you’ll find links for more cruise information below – you are welcome on board any time!

Today we are qualifying for the Crazy Hat Parade and of course as one of the cruise’s A-Team member, I’ll give you my contribution:

I’ve ‘made’ my own hat of course and this is very dear and special to me – my Pin Hat. I started my collection of pins at The Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, 1994. Since then I’ve been looking for special pins all over the world. My total collection now count more than 40 pins, some very valuable, some with more affection value as it means something special to me. If I should point out one of the dearest to me, it must be the blue pin on the left (with the ski jumper) from Lake Placid, US. My father in law and his wife took me to Lake Placid last fall and to a Norwegian it gave me a thrill, money can’t buy:-)

The Hat itself is a gift from my sister. It’s a special traditional hat from Telemark, my home county/province :-)

Do you have a pin collection? If so, which are you dearest and why?

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  1. There is nothing to do, you lool like cat Arthur with your hat ! Only more brown. No, I don’t have a pin collection, but a collection of around 350 cats (last time’s counting of my son) and Mr. Gattino has a Waterloo soldiers of the battle collection.

  2. What a great idea to collect all of your pins on your hat!! Very sweet. :-)

  3. What a nice hat! I had many pins but I don’t know where they are now! I remember one: It was created for the first TGV in France.

  4. Cool hat, Renny!

    I haven’t been participating in the cruise, but I’ve been enjoying reading your and Tor’s accounts of it.

    Have a great week!



  5. Captain Crazy Lifecruiser

    So, a Telemark hat, how suitable! And with bonus effect of pins, good thinking!!!!

    You fit very well in that hat – but I suspect that you’ve heard that a lot already…

  6. Irish Church Lady :)

    Nice pins!!! The hat is very stylish too! I think that’s a great idea to collect ones that mean something to you. Thanks for checking out my parade of hatz.

  7. WOW! That´s what I call a hat!
    Very nice picture, Renny!

    I have a pin-collection, too. There are about 250 different pins I call my own… I started the collection while I was working as a fair hostess in 1995 and gave up colleting when I quit my job in 2000. My favorite one is a kangaroo from Australia.

  8. Great hat – it looks like you’re having fun on the cyber cruise!

  9. How interesting Renny with pins!!!! Nice hat & nice collection, I used to keep some when I was a teenager in the girl guide movement and sad to say, they are all gone :(

  10. i love your hat! i don’t have a real pin collection, just a couple odds and ends.

    i do have some crazy hats though!

  11. You look good with that hat!
    I have no pins! :-(

  12. Hei Renny!
    You look very cool with that hat! :)
    (I agree with everyone).

  13. Hi, Renny! Nice to know you are still as crazy as your hat. =p


  14. OMG, Renny. You do NOT want to know about our/Donica’s pin collection! Let’s just say that her Hard Rock Cafe pins are probably her favorites, from all around the world where we actually visit. Yes, she even has one from Oslo! :) And that’s one cool hat, BTW!

  15. LOL!
    I’ve a pin jacket that I’ve had since High School!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. you have a pin collection! how cute :) I tried that before but ended up losing them one by one.

  17. Fun! Love the hat! I have a small collection of pins – mostly hot air balloon pins. Want to trade? talk2balou at gmail dot com

  18. I love the hat!!! I want one!

  19. Nice hat! No, I don’t have a pin collection…

  20. Cool hat! I love the pins!

  21. Our boys had hats like this when we visited Lillehammer during the Olympics :-)

  22. Mother of Invention

    Very neat idea! Wear it with fond memories of all the places you’ve been! I actually have a pin from Oslo! My dad went there on a trade mission for Ontario, Canada.
    I mostly collect spoons and have several in a spoon rack on the wall.

  23. Pin collection. That sounds very nice. And what a wonderful hat you have made.

  24. Yesterday Hootin Anni wrote about the Wild West, that remembered me when we had to go through an Indian reservation in 1971 ! It’s on blog if you have time.

  25. Now all you need is a cyber cruise hat so you can collect pins from your loyal readers that you “visit” :) I used to read a blog where someone did this for his newborn son. Except people sent him postcards instead.

  26. I used to collect pins from swimming and the places I travelled. Now I love patches but only have ones from Switzerland.

    I try not collecting anything especially since I’m still waiting for my stuff in California (immigration)…

    And I just love the hat!

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