Lifecruisers Crazy Hat Parade

Most of my regular readers probably know that I am participating on an exciting Cyber Cruise these days. For those who don’t you’ll find links for more cruise information below – you are welcome on board any time!

Today we are qualifying for the Crazy Hat Parade and of course as one of the cruise’s A-Team member, I’ll give you my contribution:

I’ve ‘made’ my own hat of course and this is very dear and special to me – my Pin Hat. I started my collection of pins at The Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, 1994. Since then I’ve been looking for special pins all over the world. My total collection now count more than 40 pins, some very valuable, some with more affection value as it means something special to me. If I should point out one of the dearest to me, it must be the blue pin on the left (with the ski jumper) from Lake Placid, US. My father in law and his wife took me to Lake Placid last fall and to a Norwegian it gave me a thrill, money can’t buy:-)

The Hat itself is a gift from my sister. It’s a special traditional hat from Telemark, my home county/province :-)

Do you have a pin collection? If so, which are you dearest and why?

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