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Bonfire at the Easter Egg hunt

To me Easter Holiday is family time full of childhood traditions. The top of the cream is the yearly Easter Bunny Egg hunt in the woods near my parent’s home. It’s also normally the first taste of spring where you really can smell nature awakening and see the early stubborn flowers peeking up from the recent thawed soil in the woods. If listen carefully, you can also hear the first songs from the migrant birds who have returned from southern Europe. Yesterday was no exception and I’ll gladly take you along. Lets start with childish anticipation; will the Easter Bunny be there and lay eggs this year too?

This is a tradition passed from generation to generation in my family. Going out in the forest Sundays at all seasons was a habit, but the first day of Easter was special because we were on this special expedition; has the bunny been there – will I find my egg – what will be inside this year?

The hunt – and the yummy treasure.

For those who haven’t heard about how and why the Easter Bunny laid eggs in the forest, please click to read my post from last year. This year I will invite you to sit in and eat with us at the bonfire with a special Norwegian recipe:

The Pinnebrød dough – Grilling the sausage and the bread

My sister always makes this dough called ‘pinnebrød’ (branch bread) which you can roll around the stick or around the sausage stuck on the branch. The recipe: 250 grams flour, ½ ts salt, ½ ts baking powder, 1 table spoon melted butter or oil, and 1.5 dl melk, make a simple dough of these ingredients and we like to add sunflower seeds for extra flavour. It is fast cooked on the fire and taste just lovely.

It was fairly cold this year, actually close to freezing and with light snow in the air. This didn’t stop us from our yearly adventures of course and most of my regular readers know our saying: There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes. Besides, the bonfire keeps us warm along with the greatest company and of course storytelling (my sister’s of how the bunny started laying eggs is a must!):

Please click on the pics to see details as there are numerous ways to cook your sausage. This year I made a relatively thick pinnebrød and made it like a hot dog roll. My wife likes to wrap the dough around her hot dog and cook them together; others cook the dough on the stick and slide the hot dog in the hole. Some taste a bit burned of course, also a bit smoked and those who have problems with a bit of dust and ashes on your fingers have a problem – we don’t, but then again the closer to the natural elements, the better we think. By the way some of my readers asked if it was hard to be a vegetarian in Norway, my niece is a vegetarian so we bought some soy hotdogs for her to eat too…so everything is possible you know.

Picking spring flowers

Going home, with the stomach full of sweets (I prefer chocolate and marzipan) and of course home made hot dogs, the anticipation is fulfilled. Then almost out of the forests, I found my niece picking Anemone nemorosa (white flower and proof of spring in Norway). She picked a bouquet for grandma as we all went to my parent’s house for dinner. 10 were people sitting together talking about the lovely day and this great tradition and with the spring flowers as a reminder, decorating the table. The older you get, the more important those quality times are and even the youngster says they wouldn’t miss it next year for anything either:-)

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  1. I enjoyed my day with you on your Easter egg hunt, Renny. :-)

    With no little ones here for Easter, we didn’t hunt eggs. But next year maybe my granddaughter will be big enough to toddle after us, looking for Easter eggs. :-)

  2. I could almost smell that food from here, and it is true you can smell spring coming! Also the same can be said for Autumn there is just something… an essence in the air that you don’t get in towns.

  3. Yum! Now I’m hungry. I’d better go and get me dinner!

    That’s great that the kids say they don’t want to miss it! Ours are like that too for the annual family traditions which is great!

    Thanks for sharing your Easter Hunt Family Story Renny. It’s just like being there!!

  4. It is wonderful to keep this tradition going Renny and what a great way to bond with family members too :)

    I’ve enjoyed this hunt indeed :D

  5. And I come full circle with your blog as this was one of the first I read on my first visit here. And I still think it’s a very cool tradition I’d like to do. I love bon fires and roasting dogs! Although I might just have to toast some dough and spoon jam down the centre!!!

  6. Hi Renny!
    I have tagged you with a foody meme. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase the food in Norway.

    I’m curious to know what the Norwegians dishes consist of and what specialities you have.

    I’m sure my large Asian-based readers would be very interested to know your culture too.

    And please pass the meme to 5 of your blogger friends and let’s keep this cultural food meme going.

    For details, read my latest post.

  7. Oh that branch bread looks delicious. I will have to make it for my dad and I as we both enjoy trying foods from our Norwegian heritage.

  8. You don’t know how much I enjoyed reading about your family’s Easter and egg hunt. Easter was my favorite holiday as a child. In the U.S., our bunny left each child a basket with colored grass and candy eggs. He had hidden dyed hen’s eggs in the yard for us to find. Then we always had deviled eggs at our lunch. These are some of my most cherished memories and I enjoyed your version greatly. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, that easter celebrations sounds really nice. It reminds me of our Passover holidays. Family and fun-filled.

    I’ve always wondered who the eggs and the bunny made it to Jesus rising up from the dead. I am not so straight on the fact here…so I’m off to read your entry about the eggs.

  10. A great tradition and fantastic way to spend time together during easter. I like how non-commercial it is – no crowds and easter show bags and even the hunt and eggs themselves are better than the ones here. I’ll consider taking something like this on with my family next year ;)

  11. oh it looks like a wonderful time!

    i have a picture of me cooking dough on a stick somewhere too. i’ll see if i can find it. maybe i am part norwegian after all, hehehehe.

  12. @DianeJ: Glad you like it – keep us posted next year!

    @Good to see new readers! Your so right; very different from the urban life.

    @ICL: I’m glad you like to join the trip and get the atmosphere!

    @Shionge: You said it – to bond with family – and thats why I love it so much!

    @MotherOfInvetion: Yea, I remember and a great way to make blog friends!
    My wife always talk about that jam too:-)

    @eastcoastlife: Thanks – I’ll see what I can do!

    @LoveMom: Please do and keep me posted!

    @Lainy: Thanks for sharing yours – I just love to exchange this kind of traditions of important things in life!

    @Sidney: Please check my post from last year!

    @Shoshana: Glad I could take you down your memory lane. Hope you’ll find the answer:-)

    @akaR’acquel: You’ve got it – non-commercial is very important here!
    Please keep us posted next year!

    @Lime: Send me the picture! There might be a ‘Norwegian’ in all of us LoL

  13. What a fab egg hunt and lovely meals during easter. I am so jealous now! lol! Anyway Belated Happy Easter to you and to your family Renny!

    Btw, I disabled or put it to private the Youtube link of my movie since I just learned that we are not allowed to upload it on Youtube unless we are done showing it at school which is actually tomorrow

  14. The branch bread looks especially delicious to me. Your Easter looks like it was terrific. I’m so glad you shared the stories with us.

  15. what a great outdoor easter holiday!and yeah,youre right!there are numerous ways of grilling hotdogs!

    honestly,i havent experienced eater egg hunting yet.we dont practice it here in japan,and i think it would be a great experience.

    happy Wednesday,Renny!

  16. My grandpa used to hide the eggs so well, that we found them sometimes one year later !

    BTW I have got a parcel with my 1st price for the hat ! It’s on my blog today !

  17. it’s like easter is a family reunion for you. like Christmas for us. i like the meal you prepared for us today :)

  18. I LOVE this family tradition Renny…And seeing all your pictures of the “weenie roast” —that’s what we would call it here in the states…
    Those pictures are really wonderful and I LOVE seeing them so BIG! You have to tell me how you do that. I need to learn to do that for my blog—if possible.
    And I love all those pretty eggs with all the special goodies inside.

  19. I actually had tears in my eyes after reading this, Renny. I didn’t grow up with traditions like this and feel like I can live them through your eyes and words! Thanks.

  20. Renny that looks like so much fun!!!

    You know my favorites are choc and marzipan also! they’ve got this packet in switzerland which I used to buy all the time.. In fact, it’s now P’s favorite too!!! See what affect I have on him!

  21. @Chase: Try it next year yourself!

    @Fleur de Lisa: Thanks for the compliments!

    @ICL: How exciting – I’ve been there and thank you sooooo much!

    @Ghee: Do it next year too – it’s fun with the kids you know:-)

    @Gattina: Have happened to us too – doesn’t taste that good the year after LoL

    @Tin-tin: Glad you like the food, but I know your favorite is Fårikal:-)

    @OldOldLadyOfTheHills: ‘Weenie roast’ could that have anything to do with Vienna because that’s what we call the sausages?
    Send me a note and I’ll try to help you!

    @Ginnie: That’s a touching way of saying it Ginnie – glad to share it with you especially then!

  22. Sounded like you had a really good time there :-)

    I’m in a hurry as usual these days, just a short reminder about the big shopping day tomorrow thursday for the cruise ball.

    I’ve posted 1 rule about it on my blog :-)

  23. What fun! I especially liked the photo of your niece picking anenomes…very beautiful.

    So…did you say and I missed it? What WAS in your egg this year? :-)

  24. Happy belated Easter!
    I am still recovering from our Holiday festivities, so I am way behind in blog reading.

    We make that bread here too! I love it. I try so hard not to burn it too!
    It is a cold Holiday time right now and tonight we are getting Gale winds and snow….AGAIN!

    We trimmed off the pussy willows and replaced any old parts on the BBQ….If summer is not coming to us, we will just have to fake it!

  25. My kids are a little too old for the old traditions of dying eggs and things. But I am sure I could convince them to try something like this! Great Idea!!!

  26. That is so festive! How fun is that to cook bread and hotdogs on an open fire. I’ve only seen that on Sesame Street. What a taking of bliss in hand and living.

  27. Bonsoir Renny
    I love your family adventure in the forest to find eggs! Here we couldn’t do a so nice BBQ in the mediterranean forest because the drought! It’s too dangerous with the fire! We didn’t have a real winter this year! But it’s possible now in the garden. We often do sausages called “merguez”! hot sausages that we eat with harissa! HOT! very hot!
    A very nice family tradition!!! Everyone is happy children as adults!!!

  28. Oh Renny, this looks like such fun!
    Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, I’m afraid going from 2 dogs to 2 dogs and 2 puppies is keeping me very busy!
    However, I am making bread right now. So I did find a little time today.

  29. We have a similar bread here called bannock.

    While imported from Scotland, it has been so well adopted here that it is considered aboriginal in nature.

  30. Yes, easter traditions are nice and not so different in European countries. BTW I still don’t know if you have been on the midi market in Brussels, when you were there and if yes if you liked it or not.
    Today you can see on my blog a wonderful domain (Huizingen) in Brussels. I was in admiration of all these flowers.
    Happy Easter to the whole family !

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