Why do men hate shopping?

Most of my regular readers know that I’m on a cyber cruise these weeks (see links at the end of this post). Today we’re supposed to go shopping before the cruise ball on Saturday the 14th. That’s a real challenge to me as I ‘hate’ shopping. Well, I don’t mind buying things and of course I like to get new things (when needed!), but shopping for fun and as an adventure is defiantly not my cup of tee. So all day long, I’ve been debating with myself how to approach this challenge, and I’ve decided to do it my way: to explain why men (at least me – I don’t mean to generalise!) doesn’t shop for the sake of entertainment:

My theory or actually it was my wife who came up with it first: is the different between men as ‘hunters’ and woman as ‘collectors’. Going back to the indigenous people, the men’s obligation was to go out in the wild world to locate, find, kill and bring home food for the family. Women collected berries, herbs and other important ingredients for the household and took time to find the best (not the poison once!) among a verity to choose from. Please don’t think I evaluate one of the roles as a more important as the other! It was more a question of dividing tasks.

So I don’t go out shopping for the entertainment. Window-shopping is for me a strange word. I like to look at ‘nice’ things when I walk around, but there might be other ‘objects’ than things in the windows that catch my eye when I walk around:-) I remember I was in a small town with my wife in US once – it was out of the season – and we asked a local what a tourist could experience there. She said with enthusiasm: we have two lovely, big malls here, you might go shopping!?!

So for me to get the needed things for the cruise ball on Saturday takes about half an hour. Luckily we are not supposed to post the result of today’s shopping as that would spoil all the surprise faces. Since that and because of my attitude for shopping, there is not that much to post about either. So what do I rather do instead then? I mean, I love to go out, to explore and experience:

Alternative to shopping:-)

I’ll rather sit down with a friend to relax, talk and discuss ‘important’ things in life. This picture is of me and my very good friend Gunnar (click to find his blog ‘Backstage’) taken some years ago. For those who want to know more about what I do when my wife goes shopping; take a look at the posts ‘Boy’s at play while wives are shopping’ about what my friend TorAa and I did in Sweden at Christmas time.

This might be a different kind of post about shopping and not the kind my fellow cyber cruisers might expect, but at least it was honest and as always I’m anxious to read your comments :-)