Why do men hate shopping?

Most of my regular readers know that I’m on a cyber cruise these weeks (see links at the end of this post). Today we’re supposed to go shopping before the cruise ball on Saturday the 14th. That’s a real challenge to me as I ‘hate’ shopping. Well, I don’t mind buying things and of course I like to get new things (when needed!), but shopping for fun and as an adventure is defiantly not my cup of tee. So all day long, I’ve been debating with myself how to approach this challenge, and I’ve decided to do it my way: to explain why men (at least me – I don’t mean to generalise!) doesn’t shop for the sake of entertainment:

My theory or actually it was my wife who came up with it first: is the different between men as ‘hunters’ and woman as ‘collectors’. Going back to the indigenous people, the men’s obligation was to go out in the wild world to locate, find, kill and bring home food for the family. Women collected berries, herbs and other important ingredients for the household and took time to find the best (not the poison once!) among a verity to choose from. Please don’t think I evaluate one of the roles as a more important as the other! It was more a question of dividing tasks.

So I don’t go out shopping for the entertainment. Window-shopping is for me a strange word. I like to look at ‘nice’ things when I walk around, but there might be other ‘objects’ than things in the windows that catch my eye when I walk around:-) I remember I was in a small town with my wife in US once – it was out of the season – and we asked a local what a tourist could experience there. She said with enthusiasm: we have two lovely, big malls here, you might go shopping!?!

So for me to get the needed things for the cruise ball on Saturday takes about half an hour. Luckily we are not supposed to post the result of today’s shopping as that would spoil all the surprise faces. Since that and because of my attitude for shopping, there is not that much to post about either. So what do I rather do instead then? I mean, I love to go out, to explore and experience:

Alternative to shopping:-)

I’ll rather sit down with a friend to relax, talk and discuss ‘important’ things in life. This picture is of me and my very good friend Gunnar (click to find his blog ‘Backstage’) taken some years ago. For those who want to know more about what I do when my wife goes shopping; take a look at the posts ‘Boy’s at play while wives are shopping’ about what my friend TorAa and I did in Sweden at Christmas time.

This might be a different kind of post about shopping and not the kind my fellow cyber cruisers might expect, but at least it was honest and as always I’m anxious to read your comments :-)

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  1. You are not alone with your reasons. My husband would probably say the same.

    I like shopping! I like to look at things and see where I would get my money’s worth. I enjoy it immensely with my girls. We bond a lot when we go out and try things.

  2. Mr. Gattino is even worse than you ! He doesn’t buy ANYTHING to wear for himself he hates going in shops. So socks, underwear, shirts etc I buy for him when I go shopping only shoes he has to buy himself and trousers of course then he grumbles and I have to pull him like an old horse in a shop otherwise he would run around in “Garbadge” look !
    But what do you wear on Saturday ? Do you have to hunt first and come with a fur suit ?

  3. HA! I guess IKEA´s Småland is made for the daddys or men in general, not for the kids… =)

    Most of the men I know hate shopping. I´ve been shopping with many “chick´s” so far – sometimes it was fun… sometimes I hated it, too. Once I couldn´t resist:

    She: “DO I lOOk fat in this?” –
    Me: “NO, you dOn´t lOOk fat in this. YOu lOOk fat when yOu are naked!”

    Ooooh, I´m bad ;)

  4. But I love shopping, Renny! Oh, yes you wrote “why MEN hate shopping” Hahaha! But that’s an interesting theory you have. :-)

  5. haha, yes you are right. Men are hunters. That’s why I love to hunt for food. Fresh food in the stores that offers the right quality and what I’m out hunting for. It might take a little time. To find the best – and not the easiest and quickest.

    btw. After struggling with Tele2 at my friend H’s home, we are at last on the net. Since I had leave leave all my luggage at OSL, I really have to go shopping. hehe. Hope to have the time to join the cruise again…

  6. Interesting theory but I also love to shop. When I travel the first thing that I am asking for is “Where are the malls?”

    But times are changing now since most men like to shop actually.

  7. Ha ha ha! I did say no rules besides NOT posting the dress for the ball, so this is within the frames totally!

    Well done. It should be personal and so yours is.

    The choosing is a big problem for me. Phew. This must be the toughest cruise day so far…. Even tougher than the pirates ;-)

    I couldn’t even show my choices. That’s how tough it is.

    I’m going to have nightmares about this…. even though I do love shopping!


  8. My husband would wilt if I take him shopping, especially for clothing. He’d do it when we’re playing tourist, but then he had to sleep for an hour to recover. It must be genetic because my 5 year old would rather not shop near any women’s clothing and doodads. He was about 3 when he started objecting strongly to being taken inside “MotherHood” or “Victoria’s Secret”.

  9. the aversion kicks in early. my son, who is generally a very easy child, would act as if he were enduring the worst form of torture when i had to go gorcery shopping and take him along when he was very small. even last week when i took him out because he needed new shoes (his old ones literally have holes through them) you’d have thought i was punishing the child!

  10. @Al: I don’t feel quite alone, but from others comments, I can tell this is about to change:-)

    @Gattina: Hmm have you talked to my wife lately? LoL
    Thanks for the idea for my ball costume!

    @Sanni: No, IKEA is one of the worst!
    You are best when you are at your baddest:-)

    @Mark: Glad you liked the theory and of course shopping too:-)

    @TorAa: I was hoping for even more support from you pall!
    Have a great stay in France!

    @Chase: I think you have a good point here – it’s obvious that not all men hates it!

    @MrsLifecruiser: Thanks for accepting another sort of post captain!
    I think your post looked very promising:-)

    @Shoshana: I’m kind of different when touristing too:-)
    Read other comments: maybe it is not that genetic after all!

    @Sidney: And you know I would love to and hope one day we can sit at the same table!

    @Lime: hmmm, maybe it is genetic after all LoL

  11. Pool Boy hates to shop too unless it is for electronics! LOL

    I’m looking forward to seeing your post to see who you pick for the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD. You need to pick five other Thinking Bloggers you know! :-)

  12. We women like to “hunt” for bargains and then “gather” them so we can become “collectors”!!

    My husband just goes skiing!

  13. What? Not using our Spa treatments on the cruise?

    You must be in very good shape already, denying this nice feature of the ship….. *lol*

  14. I finally found the dress for the ball and am wearing it now on my Cyber ball post ! I think I have to take the hat of for dancing !

  15. Your wife’s hunter/gatherer explanation sounds good.

    If I go shopping there are two ways I approach it: (1) I go and get what I want – direct, short and sweet; (2) I go to “scout” out the terrain.

    I know one source of miscommunication between me and my wife is “Lets go look at …”. My wife interprets this as “Lets go buy” whereas I interpret it as “Lets go look”

  16. i wonder what catches your eyes?haha!
    yeah,my hubby doesnt wanna window shop,too,but he loves grocery shoppings!he let my basket full of his fav stuffs :)

    i remember that pic of you and tor`s,it was so amusing..boys at play,while wives are shopping!

    nice pic,Renny!all smile!
    happy weekend!

  17. Renny,

    Ah, I couldn’t agree more. I consider myself to be a pragmatist, I only get what I need. My apartment is minimalist, and there is no clutter at all. So with regard to shopping, I just buy what I need. If there is a selection, I scout, compare, analyze, and buy the best selection. I do not need to go wander and meander at all the shops offering the same product.

    And yes, I find that comment from the local a bit absurd as well. Two malls for tourism? Please, at this age of cyber-shopping, one does not need to visit a foreign country to shop at a mall! Unless you’re shopping for souvenirs such as Panama hats, shrunken heads, or any other native products, which I am sure that those big malls do not offer.


  18. Bonsoir Renny
    I’ve a very short time now cause I have to prepare me for the ball cruise and for the birthday’s party of my friend Sophie!
    I’ve seen a marvelous program for tonight by Gattina!
    My husband will not come with me and my daughters at the party! Why ? I suppose he don’t have nice clothes for the night! Why ? because he hates to do shopping! His compagny gives him the work’s clothes! He has a real chance! But now it was to complicate for him to ddo a little shopping! Now, since you explain why, I understand better Pierre! So I’ve bought him a good meal and he will a nice evening alone in front of the TV and perhaps he will blog!
    So yould prepare you too for the ball!
    Gros bisous

  19. LOL—ya know, my hubby gets embarrassed in the dressing room for crying out loud! What is it with men —don’t they know it’s fun to dress up?!! Well, he’d be in heaven if this was a ‘hoe-down’ fiddlin’ ball that’s held outdoors with a BBQ instead of me making him wear his tux!!

    See you at the ball!!! I’m sitting in the corner, waiting for everyone to show up.

  20. Let me know if you’re having problem with the ball tux (Hm, that sounded different when it came out ;-), need any help choosing dress for Diane? Or to giggle over some bubble water while doing the make up!

    I love this cruise ball! The magician is a cool guy really, even though he has done some tricks with my dress several times already….


  21. Believe it or not, Renny, I’m totally with you when it comes to shopping. Donica is the shopper in our family and likes to do it whether she needs something or not. She does it because she knows she’ll find something that she’ll want. HA! For me, there is usually nothing more I want that you can buy with money! Just let me sit at that table with you and your friend and I’m a happy camper!

  22. Shopping? Men and shopping in the same sentance is somewhat an oxymoron. However it is something that I personally enjoy.

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  23. What if shopping were expanded to include researching tech toys?

    Renny I’ve given you the nod in the thinking blogger award meme.

  24. I’ll go for it all. You are outside and on a terrace eating and relaxing enjoying yourself..

    Hard to find here for me at least… That’s what I enjoyed so much about Europe… I miss it!

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