Be inviting charm of Microbreweries in Norway

Last weekend I was in Trondheim – mid Norway – the city King Olav Tryggvason of Viking fame founded in 997. I will take you through the street of this ‘City with a Heart’ in my next post. Today I’d like to invite you into a more modern establishment; Trondheim Mikrobryggeri (Microbrewerie), founded in 1998. We were welcomed by the charming staff in an intimate, personal ambiance:

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

But let’s start with the phenomena; Microbrewerie (from their own website):

Brewing in small batches to serve in own pubs has spread in the past 15 to 20 years around the world. Beer-lovers everywhere have grown tired of industry breweries with their profit focus that continually forces them to cut back on quality– and this means using inferior ingredients that give beer its special taste: hops and malt.

One of the founders; Mr. Nordmark, giving us a presentation.

Microbreweries, on the other hand, don’t have the same economies of scale such as large industrial groups, and therefore they don’t have much to save by scrimping a little here and there on the ingredients they use. As a result, they can afford to brew a variety of beers of the highest quality using copious amounts of the best ingredients.
In line with this philosophy, Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri uses only the highest quality ingredients. They get their malt from the same Scottish farmers who provide the most famous and revered malt whisky distillers of Scotland. Their hops come from renowned farms in the Czech Republic, Germany, England and the US. In contrast to most Norwegian breweries, they use fresh aroma hops—giving the beer its special, characteristic taste.
All the beer served at Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri is brewed at the pub:

Beer served from a mug …..

….. in a friendly atmosphere :-)

There are around 10 Microbreweries in Norway and Trondheim was the first one who produced ecologic beer. Their yearly production is around 50 000 litre (13 208 US Gallon) pr year. They brew Trondhjem’s Pils, Stout Pale, Ale India Pale, Ale Bitter, Amber and Porter. I tasted them all (a small glass of each LoL) and it was a great variety of lovely tastes. You can read more about it at Wikipedia here. Do you have Microbreweries in your neighbourhoods?

Update 07.04.26:
I had a note from Mr. S. Berg, chairman of the board of directors at Mikrobryggeriet. He was pleased about my endorsement of course. He told me they also own Oslo Mikrobryggeri and that the right name for it in English is ‘Brew Pub’ – what do you think?