24 hours of flickr from Oslo

Global communities fascinate me – yes, you might say I’m addicted:-). I was invited to join ‘24 Hours of Flickr’, a day-long global photo project. The challenge was to grab your camera and whatever else needed and chronicle the day in pictures.

The event will be commemorated by a companion 24 Hours of Flickr book, which will contain a selection of photographs chosen from the group. Additionally, the group’s photos will be featured at Flickr events around the world this summer.

So off I went to Oslo with my Nikon Cool Pix S2, fully charged. I took about 50 pictures touring around, looking for the scoop of the day. I had a great time although I’d hope the weather would have been better. It was cloudy, a bit windy and around 15C (60F). I met a lot of people including a nice, young couple from Poland exploring the capital of Norway and a fan of Roald Amundsen, the Polar explorer and Thor Heyerdahl, our famous ethnographer and adventurer.

Among all the captured impression and adventures of my afternoon trip in Oslo today, I have decided to share a few from a famous Norwegian sculptor; Skule Waksvik:

Skule Waksvik 1989 at Aker Brygge in Oslo

He is born in Strinda on the 22nd of December 1927 and his motive is mostly from nature, animals and women often placed in public places. This sculpture is placed at Aker Brygge; for more than a hundred years a shipyard, but in 1982 the old wharf was turned into a modern place with restaurants, shops, offices, luxurious apartments and leisure-boat docks. On the other end of Aker Brygge square, I found another sculpture of Waksvik:

Skule Waksvik; Lady at the dock

The first picture in this post will be posted at the 24 hours of flickr as only one picture can be presented there. Here at my blog of course I can do what I like, so I’ll share a few more from my day in Oslo:

Sailing ship in front of Akershus Fortress

Oslo Fountain

Just for the fun of it: Do you think I’ve chosen the right pic for the contest, or would you have picked on of the last two?