Get yourself a Facebook life!

Some of you might have registered this a while ago, some might not have heard of it. I am in something between and am already addicted. No wonder since I call myself a network evangelist:-) Facebook, a net basted society, is the most popular community and fastest increasing in membership on the net today – well, maybe except for Second Life. The Facebook fever has so far grabbed the attention of 25 million people. It’s hottest on this years The web award (MySpace isn’t even nominated)!

It all started much like many other net societies. Some graduate students from a university panicked when they realised their where about to end the wonderful student time and leave their friends. How to keep in touch? I remember the first time I noticed this phenomena was in the mid 90s with Yahoo Groups. This time it is Marck Zuckerberg at Harvard who got a copy of ‘the facebook’ (class list or yearbook) and in 2004 was launched. After 24 hours, 1200 of Harvard students registered. 26th of September last year, the network was opened to everyone. Rumours tell that Zuckerberg has received an offer of almost 8 bill dollars for his company from Google, but so far he has refused.

I was invited to Facebook first time half a year ago, but I was thinking: no, not another place to register! I’m already listed at LinkedIn, Xing, Ryze, Ecademy, Ziggs, n2c and Ning! But then my fellow blog friend Teena sent me an invitation and I was thinking: If she can, so can I and then she was my very first friend (at Facebook! :-)

First you register with your name, birthday, hometown as well as political and religious views (optional). You can chose whether one or all of this information can bee seen (or searched) by everyone or only your friends. You may also register your education and work info. Then you start to collaborate in networks and groups (open or restricted) and you may find your old schoolmates or friends from your past (or newer like your blog friends!?!).
You may also feed your blog posts into your profile page and download pictures (some does it too uncritical I think!). You have to accept request for friendship before you let them into your world. Then they may ‘write messages on your wall’ or send you gifts. On the status page, you will be able to see who is on, what they do, which friendship or group attending they have accepted lately and if they have uploaded pictures.
Please click on my widget in this post and have a look! If you are registered, it would have been nice to receive a friend request! If not, you won’t be sucked in without knowing, but don’t say I haven’t warned you – you might be addicted!

Tonight I was watching the news on TV telling that some companies have forbidden their employees to open Facebook at work. I do understand their point of view but feel it is a bit like swimming like a shrimp, as backwards:-) Do they forbid them to do work on their laptops at home (or in spare times) too? It reminds me of the time when some did the same with solitaire when Windows came out in 1991. Some was addicted and of course it affected their work, but they also learned how to navigate in the new graphic user interface too. I seldom see people play card games at work now, but they do other things on the net – at work and at home and even more efficient:-)