Walking around in Oslo the 5th of May for the 24 hours of Flickr contribution (scroll down to read the other post!), I was passing the town hall square. There I found the World Red Cross Crescent Day 2007 celebration. The main issue in Norway was the ‘missing people’ around the world. I talked to some of the representatives and asked: why don’t you put up an official IFRC blog for that, but they didn’t seem to understand the power of the blogshpere! Do any of my readers know any of that type of blogs?

What caught my eye at the square even more was ‘The wishing tree’:

Red Cross Wishing Tree in front of Oslo Town Hall

All of a sudden, I had a Déjà Vu experience – I’ve seen this phenomena before at another exhibition? But of course; on another quality time with my wife at Yoko Ono’s exhibition ‘Horizontal memories’ at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in 2005. Digging on the net, I’ve found this:
A Wish Tree is an individual tree, usually distinctive due to species, position or appearance, and identified as being of special religious value or spiritual identity. By tradition, people making wishes and offerings to the tree in some way thought the ritual votive offering increases the chances of the wish being granted. This behaviour, using living trees, is one of making an offering to the nature spirit or goddess of the tree with the hope of gaining benefit.

I wrote my wish on a note and put it on the tree of course. Then some days later I passed the square again and this time surrounded by a bunch of students:

This time there were many more ‘leaves’ and a lot more good wishes. I was thinking: ‘what you are focused on, you get more of’. I don’t mean to be pompous, but what if we focus more on what unite us instead of the conflicts and what divides us (religion, politics, habits, traditions, the past, bad experiences in life e.g.)?

I found my note as well: ‘Make blogs not wars’. To me blogging is about learning, exchanging knowledge and getting insight in other people and cultures. I enjoy giving you mine from Norway and the Nordic countries as well as I love to visit your blogs to experience the same. If you were to put up a wish on the tree, what would you say?

Btw: My Mother in Law is coming over from the US tomorrow, so we will have a jolly good reunion and lots of family time. Excuse me for being a bit in and out online:-)