Walking around in Oslo the 5th of May for the 24 hours of Flickr contribution (scroll down to read the other post!), I was passing the town hall square. There I found the World Red Cross Crescent Day 2007 celebration. The main issue in Norway was the ‘missing people’ around the world. I talked to some of the representatives and asked: why don’t you put up an official IFRC blog for that, but they didn’t seem to understand the power of the blogshpere! Do any of my readers know any of that type of blogs?

What caught my eye at the square even more was ‘The wishing tree’:

Red Cross Wishing Tree in front of Oslo Town Hall

All of a sudden, I had a Déjà Vu experience – I’ve seen this phenomena before at another exhibition? But of course; on another quality time with my wife at Yoko Ono’s exhibition ‘Horizontal memories’ at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in 2005. Digging on the net, I’ve found this:
A Wish Tree is an individual tree, usually distinctive due to species, position or appearance, and identified as being of special religious value or spiritual identity. By tradition, people making wishes and offerings to the tree in some way thought the ritual votive offering increases the chances of the wish being granted. This behaviour, using living trees, is one of making an offering to the nature spirit or goddess of the tree with the hope of gaining benefit.

I wrote my wish on a note and put it on the tree of course. Then some days later I passed the square again and this time surrounded by a bunch of students:

This time there were many more ‘leaves’ and a lot more good wishes. I was thinking: ‘what you are focused on, you get more of’. I don’t mean to be pompous, but what if we focus more on what unite us instead of the conflicts and what divides us (religion, politics, habits, traditions, the past, bad experiences in life e.g.)?

I found my note as well: ‘Make blogs not wars’. To me blogging is about learning, exchanging knowledge and getting insight in other people and cultures. I enjoy giving you mine from Norway and the Nordic countries as well as I love to visit your blogs to experience the same. If you were to put up a wish on the tree, what would you say?

Btw: My Mother in Law is coming over from the US tomorrow, so we will have a jolly good reunion and lots of family time. Excuse me for being a bit in and out online:-)


  1. No I have never come across any blogs like that but it is a good idea.

    In fact on Thors-day I posted a missing person post of my own for the wee lassie kidnapped in Portugal. It probably will not help but stranger things have happened. There could be a lot of unreleased power in the blogosphere it just needs harnessed.

  2. I would put follow note on the wish tree:

    Visit Renny’s blog at http://rennybasblog.blogspot.com


  3. That is a fantastic idea for a blog. I have never in my life met a Wish Tree. I have heard of the Wishing Wall in Jerusalem. I haven’t seen it, but I plan too.

    I think there is a lot of truth in your idea of focusing on something. Not to sound hokey or anything, but focusing on what unites us will probably generate less negative energy…and that can only be good.

  4. They should take advantage the power of blogging. Since nowadays blogging reaches to more people than ordinary websites!

  5. I have never seen a wishing tree before but I love the idea. Perhaps we need more of those all around the world. Spread the peace.

  6. i’d wish for the opportunity to visit each of my blog friends and see their world through their eyes.

    enjoy the visit with your MIL. happy mother’s day to her and to diane. :)

  7. regards to your MIL

    click this for her & for diane ;)

  8. @Mirk: That kidnapping is a tragedy – three years old girl:-(

    @Sidney: Thanks blogger fellow!

    @Shoshana: You’ve got the spirit. What we need is more positive waves!

    @Chase: I tried to tell them – hope they listen soon!

    @Fleur de Lisa: We do need more of them, yes!

    @Lime: A great wish!
    Thanks for your greetings which I’ve passed on of course and they both say thanks:-)

    @Racky: Thanks dear, they’ve seen it and say thanks!

  9. Sue's Daily Photos

    Hi Renny

    I have seen a wish tree once at a wedding ceremony what I photographed where all the guests were putting up a wish for the young couple! I think that’s a great and wonderful idea to do so.

    And here is your poem for Mother’s Day:-))

    Happy Mothers Day Means More

    “Happy Mother’s Day” means more
    Than have a happy day.
    Within those words lie lots of things
    We never get to say.

    It means I love you first of all,
    Then thanks for all you do.
    It means you mean a lot to me,
    And that I honor you.

    But most of all, I guess it means
    That I am thinking of
    Your happiness on this, your day,
    With pleasure and with love.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, Renny and happy Mothers Day with your mother!

  10. Hello Renny
    I knew the wish fountain when you throw a coin and make a wish in the same time.
    My wish? hum, hum… only good things for every body in this world! I discovered the bloggers world since a few time ago and It’s really a marvelous experience! think I didn’t know you and the cruisers and now I’ve new friends in Europe, USA! It’s like a dream but it is!
    my first wish is realised!

  11. What a great idea – a wishing tree!

  12. I have never seen a wishing tree but it’s a wonderful idea. Not only because it’s not a wishing well where one quickly thinks of something, here you have to write your wish down. I would wish more respect and tolerance for each other.
    We all wish for a better world, let’s not allow a few stand on our way!
    Happy times with your MIL :)

  13. That was a fine message you choose to put on the tree I think. Make blogs instead of wars. I also think that the power of the blogosphere is underestimated but all new beginning is tough.

  14. My wish: World Peace?

  15. Your ‘make blogs not war’ message is a wonderful one Renny. Funny how getting to know ones neighbours makes one realise how petty our differences really are.

    The message I would put on the tree would be: I wish our political leaders would blog more!

  16. Blogging is without a doubt the best way to unite the people of the world. Blogs cross borders, religions, and cultures without even noticing the differences. I agree with your wish!

  17. @Sue: Thanks for the poem and greeting – so sweet of you!

    @Claudie: I do agree and having you around in the blogsphere gives a great contribution too:-)

    @DesertDiva: Thanks for stopping by again!

    @mar: Thanks for the wish and greeting – I’ll pass it on.

    @Nan: yes, underestimated but growing and I’m glad!

    @Missy: Mine too!

    @P.: Thanks for stopping by and I do share your wish:-)

    @Barbara: Well said and it’s more and more powerful you know.

  18. I love the idea of a wishing tree. My wish would read: “I wish bullets and bombs and the desire to harm others were useless relics of the past.”

  19. What a wonderful idea. Definitely `blogs not wars’ and also `a new green earth.’

  20. I hope you are enjoying your visit with you MIL :)

  21. My mind was going very fast after your deja vu experience. I had ideas popping out of my skull about making a wish tree in my grotto.

    I think I would wish to hug folks around the world. A real hug, not a symbolic one.

    So I have alot of work ahead of me if I want to do that….huh?

  22. Nope haven’t seen any blogs like that. But I’ve heard of the wishing tree tradition

  23. Blog for Peace and Respect –

    Have a wonderful time with your mother in law. Hope the Sun will shine again soon – and special on May 17.

  24. Mother of Invention

    I love the idea of a wishing tree. Why do we also throw pennies in a water fountain and wish?
    You are right, blogging does make us all the same and yet, we learn the differences and celebrate them instead of fight about them.
    I’d wish that we all celebrated our differences to draw us together. Like that Billy Joel song, “Just The Way You Are”.

  25. I LOVE the thought of a wish tree, Renny, and am glad you put your “Make blogs not war” up. I’ll have to really think about what I would say. That’s really a good exercise!

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day with your MIL.

  26. A wish tree sounds like a lovely idea. Like a buddhist altar but less intense.

    Enjoy your visitor. :)

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