BlogCatalog Buzz Experiment

A week ago, I was invited by Mona Weathers to participate in an experiment to show how a collected group of ‘fans’ can create a buzz and how it will effect the traffic to their blogs. You know I’m curious and fascinated by networking and the blogsphere, so I was thinking why not?

Most of you know there is a lot of catalogues, communities or lists where you can register with a profile and your blog(s). You’ll fine the ones I have used during the past years by clicking ‘Feeds and Listings’ on my sidebar to the right under Navigation. This time it’s about BlogCatalog then:

I’ve been there since December 2005 and it’s a great community where you can hock up with others and meet good old blog friends. I will say its user- friendly and I kind of like the site design. Their directory browsing style separating blogs into categories, makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Mine is listed in Travel, Culture, Food Tradition, Seasons and of course History as well as Norway.

I also like the interaction in each blog detail page where you can see activities like resent viewers, friends and leave comments (even if you’re not a member!).

Last, but not the least, I will recommend their new Discussion area which is fun to read and reinforces the community interaction.

Click on the widget to go to my blog and please join my neighbourhood if you haven’t already. Click here to see my profile and then you are welcome to add me of course:-)

Btw; my MIL from US is still visiting, so I’m rather busy. The top event this time will be to see her grandson celebrating the 17th of May as a Russ (click here to see what I mean!)