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JazzBrunch at Grand Café in Oslo

If you are in Oslo on a Sunday afternoon, like Jazz music and want a gourmet adventure, you should go to the Grand Hotel, built in 1874. We where there with my MIL last Sunday and since this will be my last post from her stay this time, your all welcome to join us.

Lets start with the Hotel: An institution in the Norwegian capital for over a century, the Grand Hotel remains the city’s top address for its elegantly furnished guest rooms, its splendid location and complete range of services, like the choice of three fine restaurants, two bars and 18 elegant function rooms. The Grand’s splendid marble lobby, replete with ornate chandeliers and bas-relief Grecian sculpture, sets the tone for what was once Ibsen’s favorite hotel (read my story of our National writer here!).

Grand Hotel Jan 2006

This hotel is one of the oldest and most exclusive establishments in Oslo. When pop stars visit the city, they wave at their fans from the hotel balcony (or hide behind their bodyguards in the lobby). Built in 1874, the hotel has catered to celebrities for over a century. The stone-walled hotel with its mansard gables and copper tower has been an integral part of Oslo life since 1874. Famous guests have included Edvard Munch, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Charlie Chaplin, Henry Ford, and of course Henrik Ibsen. He was a regular visitor to the hotel restaurant, the Grand Café.

The Grand Café, filled with plush leather seats and modern artwork, serves Scandinavian dishes with Mediterranean touches. Gourmet French and Scandinavian cuisine is on the menu at the Julius Fritzner restaurant. So let’s have our JazzBrunch:

Like I said to my MIL the day before: You don’t eat a heavy breakfast before you go to Grand Café! Here is a glimpse of their buffet or smoregardsboard if you like:

I like to approach these kind of delicacies in a systematic way and to make it short and well documented (all pics with My Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge to enjoy!)

First serving (to the left): Smoked and fermented salmon, salmon pate and garlic marinated shrimps.
Second serving (to the right): Lever pate, roast beef, more salmon pate, pepper, mushroom, pepper and some creamy salad.

Third: Marinated chicken, ratatouille and baked potatoes.
Fourth: Select cheeses from around the world and crackers.

For dessert, I just love Napoleon Cake!
Look at the small black profile pic on top of the plates edge: It’s Henrik Ibsen!

After such a great brunch you might need a rest or a room for the night? Taking you to Grand Hotel and not mention The Deluxe rooms on the top floor would be a disgrace. They have retained the dimensions and mouldings of yore. The ‘ladies’ floor’ is a must see, with 17 rooms individually redesigned by some of Norway’s top female celebrities. Iram Haa’s room with its bright pillows, illuminated flowers, and paper globes contrasts strongly with the space designed by Maria Bonnevie, who evidently likes horses. Meanwhile, huge pink-and-black headshots stare perpetually in the hallway outside in Warhol-esque fashion. Sit, back, relax and click here to take a look!

Talking about food and while I’m at it: I’ve been tagged a couple of times lately, by Eastcoastlife and Norma. I hope you’ll excuse me for not following all the food meme rules as I have to do it my way, okay :-) You’re supposed to list 5 places or restaurant to recommend and of course Grand Café is one of them. Other than that, I like to make my own food so if you’re still hungry, you can check me and my wife’s Sea Food Delight, Rakfisk, Salmon and Lamb in cabbage.

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  1. ah it sounds like a really wonderful place for great food and music. so nice you coudl share it with you MIL.

  2. Gee, thanks, Renny! Of course now I’m starving after reading this. ;-)

    The food looks wonderful, especially the seafood. Looks like you didn’t go away hungry. :-)

    Have a great week, Renny and Diane.



  3. Once again you made me envious!
    What a great brunch! It must feel special to eat there and listen to the Jazz music.

  4. Ah, I haven’t had breakfast yet and now I’m ready for your smörgåsbord! The Napoleon cake looks divine.

  5. OMG! That’s such a mouth-watering spread. And different from what you get at a breakfast buffet in the two countries know most: India and the USA. It’s funny, but one of the reasons I really want to visit Northern Europe is (also) for the snow. I want to take my 4-year old daughter to a place with lots of snow!

  6. The Grand Hotel is now my favourite place. A beautiful time, hearing jazz band and taking a great brunch! The napoleon cake is called here “le mille-feuille”, if I translate: “the thousand leaves”
    and in the pictionnary :”mille-feuilles pastry”.It’s one of my favourite cakes!

  7. What a marvelous looking gourmet spread – thanks for sharing. The cake looks wonderful. A jazz brunch would be wonderful – wish I were there to share it with you all!

  8. @Maribeth: Thanks – me too:-)

    @Lime: Perfect combination you know!

    @DianeJ: I’ve a crush for seafood to you know! Hugs from both of us too.

    @Eastcoastlife: I would love to stay in the Ladies’ floor too LoL
    Thanks for the link – my post is updated!

    @Shionge: Glad you liked it too.

    @Sidney: Glad you liked it. You know I love the reports you give from your place too!

    @Cosima: and tasted even better:-)

    @Fleur de Lisa: woow, you have the Norwegian letters too!

    @Shantuanu: Winter, snow and children is a perfect match – hope to see you next winter then!

    @Claudie: Thanks for filling in with the original name – Napoleon is after all French you know:-)

    @DesertDiva: Would have loved to have you with too – welcome over next Sunday:-)

    @Missy: Ooooh…. Missy;-)

  9. Now I’m getting really hungry, every one seem to post food posts today… *lol*

    Wonderful post about the Grand :-)

    I bet the MIL was sooo pleased with her stay with you!!!!

  10. I will have to add this hotel to my list for our “next” trip to Norway as you are way over on the other coast. I hope to try some equally good food soon in Stavanger, Haugesund, and Bergen. Thanks for sharing your visit :)

  11. I would love this outing! I’m into jazz and dessert and coffee! Sign mr up!

  12. Ibsen – what a wonderful writer

    That place looks awfully posh but bring on the cake and Jazz!

  13. Hello Mr. Terella, how are you doing? It’s been a while since I visited your blog. I always like reading your posts about food :-)

  14. Oh I’ve always wanted to eat there one Sunday. Maybe this summer. Btw, we supply the flowers in that restaurant, and in Grand Hotel, too. :-)

  15. GREAT FOOD! Great Gorgeous Hotel…Great Great Music…And FABULOUS Rooms! What more could anybody want or need…I think I would need a room…lol! A rich post Renny, and that looks like a Rich Brunch, too!

  16. Sure You all had a great time at Grand Cafe. It’s such a historical place. You can feel it in the walls. I hope they still can attrack enough younger people so the rich traditions can continue…

    You really did visit the top floor with it’s large deck as well? It is such a great place. And heavenly view of downtown Oslo.

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