Starting summer with a folk festival

My regular readers know we have our vacation house in Sweden, on lake Vänern (northern Europe’s largest lake). Along the lake there are some small villages with an old charming atmosphere and fascinating history. Sjötorp has become my favorite, and we often go there for an afternoon ice cream or to play mini golf. Last weekend they had their yearly folk festival and since my wife was back home reading for her exam, I walked around and captured some of the days activities with my Nokia mobile phone. I’ll gladly take you along:

Oskar II, a sloop type sailing boat.

Although in the middle of Sweden, far away from the ocean, the village is oozing with maritime atmosphere. You see: if you are looking for a pleasant canal-side life, visit Sjötorp, the Göta Canal’s port to Lake Vänern. The canal was build 175 years ago and is one of Sweden’s biggest tourist attractions both for boaters, bikers (beside the canal) and other tourists. At the village, there are 8 locks. You can see one of them in the background to the right in the picture if you click to enlarge. Click also here for information about Göta Canal from my post last summer.

So back to the folk festival then, with stands for hand crafts, flea marked, smoked fish, seafood and of course ice cream:

There where also quite a bit of fun for the children too (for all ages you might say, but I saw mostly young ones :-)

I also hope you could tell we had the loveliest of sunny days with warm weather (25C – 77F). The children were breaking out their summer shorts, while the growing ups (especially those at the sailing boat on the first picture) were more conservative. After all it is the beginning of June and they dress more according to the calendar. Never the less, it was my first real taste this year, so since this blog also is about our four seasons: I hereby declare the summer season 2007 for opened in Scandinavia! Apropos that: It’s almost midnight here, the sun went down a little over an hour ago, its still dusk outside, and the birds are singing.