There is always something interesting going on in blogsphere. Some more important than others and among some of them today is a BlogBlast For Peace. My regular readers know one of my mottos: ‘Make Blogs Not Wars’, so I can’t let this change to participate in moving on the snowball to contribute to a better world:

There are hundreds of blog posts with the same subject out here today. I have to do it my way of course:

My blog is about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture and habits and I love to share it with the rest of the world. Even better, people read it and comments and I read their blogs too. By sharing all this and learn from others, we brake down the cultural, religious and other buries because the one we meet is a blog friend. He or she has a ‘face’ and want to participate in this givers gain. My readers know more about Norwegian history and why we are living or thinking or behave the way we do. Even more important is that I know more about the same in most countries and continents by reading their blog.

Knowledge reduces skepticism and opens your eyes to others perspectives. It makes the world smaller and reminds us of that we are living on the same planet. We might have different habits and ways of do, celebrate or working out things, but we are from the same planet and a habitant of the same global society.

Blogging connecting people as it’s an opportunity to share about our daily life, getting to know each other. Through small pieces or fragments of sharing my own and read about others, I’ve become closer and in a better understanding to their way of thinking or interpreting. I know we have differences in the way of understanding global issues, but also that there is various ways of solving or finding solutions. Blogging and reading blogs makes us more aware of the differences which I think is a way of finding a mutual understanding.

Make blogs not wars!

My regular readers knows I’m an in the A-Team of Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise. A great example of a blogsphere joint adventure throughout the whole world. There are alway new harbors to visit, new excitements to participate in and more opportunities to learn about others perspectives, culture, traditions and habits. So Read more about Lifecruiser cyber cruise and Cyber Cruise Calendar 2007. Check also Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise in Technorati.


  1. Blog is the way to go Renny and yes through blogs we embrace new cultures too :)

    To me…not only that new Friendship too…I love you pal! :)

  2. YEah… Make blogs no wars!!! I support u! Thx for sharing lots of information about Norway…and nice knowing u!

  3. Ahhh, at last someone explains what all the globe photos are all about. There must be THOUSANDS out there today. Add my “thank yous” to the list of people who appreciate you sharing your culture with us.

  4. i definitely have learned so much from you and i have enjoyed every bit of it. it’s been a joy to come here and find a friend in norway. thanks for the great job you do in building bridges from your corner of the world.

  5. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    I do believe that the blogesphere has the capability of creating friendships and understanding in ways like nothing else, because it is a ONE-TO-ONE getting to know people…All over the world we are connecting with one another, and this creates a better understanding of our differences AND our similarities. YOU definitely do this Renny, with your wonderful Norwegian Blog…Thank You for contributing in this way to peace and friendship.

  6. Hello Renny!
    I discover a new world on internet, so friendly, so nice people! I’m surprise! so much fraternity! If I had know that before I would come here earlier!

  7. That’s one of the main things I will always remember about you, Renny: Make blogs, not wars! I think it’ll be written on your tombstone some day! :)

  8. Excellent motto, post and globe, Renny!

    I have to say, the more I read of other folks lives around the world, the more the differences are removed.

    Reading the peace posts has also opened my eyes to not only everyone else’s beliefs, but also my own (I had to confront some of my childhood beliefs in one particular post that I didn’t know I had!)

    Thanks for this

    Peace to you and yours, now and always!

    Words that Flow

  9. What an interesting and novel idea – to blog for peace. Thanks for sharing your culture with the world!

  10. Last year I began blogging as a means to find information about living overseas. Through blogging, I have learned about many things beyond my original quest. I agree that it is much harder to be enemies with someone you know and blogging allows us an opportunity to meet people that we would not otherwise. Thank you Renny for being part of the solution. And 14 days until I land in Stavanger – look out Norway :)

  11. Well said, Renny! I have blog friends from ll around the world and I love hearing about their lives.

  12. I so do agree;D.
    Remember we last Fall/Autumn did talk about Blog 4 peace. Not the wave has started. I really hope this is only the top of the Iceberg.: Ordinary people want peace. But it is a fact, that too many billions live in countries where the autorities and contras do not respect Human Rights.

    I do respect most human behaviour and religions – but I know it is a great challenge to combate peacfully forces that do not respect “other thoughts”.


    What a hot day here in Oslo area today – puh

  13. Old.. well oldish cynic here. The only problem I can see is the ones that cause war are to stupid to read intelligent stuff like this!!

    Ergo they remain ignorant of the world around them.

  14. The more we all know about one another the more peace, love and understanding that can occur. Blogging is truly a powerful tool in this world today.

    I learned the song Dona Nobis Pacem when I was a young child by a wise teacher.

    Go in peace to you also.

  15. I’m cruising by from Mimi’s. Great post about this incredible community of bloggers, creating connections and friendships across borders.

    Happy Peace Globe Day.

    Peace to you!

  16. Excellent! very well said, amigo!
    It is a small world after all and we have only one. Let’s live in peace. Let’s begin with blogging!
    here is my globe :)

  17. Hi Renny, since you are a fellow foodie, I have tagged you with a food meme on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.

  18. I support you on that my dear friend Renny! Excellent motto! Hope you have a lovely weekend there!

  19. Mother of Invention

    Your motto is great! If only all the world leaders would blog and ead each other’s posts every day, they would realize we are all the same and want the same things in life.

    Peace, man!

  20. We are all so happy to learn about the Nordic culture, Renny. What a wonderful place you live in. I always appreciate your visits to my blog, too. :-)

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! XXOO

  21. To all: I’m overwhelmed again; about your visit, your comments and support in this important issue!
    Please don’t feel neglected if I don’t answer each of you personally!
    Remember what we are focused on we get more of so let’s Make Blogs not Wars:-) Blogsphere empowering people you know!

  22. Make blogs not wars!
    Through blogging I got to know some interesting and friendly people like you :)

  23. Peace to you on this very special day.

  24. Well, in a nutshell:


    Love Renny from Cath in Paris !!!!

  25. Absolutely. Blogs allow one to audit lives too without needing to respond when you don’t understand yet. You can be a fly on the wall to someone with totally different live experiences and world view and learn in a safe way.

  26. Captain Lifecruiser

    Thanks Renny for the shout out about the cyber cruise, we need to get people joining :-)

    Even though I suspect that we have to wait for the big rush til the autumn…

    It’s steaming hot over here, but I haven’t been able to put together the post about the steamboats yet – and it’s not Mr L & me that’s creating the heatwaves either ;-)

    Have you the same weather as here? Phust! It’s near 30C in the afternoons!

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