Dona Nobis Pacem

There is always something interesting going on in blogsphere. Some more important than others and among some of them today is a BlogBlast For Peace. My regular readers know one of my mottos: ‘Make Blogs Not Wars’, so I can’t let this change to participate in moving on the snowball to contribute to a better world:

There are hundreds of blog posts with the same subject out here today. I have to do it my way of course:

My blog is about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture and habits and I love to share it with the rest of the world. Even better, people read it and comments and I read their blogs too. By sharing all this and learn from others, we brake down the cultural, religious and other buries because the one we meet is a blog friend. He or she has a ‘face’ and want to participate in this givers gain. My readers know more about Norwegian history and why we are living or thinking or behave the way we do. Even more important is that I know more about the same in most countries and continents by reading their blog.

Knowledge reduces skepticism and opens your eyes to others perspectives. It makes the world smaller and reminds us of that we are living on the same planet. We might have different habits and ways of do, celebrate or working out things, but we are from the same planet and a habitant of the same global society.

Blogging connecting people as it’s an opportunity to share about our daily life, getting to know each other. Through small pieces or fragments of sharing my own and read about others, I’ve become closer and in a better understanding to their way of thinking or interpreting. I know we have differences in the way of understanding global issues, but also that there is various ways of solving or finding solutions. Blogging and reading blogs makes us more aware of the differences which I think is a way of finding a mutual understanding.

Make blogs not wars!

My regular readers knows I’m an in the A-Team of Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise. A great example of a blogsphere joint adventure throughout the whole world. There are alway new harbors to visit, new excitements to participate in and more opportunities to learn about others perspectives, culture, traditions and habits. So Read more about Lifecruiser cyber cruise and Cyber Cruise Calendar 2007. Check also Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise in Technorati.