Hot summer day in Oslo, Norway

We’ve had the loveliest, sunny and warm weather in Oslo this week. The last three days with an all time high temperature in beginning of June (at least for the last 110 years): more than 30 C (86F)! I know some of my readers around the world would say that’s more like a mild temperature, but let me then remind you of that Oslo is at Latitude: 59° 56’North. That’s the same as the southern tip of Greenland, Seward in Alaska or e.g. St Petersburg in Russia. Despite its perception as being a cold country you may be surprised to find Norway has so much sun and hot summer weather, particularly around the southern coast. This temperate climate is thanks to the Gulf Stream which flows along the coast. But of course it doesn’t happen every day and certainly not in the weekend, so let me show you how this crazy Vikings are doing in the capital of Norway when the heath is on:

So why make so much fuss about it, other than a record in temperature. Well, let me show you what this fountain square looks like in the winter time then:

This is why I talk so much about the significant four seasons in Norway and why I love it. Winter time gives lots of opportunities to have fun. Just check my Categories/Labels in the side bar Navigation for ‘Winter’, and you’ll see what I mean. But then again a hot day gives some advantages too and it’s lovely to see how the same spot can be used as a water paradise like this:

There are a lot of fountains around in Oslo and when I was walking around in the hot city today, I mange to capture a few with my Nokia mobile phone (click all pics to enlarge!).

Totem pole at Aker Brygge – Meeting point in Oslo

Regarding the latitude of Oslo, may I also add about today: Sunrise at 03:58 and Sunset at 22:35. So when I post this evening, it’s still dusk outside, and the birds are singing.

The reason for my trip around in the city today was actually because it’s ‘The Norwegian Food in Streets’ and ‘Oslo Summer Festival’. So don’t miss my next post then – with more about our culture, traditions and how the Vikings go crazy on a hot day:-)

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  1. TJENA!
    We are packing for 2 weeks in Idre and I wanted to share your joy in the wonderful weather we are having! My kök thermometer said 32.4 in the shade so it is awfully hot here as well! The only people making any money are the glas bilen och Vatten, LOL!

  2. Gina seems to have the same weather as here in stockholm and as Oslo as well :-)

    Phew! I think those fontain’s looks very inviting!!!

    *throwing off my clothes*


  3. We have rain today in the pacific northwest USA. But that’s not unusual for this part of the world in June.

    I’m actually enjoying it because it keeps everything fresh and cool.

    Thanks for dropping by. It’s great to get perspectives from all over the world.

  4. Glad you are having such BEAUTIFUL weather, Renny…It sounds idlyic…And I love your pictures, as always….And look forward to what The Vikings do at that Food Festival!(lol) You always give us all such wonderful things to look at and read about in your beloved country, my dear Renny.

  5. Yes it is a rainy weekend here but we have had flood watches everywhere so this cooler weather is a welcome for us..

    Plus I’ve needed to catch up on sleep!

    Now you are totally tempting me to want to get to Norway. Norway is also where my family is from so it more than interests me..

    And your great weather – how much fun!

    I’m glad you are enjoying it! I’ve been up before the birds daily…

    :) Great pics!

  6. Oh yes that would be just as hot as in Singapore now Renny. Lovely place to chill out ya!!! Thanks for sharing.

    And oh yes…thanks for the comment about the procelain factory I’ve leave a comment there too :)

  7. You’ve really a beautiful weather, better than in south! Nice to see all people playing and take good time in fountains! I’m impatient to see your post about vikings in hot day! The photos are beautiful!
    I like winter at mountain cause I love snow and ski, you have the chance to have super activities all the year!

  8. @Gina: Wish you a hot and lovely trip!

    @CaptainLifecruiser: The whole Scandinavia is hot you know!
    Wish I was there with my cam when you jumped in:-)

    @Travis: Thanks for the weather report from your part of the world then – cool:-)

    @OldOldLadyOnTheHills: Thanks for your compliments Naomi – I try my best and love to visit your world to you know!

    @ET: It’s hard to wish for a change after a long, wet and cold winter, but you might have a point.

    @Shionge: Actually the weather we have reminds me of the time I was in Singapore, 10 years ago.
    Glad you liked Porsgrunn porcelain.

    @Claudie: Yea, not often we have wormer days than you!
    I like it too; Norway i a nut shell I would say:-)

  9. Gee what a long daylight and in winter it’s just nearly always dark ! Here the birds starts at 5am and 9.45 it gets dark. I missed the hot weather here while I had hot weather in Turkey and today it’s rather cool only 22°. My Turkey round trip was wonderful and I have a lot to post on my travel blog ! So many historical places !

  10. So, your dream is to become a paparazzi…. *giggles*

    Looks like this week is going to be filled with cyber cruise post with a short notice :-)

    BTW: You’ve been tagged:

    The Birthdate Meme

  11. The weather looks lovely indeed especially here also in Bergen. Though sometimes I do miss the rain heheheheheh

  12. Glad you are enjoying summer weather up north! I like the 25ºC/ 77F weather, this is what we are having now in Barcelona. We seldom reach 30ºC/85 F but humidity arrives in july/august…making everything sticky and uncomfortable. I spend the Spanish summer in the shade and next to a fan!

  13. that is already hot for you?? hehehe. that is an ordinary temperature here. hehehe. i really love your pictures showing the different effects of a season in the same place. and i would like to experience that kind of sunrise and sunset :)

  14. Summer in Norway sounds like such a good idea alas I won’t get the chance this year but maybe next time I’m back int he UK I’ll hp over!

  15. i really have appreciated the way you’ve shared about the season because youare right, i tended to only think of the cold dark winters until i began reading yoru blog. you’ve done such an excellent job at educating me and yoru other readers.

  16. Your weather reminds me a bit of Amsterdam, Renny. One day it can be quite hot outside and then the next day I have to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt. I prefer the latter, of course.

    And it’s always still a bit light out when we go to bed around 22:00. Thank God for the heavy drapes that darken the bedroom!

  17. @Gattina: Yea, and actually quite differently from Norway to Belgium.
    Your reports from Turkey are sooo interesting!

    @CaptainLifecruiser: Who can resist if you go skinny dipping!
    Ohh, no, tagged now again LoL

    @Chase: Missing rain !?!?! Now you’ve lived to long in Bergen!

    @Teena: They both have their advantages you know!

    @RR: Always nice to welcome new readers – thanks for the compliments and welcome back!

    @Mar: Yea, its kind of strange and seldom that we have warmer weather in Oslo, compare to Spain. I prefer shade, a fan and maybe a swim.

    @Tin-tin: I know, but you are used to it!
    Glad you like the pics and you know you are always welcome to claim your free lunch in Oslo!

    @ShadowFalcon: Give me a hint before you’ll hop over so I can catch you!

    @Lime: I’m glad you got the hang of it. Both winter and summer are great you know!

    @Ginnie: It often depends of the mood of the ocean and can various quite a bit you know :-)
    Heavy drapers or blinds are a must in the summer time!

  18. beautiful pictures,thanks for sharing.
    …ours is 27 C today,getting hot, hot, hot!
    fun,fun,fun sunny days! Im sure you and your wife will have lots of fun this summer,enjoy! dont forget to share some pics…thanks

  19. Thanks for the finite details of sunrise & sunset! My brain never knew life could be that way and i love it. Thanks for the effort you put in your posts with the pictures showing the summer/winter contrasts. I enjoy them a lot and it’s so humbling to see nature be the way that it is.

    Rain & snow was predicted for today, but no snow. I rarely snows, once a year in this region if we’re lucky so i’m secretly hoping we might have a record cold one over here ;)

  20. The Gulf Stream is so amazing! I’m loving learning about the weather patterns around the world!

    Looks like y’all have fun throughout all of the days; the winter picture is so magical!

    I’d love to visit Oslo one day! It is so beautiful there. :-)

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