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A feast of Caribbean cuisine

Even if I don’t consider mine as a food blog, I realize there have been some posts about it lately. This time I’ll take you along to a culinary feast at Lemongrass. I was there with some colleagues from The Norwegian Computer Society this week. I’d been really looking forward to it, as I love to share good food in a cultural atmosphere around the table and a nice conversation with friends. There are a lot of different restaurants in Oslo, but I’ve never tasted genuine Caribbean food and I can assure you (referring to my last post – scroll down to read!), we’re not talking about fast food here. Let’s start with the beginning as I show you Lemongrass from the outside:

Welcome to Lemongrass – click to enlarge!

The restaurant has the most delicate and tasteful interior. Let me give you a peek:

The entrance – the dinning room

The occasion, you may ask? Well, in Norway we have this tradition of getting together at the end of a season and calling it a Summer Party. It’s common in companies, organisations, schools or just among friends to get together before the summer holidays. It might be in restaurants like we did, or in a park or as a cook out in someone’s garden. My regular readers know me as a network evangelist and I just love this kind of happening. I’ve been through two already and have two more before the end of June where I start my vacation.

But let me get back to Lemongrass, my friends and give you the proof of the pudding:

Do any of my regular readers recognize any of these nice looking guys?

We’ve known each other for years and have worked together in workgroups in The Norwegian Computer Society. We share the same interests and professionally that is the strategic use of Information Technology. The conversation though, might varies from IT to what plans we have for this summer – and everything in between.

But a post about food, without showing you the lovely treat for that evening would be a disgrace. So let me end with our three course menu served by a polite, elegant waiter Olle from Sweden, who told us a lot about what we where eating:

Bermuda Chowder
Soup made of shellfish fond, reduced with cream and white wine; Sancerre 2005, Montintin. Loire, France

Chicken trio
The chef’s selection of three chicken dishes accompanied by the wine: Chateau Mercier Cuveé Prestige 2004. Côtes de Bourg, France

Mango Brulé
Crème brulée with mango and mango caulis and a double espresso.

And then the fun began as someone asked for a brandy. Olle said, here you drink Rum and brought four bottles to show us:

I had La Mauny- it tasted like hmmmmm; heaven, and we all had a jolly good time. I was in bed around 1AM, but who cares. We had a wonderful gathering, a lovely meal and some good discussions – tons of good ideas for what we are going to do for the autumn season in our society – besides; it’s soon summer vacation you know:-)

As we are talking about the Caribbean, I dedicate this post to two of my blog friends who are familiar with the area; Lime and ttfootball. I hope one day we can dine at Lemongrass in Oslo!

I wonder if others of my readers have the same Summer Party traditions as we have in Norway?

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  1. I heartily second the idea of dining there sometime!

    Looks liek you had a good time :-)

  2. That crystal lighting fixture in the entrance to Lemongrass is gorgeous!

    The food sounds wonderful! That Bermuda Chowder and the creme brulee’ sounds especially delicious, and I love coffee! Espresso is a favorite of mine.

    We don’t have the Summer Party tradition here, Renny. Although we don’t need an excuse for a backyard barbecue or any kind of get together, LOL! ;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, my friend, and Happy Father’s Day to you!

    Love and hugs,


  3. I love all the pics. I often wonder how you do it! No fear, no cares, just photograph everything you want. ;-)

    As for the tradition, nope… But I think for me it’s a bit different being an expat. I’m still adjusting and trying to find some good true friends. I have found a few, but most of my friends live in California or Switzerland… Life always moves..


    I have a food post too!

  4. Renny, this was really a great evening. Good friends and a surprise of a heavenly meal. To be in Oslo, the prices are reasonable. But above all – everybody were in a very good mood.
    Anna just looked at the pictures, and enjoyed them all . Hugs from her to you both.

  5. Thank you for introducing Lemongrass Renny, there is a Lemongrass here in Singapore and it is a Thai Restaurant because alot of food uses lemongrass :)

    Nice bonding with frenz and that’s wonderful :)

  6. Lemongrass looks like a lovely spot and someplace I’d enjoy. I see your good friend Tor in one of those photos. :-)

    I like to celebrate mid-summer’s night– it will be upon us soon. The summer solstice is such a wonderful occasion (or excuse) for a celebration.

  7. @ttfootball: Glad you approved!

    @DianeJ: I knew you would love it:-)
    I agree: no excuses for a gathering!
    Thanks for the greeting!

    @ET: No risk, no fun you know and I want to show my daily life you know!
    Your food post is great – go check everyone!

    @TorAa: Always good to have you around the table pal!

    @Shionge: Sounds like a great restaurant concept then:-)

    @Teena: Agree, the chicken tasted more than just chicken that way!

    @Fleur de Lisa: Congrats – your the first one who have seen me and Tor!
    You should come over and celebrate mid-summer night here in the land of the midnight sun then!

  8. Thank you for the introduction to this nice restaurant. I really want to go there and try it out, wonder if they make glutenfree food… that is a killer:) You seem to have had a wonderful experience.

  9. Ooooohh I should check this out when I am in Oslo. The food looks so great especially the creme brulee. I love it!

  10. I always think of Scandinavian food as mostly involving fish, so I like reading your posts that disprove my misconceptions …

    Speaking of your summer party traditions, I looking forward to reading your annual Solstice coverage in just a few days!

  11. Summer party sounds lovely.
    So does mango creme brule. Fun to make, bet it’s detectible to eat too.

  12. wonderful renny! if i ever make it to scandinavia i’d love to join you at lemongrass! and hopefully we’d also have time for me to cook you some authentic trini food and you coudl cook me some authentic norwegian fare…all slow food of course :)

  13. Hi Renny –
    Thre Chicken trio was a wonderful and different experience – and the wine made a it truly stand out. I’m off to the wine store..

    Have A Great Summer, my friend !


  14. New experience! Lovely food! Great company (as usual)!
    Funny how we Scandinavians liven up with some good wine, and good food, especially when it summer. Sorry about not liking Rum.


  15. Oh my, now I’m getting really hungry and I’m just only about to eat breakfast (we’re so tired after the wedding) – and now I want dinner at once!

    It has happened before that I’ve eaten dinner instead of breakfast you know! *giggles*

    I LOVE the outside of the restaurant, a very special look and sign indeed, but the inside could have said more Carribean :-)

    …but that is compensated with a Swedish waiter because I would be able to understand all he said and get the important information! I don’t know why I have such a problem to understand norwegian… It doesn’t even help if I drink more! *giggles*

    Looks like you had a really nice time there, Tor and you :-)

    We have that tradition here in Sweden too in a lot of companies and even more in christmas time.

    I’m going to link to this post in next post later, today I’m posting two post about the special wedding!

  16. We don’t exactly have that tradition in America, Renny, but we DO have picnics or BBQs throughout the summer–at least we did while growing up. There are many chuches that have potluck picnics on their grounds every Sunday after church during the summertime. It brings back lots of good memories!

  17. @Saami: Good to see you here my new blog friend1 Sorry, they don’t have glutenfree:-(

    @Chase: Let’s go there together!

    @bryMantra: Norway has it all you know LoL
    I know I am obliged :-)

    @Pearl: Come over one summer and join us!

    @Lime: A food feast in our kitchen – sounds great – come right on over Lime!!

    @Lynn: I know you would love it too!

    @Johs: Thanks for the comment – always good to sit around the table with you Johs!

    @Klaus: Good to have you around the table as well pal! You really should have tried Rum – only this time!!

    @ShadowFalcen: My memory from this makes me hungry too:-)

    @CaptainLifecruiser: Olle was great. I’m glad I understand Swedish too:-)
    Even so around Christmas time in Norway too you know!
    I’ll check you up later!

    @Ginnie: Thanks for sharing and I’m glad I could refresh your memory:-)

  18. I had no idea you had Caribbean restaurants there. I’d love the Mango creme brulee!

    We open summer by having Father’s Day BBQ as we did yesterday at my place. It’s usually summery weather by then.

  19. I recognize you far left and TorAa right in front of the pic! it seems like you know how to enjoy life. I know summer gatherings in Spain from the classes I take: gym class and French, we celebrate the end of the school year with breakfast or dinner. haven’t heard of work mates doing this kind of celebration.

  20. I’ve always wanted to dine at Lemongrass. Now that you posted this, I should definitely go there. And yeah, I heard the food is good there. :-)

  21. What a meal, Renny….I love that you have so many fun times in restaurants wether with just your lovely wife, or relatives or dear friends., sharing good conversation and wonderful ideas!
    As far as I know, we don’t have any tradition such as this, in this country, though I personally think it is a wonderful one!
    Lemongrass looks like a wonderful restaurant and it obciously has a lot of good wines and soirits, too!
    I feel as if I was there with you all Renny!

  22. Wow, I think I need to bring my family over and hang out with you guys! You are always having so much fun. Mmm mmm!

    I’m taking a break from my plumbing problems to blog a little and come visit people!

  23. I see you Renny, and I think I see TorAa. You all look like your having a blast. Great looking food and burgundy YUM! :-)

  24. Yes we have it here too, maybe not everybody but a lot of companies do it and of course schools and universities. During summer holidays everything is slowed down, even the traffic. While reading eating and discuss there is one thing missing you should see on the link Mrs. Lifecruiser put in for me on her blog, romans way of meetings.

  25. your blog is like a food blog coz you always post food. hhehehe. it’s like for the places you go to, you feature the menu you had. i like the chicken. hehehe. i think we also celebrate summer that way. but by the beach :)

  26. A chic restaurant you were with your friends! I notice the good french wine and I’m sure your dessert was…miam,miam…! I become hungry suddenly! We have such here in France too and you know I’m teacher and soon summervacation. This year it will take place at school but it could be in a restaurant too.

  27. I haven’t been to a Caribbean restaurant before, and the only dish I know from the area is Jamaican Jerk Chicken. I better eat there whenever I find myself in Oslo.

  28. @MotherOfInvention: It was sweet and good yea!
    What a great day to start the summer:-)

    @Mar: Your so right!
    Thanks for sharing your similar tradition experience!

    @Mark: Keep me posted when you’ve been there!

    @OldOldLadyOfTheHills: Thanks – and you know I love to share!
    Glad you felt like you where sitting in:-)

    @Jen: Your always welcome!
    Good to see you again:-)

    @SwordGirl: Your so right!

    @Gattina: Show the similarity between Norway and Belgium you know.
    I’ll check your post!

    @Tin-tin: eheheh, you might be right!

    @Claudie: Thanks for sharing and it shows the similarity between Norway and France you know.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting: Get in touch when you find yourself in Oslo:-)

  29. wow wonderful post! i agree the Lemongrass have a tasteful interior. i love it! how i wish i could have dinner there one time, heehee, thanks for sharing picture perfect!

    the group….they all look wonderful person.

  30. Oh MY! Sounds like Lemongrass is the happening spot in Oslo! That chandelier is GORGEOUS! The food looks fabulous – and I know the company was great!!! What a FUN time! Thank you for sharing it!

  31. hi Renny
    Fabulous photos and the food looks delicious !!
    Unfortunately I could not view your ‘about me’ video…..my computer is obviously blocking it for some strange reason…
    regards Kim

  32. Gee your blog about A feast of Caribbean cuisine is hmm how can i say, different from the others. Keep adding i will be back

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