Meet RennyBA with Digital Story Telling

Story telling has always fascinated me. I love telling and I think my blog in someway is proof of that. Listening is even more interesting – if the story is good – and I’ve loved it since I was a child. I so much remember sitting on my grandfathers (born 1902) lap and listening to his stories from when he was young. He wasn’t only telling – he was painting images in my mind which I still can remember. The three favorite (yes, I could here them again and again) was when he saw the first car (sitting behind a big stone away from the road and saw a wagon coming towards him with no horse in front!?!), when they got electricity in the farm house (to see a glass bulb lighting without oil!) and when they got the first telephone (to talk to a person who wasn’t in the room – that was witchcraft!).

So where does this introduction lead us? Well, I was attending a mini course in Story Telling last week, and best of all, now technology is involved! I was thrilled when a good old co-worker of mine who now is lecturer at Oslo University College, accepted my application to attend. You see, this time the subject was Digital Story Telling! We were led through a process of making our own history by two guys with a creative company name: Jazzmontør (Eng: ‘Jazz Assembling’). Their theories are based on the work of the Center for Digital Story Telling in CA, US. (From their web page): ‘We’re dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Our focus is on developing large-scale projects for community, educational, and business institutions, using the methods and principles of the Digital Storytelling Workshop.’

What an interesting, educational and exciting workshop. Kjetil and Kristoffer from Jazzmontør where very inspirational and guided us gently through our struggle to find the right story. You see the key issue is to find out what you are going to tell about and do it in less than 500 words or in 3 – 4 minutes. The idea was to find a personal story and tell it in a way so others could understand, identify and be touched without being too intrusive.

When the story was done, the rest was a piece of cake. You collect photos, illustrations and other multimedia objects like music and sound as well as recording your story. Then using MS Movie Maker, you assemble it all in to a Digital Story.

My story, you might ask? Well as it should be understood without further introduction, I just ask you to play it (with your speakers up loud!):

Since this is not only a premier, but my first world premier, I’m anxious to have your comments of course :-)