Happy Birthday to OldOldLady Of The Hills

This is an exceptional post about an extraordinary Birthday Girl. Having hundred of blog friends, I normally don’t do this as it would have filled a blog in itself. Naomi though, turning 76 today and so spiritual and young at heart is a good reason for an exception. She has been living a long and lively life and I do hope she will forgive me for borrowing from her post today – from the beginning and up until today:

I met Naomi in the blogsphere less that two years ago – actually one of my first blog friends. Since then I’ve learned to know this remarkable woman trough her daily life in The Hills through her blog. She is very talkative and sometimes writes until she has writers cramp, but you can’t stop reading and reading these fascinating stories of Naomi.

I know a lot of my regular readers have Naomi on their daily list too. If you haven’t been there today: go visit her blog and give her a well deserved greeting. For new visitors, don’t miss her Birthday post about her rich and exciting life.

Long live OldOldLady Of The Hills! Let’s show her the power of blogging: visiting and give her more than a 100 comments to her post today!

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  1. She is a remarkable woman and a dear blog friend. She has inspired me many times! I was already there but you are right: she should get comments and more comments to brighten up her birthday celebrations!
    And you are a very caring person! I just hope you let us know your very own birthday to congratulate you accordingly :)

  2. Renny dear….This is such a WONDERFUL post! I am touched and thrilled, too! My life sounds fabulous as you write it….lol….But, in truth…it has been a GOOD life, so far…even with the Bumps that come with just being alive!

    Thank You, dear Renny, with all my heart! You are so sweet to do this…And I have no words to tell you what this means to me…! Merci, Merci!

  3. Renny, you’re right! I come back from Naomi and I’m total under the charm!
    I am walking on the planet web and I discover a world full of marvelous people!

  4. Woot! 76 and looking great! She wrote a wonderful post on her birthday. Thanks Renny. You are a great friend. :)

  5. Thank you for introducting Naomi to us and yes I’ll swing by to visit her too.

    Happy BIrthday to a gracious lady :D

  6. what a great post and a great birthday wish!

    Thanks for the well wishes!

    And yes we’ve got Bob with us!

  7. Thank you for the link to Naomi, Renny! She happens to share my mom’s birthday, who would have been 91 this week (she died in 1997).

    I gladly added my comment!

  8. I check in with Naomi everyday … and have already been there to wish her a happy birthday :)

  9. Thank You dear Renny, quite a few people have come to visit from your lovely tribute…I thank you from the bottom of my heart….!

  10. A neat lady with a cool bunch of friends. I’ve visited a bit and I’ve seen her on numerou other blogs. Happy B-day to her!

  11. Hi Renny :)

    that is mighty sweet of you to blog your friend’s birthday…
    from Holland with much greetings, Happy Birthday Naomi!!

    …and a big bear hug for you, Renny (^-^)

  12. Ill go visit her. :d How nice of you to make a post specially for her.

    Ive linked you. Thanks for the visit. Youre on my daily reads.

  13. Hi Renny,

    Happy weekend to you & please extend my b-day greetings to your friend naomi!


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