Happy Birthday to OldOldLady Of The Hills

This is an exceptional post about an extraordinary Birthday Girl. Having hundred of blog friends, I normally don’t do this as it would have filled a blog in itself. Naomi though, turning 76 today and so spiritual and young at heart is a good reason for an exception. She has been living a long and lively life and I do hope she will forgive me for borrowing from her post today – from the beginning and up until today:

I met Naomi in the blogsphere less that two years ago – actually one of my first blog friends. Since then I’ve learned to know this remarkable woman trough her daily life in The Hills through her blog. She is very talkative and sometimes writes until she has writers cramp, but you can’t stop reading and reading these fascinating stories of Naomi.

I know a lot of my regular readers have Naomi on their daily list too. If you haven’t been there today: go visit her blog and give her a well deserved greeting. For new visitors, don’t miss her Birthday post about her rich and exciting life.

Long live OldOldLady Of The Hills! Let’s show her the power of blogging: visiting and give her more than a 100 comments to her post today!