Home made meat cakes from Norway

Norway and the Norwegians have turned into summer hibernations: It doesn’t mean what you first think of as we are not at all ‘sleeping’. It’s just that most of the people or at least half of the population has started their vacation, me included:-) So we’ll be at our summer home in Sweden mostly, although a bit back and forth, as my wife still works part time on night shift in Oslo. The children have some plans too, including camping with some friends, but we are ready for a long, warm summer with golf, swimming, fishing, sight seeing and relaxing.

So today only Kyle and I, my bonus child went by car to our summer house. It’s a long time since we had this chance to be together only him and me and we really had a great time talking along the road. The trip takes about 5 hours and with no hurry, we had some stops and a hot dog treat too. Half way in a big grocery we bought what we needed for dinner and I asked him if he would like to make some? He did: Norwegian home made meat cakes! I don’t how it is home with you, but sometimes I feel the children don’t get the chance to show their kitchen skills. But they can! They’ve learned it in school, but often the dinner is to be done in a hurry after a long day and the children are left out as the adults know better. Not today, so one hour after we came to our summer home, Kyle said: ‘Dinner is served’ – would you like to sit inn?:

In Norway, meatballs are called kjøttkaker (“meat cakes”) and resemble Danish frikadeller, but they are usually made from ground beef. This dish is traditionally served with boiled potatoes, gravy, lingonberry jam and/or stewed green peas. Some people also like to add fried/caramelized onion on the side. As in Denmark, Swedish köttbullar (meatballs) are widely popular. But of course Norwegian meat cakes is the best! Here is my dish:

We didn’t have lingonberry, and also I like red beat better (the red slice on the left side of my plate). I also like cabbage stew in stead of green peas, so we had that too! If I ad that Kyle did both the gravy for the meat cakes and the white sauce for stew, wouldn’t you say this was perfect!

After dinner, we’ve had a jolly good time installing a Skype telephone on my computer and he has head set on his. We have broad band in the summer home of course! Boys wanna have fun too you know.

For those who was worried about my business while spending almost 4 weeks on vacation, I can assure you, I can do everything from where ever I am as long as I’m connected to the net and with my 3G (umts) Nokia mobile phone, I can even do video conferences. Wanna have a chat? Well Skype me then – RennyBA:-)