Home made meat cakes from Norway

Norway and the Norwegians have turned into summer hibernations: It doesn’t mean what you first think of as we are not at all ‘sleeping’. It’s just that most of the people or at least half of the population has started their vacation, me included:-) So we’ll be at our summer home in Sweden mostly, although a bit back and forth, as my wife still works part time on night shift in Oslo. The children have some plans too, including camping with some friends, but we are ready for a long, warm summer with golf, swimming, fishing, sight seeing and relaxing.

So today only Kyle and I, my bonus child went by car to our summer house. It’s a long time since we had this chance to be together only him and me and we really had a great time talking along the road. The trip takes about 5 hours and with no hurry, we had some stops and a hot dog treat too. Half way in a big grocery we bought what we needed for dinner and I asked him if he would like to make some? He did: Norwegian home made meat cakes! I don’t how it is home with you, but sometimes I feel the children don’t get the chance to show their kitchen skills. But they can! They’ve learned it in school, but often the dinner is to be done in a hurry after a long day and the children are left out as the adults know better. Not today, so one hour after we came to our summer home, Kyle said: ‘Dinner is served’ – would you like to sit inn?:

In Norway, meatballs are called kjøttkaker (“meat cakes”) and resemble Danish frikadeller, but they are usually made from ground beef. This dish is traditionally served with boiled potatoes, gravy, lingonberry jam and/or stewed green peas. Some people also like to add fried/caramelized onion on the side. As in Denmark, Swedish köttbullar (meatballs) are widely popular. But of course Norwegian meat cakes is the best! Here is my dish:

We didn’t have lingonberry, and also I like red beat better (the red slice on the left side of my plate). I also like cabbage stew in stead of green peas, so we had that too! If I ad that Kyle did both the gravy for the meat cakes and the white sauce for stew, wouldn’t you say this was perfect!

After dinner, we’ve had a jolly good time installing a Skype telephone on my computer and he has head set on his. We have broad band in the summer home of course! Boys wanna have fun too you know.

For those who was worried about my business while spending almost 4 weeks on vacation, I can assure you, I can do everything from where ever I am as long as I’m connected to the net and with my 3G (umts) Nokia mobile phone, I can even do video conferences. Wanna have a chat? Well Skype me then – RennyBA:-)

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  1. kyle seems like quite the cook! i think i’d prefer the cabbage to the peas as well, and i’d very much like to try the lingonberry jam. so nice that the two of you had that special time together and that you get on so well with each other.

  2. The meatballs and boiled potatoes sound good. What’s the white mushy stuff above the beets? Looks like mashed potatoes.

    I’m on my way :)

  3. Your meat cake dinner looks delicious, Renny! Kyle did a great job with the gravy and the white sauce. A lot of experienced cooks are intimidated by gravy and white sauce!

    Enjoy your vacation with these long summer days, and have a great weekend. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  4. Well, I am envious of all Europeans, who seem to get 4-6 weeks holidays and all have summer houses. Most of us Canadians only have 2 weeks and you are very lucky to be able to afford a cottage on a lake.

    I think I’d like this meal! it’s not even fish!

    It is our National Holiday tomorrow, Canada Day! There will be fireworks and flag raisings on houses. I still think it’s a shame we only put flags up one day a year!

  5. Soubds like your son is a very good cook! It all looks wonderful REnnie…You must stop my blog and see the Birthday Lunch…I show the plate like you do….It was quite yummy!
    Your summer home sounds ideal for your work, but I feel for your wife having to go back to Oslo so often….Does she drive it each time? I’m tired just thinking about it! (lol)

  6. You make me hungry with this nice photos of your son’s meal!!! Here in France there are not many men who are cooking but in fact these who do it are marvelous chefs and the best chefs are often men!
    You say that Kyle learned cooking at school!? I’d like to know more about it! Is it commoun in Norway to learn cook at school or did your son a professionnal cooking school?
    It seems you have marvelous vacation time! A paradize!!!

  7. oh men! looks a little gross dont get mad at me ok? but i think its taste good i can smell it heheheh

  8. I think the norwegian cakes would be on the top level of the pyramid.

    If you want in on the food blog, send me an email at kibabin(at)gmail.com. It’d be great to have some Norwegian influence on there.

  9. I prefer lingonberries to beets, but I am certain that this was all still very good.

    Cooking together is a most excellent was to spend the evening.

    I’m off the the Gulf of Mexico on a holiday and hope to cook some fresh fish and shrimp soon!

  10. When I visit Ikea store there’s this meat balls that they sell at the restaurant so is Norwegian meatball very much like that too?

    Thank you for sharing Renny…great post!

  11. i love cooking too. its good your child knows how to prepare this kind of dishes.

    i got a skype phone and need someone to chat with.

    have a happy summer!
    Go skiing on swedish resorts, they are beautiful.

  12. I love beets but I am the only one in my family that does so I don’t get them very often! The dish looks so yummy. We often let the kids cook as they are all eager to make sure they won’t starve when on their own! Also it gives me and Hubby some down time from the kitchen!

  13. It’s amazing how the kids, only by looking with “a half eye” on their parents cooking, are able to make splendid dishes. And this Meat cakes looks delicate.

    PS. My son too did make meat cakes on Sunday – heated on the barbecue. And served 3 generations on the outside platform. With fresh salad and selfgrown tomatoes.

  14. Great to keep the children in the traditions. This reminds me a little of some of the meals we had in Finland last summer–particularly the boiled potatoes. Very tastey.

  15. As I’m not hungry enough you serve me this post – someone hand me a BIG, BIG towel for all my drooling!!!!
    I have all kind of smells in my nose and my stomach is just screaming very load by now!!!!!
    The hungry monster is wake!

    I just knew Norwegian meat cakes was just the right thing for a demanding girl like you and of course I would have served Norwegian aquavit (to calm down your stomach:-)

  16. First of all, I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENNY!!!! Many many happy returns and health always !!!!

    Yes, never underestimate the power of social media and indeed, some of our local politicans are into blogging and facebook because they recognise this is a form of outreach to the youth and people on the ground too.

    Happy Week ahead Renny :D

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