Welcome to www.terella.no

I have the pleasure of welcoming you all to RennyBA’s new blog home hosted by me at www.terella.no. With good help from my friend and blog designer Chas, I have migrated from my old blog with all the content, posts and comments. That means that you can find all my previous articles about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, food and habits and easily find it in categories or just by searching within my blog.
Carpe Diem:-)

Links & Blogrolls
I’ve tried the best to import and updated links to all my blog friends. If you by accident are left out, please give me a hint! Also I do hope all of you update your blogroll to this new site: www.terella.no!

I would love to read comments on what you think about my new blog home of course. If you have suggestions for improvements, I’ll gladly take them too. Since it’s vacation time, I have some time to adjust and improve you know:-) Besides ‘Make Blogs not Wars’, my motto is ‘Sharing knowledge is the best way of learning’!