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I have the pleasure of welcoming you all to RennyBA’s new blog home hosted by me at www.terella.no. With good help from my friend and blog designer Chas, I have migrated from my old blog with all the content, posts and comments. That means that you can find all my previous articles about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, food and habits and easily find it in categories or just by searching within my blog.
Carpe Diem:-)

Links & Blogrolls
I’ve tried the best to import and updated links to all my blog friends. If you by accident are left out, please give me a hint! Also I do hope all of you update your blogroll to this new site: www.terella.no!

I would love to read comments on what you think about my new blog home of course. If you have suggestions for improvements, I’ll gladly take them too. Since it’s vacation time, I have some time to adjust and improve you know:-) Besides ‘Make Blogs not Wars’, my motto is ‘Sharing knowledge is the best way of learning’!

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  1. Hi Renny. Your new website is looking great – congratulation with it. Have fun continuing your great and informative posts about Norway.

    Thanks Nan and you where the first one to comment you know – congrats!
    Thanks for your compliments too – I’ll keep up the good work:-)

  2. Hint, hint! I hope you will add me.
    Love you new spot. I love having archives and categories. Wonderful!

    Thanks and I’m glad if you enjoy reading around!
    My blogroll on Links are updated of course:-)

  3. I love the new site! I think WordPress is a great blog home and I have been having fun every since I switched last year. I think this is a very nicely presented page! Hope you enjoy it! Now I am off to read about meat cakes!

    Glad you liked it and I think yours are great too!
    Glad you like the meat cakes too and that we are agree on beets:-)

  4. Hmmm…..I think I like your new home, Renny. I don’t know much about WordPress since I’ve always used Blogger.
    I hope you enjoy your new home and new blogging platform. :-)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Diane, hope you have a great 4th. You too, Renny!
    Love and hugs,

    Glad you liked it too and I’m sure we all will enjoy it!
    My parents comes over to visit us in our summer home today and we will celebrate 4th eating spare ribs you know:-)

  5. Renny:
    Congrats. An old dream has come true. Hope you can show me more behind the scenes when we pop over to Mariestad.
    I like the design. It’s very stringent. No fuzz. Easy to open. Easy to navigate. That means: Pro.
    ps. I do miss one of your blog-friends among the links – think about your post June 27.

    Thanks Tor, your clear and honest feeds back was flattering and of course you can see all behind the scenes when you are coming to visit us in Sweden!
    PS: Thanks for reminding me of that Naomi’s blog was missing from my blogroll – it’s up now:-)

  6. nice sleek new look, very nice. welcome to your new home:)

    Thanks Lime and good to see you at the house warming party!

  7. Yay! Welcome to the world of WP and control over your own blog! You will notice a big difference having your own site.

    Thanks and I know your experienced. I’ve noticed some difference already – this was of replaying to comments is one of them:-)

  8. Looks really good in that it seems more centred and you don’t need to pull it back and forth along the bottom to keep it all in view. Same with up and down..you can see it better where to scroll. Okay, for me, you could make the font a tad larger!

    Thanks for telling me why and how you like my new blog and also what you like to be improved.

  9. Hiya Renny…something new & refreshing. If it works for you we are happy to be here :D

    Thanks – seams like we all are happy then:-)

  10. Renny, hi again. so sorry for not informing you that this is me ( of “In Nederland” )
    I also moved to a new e-home ;)
    wishing you lots of fun on yours ;)

    Thanks for telling me now then – I’ve missed you, you know – my blogroll is updated!

  11. wow renny!!! congratulations!!! what does terella mean? model of earth? hehehe
    i’m included in the links. yipee!!
    and is it really Charing knowledge? or typo error and should have been Sharing? coz in filipino, charing is a gay lingo meaning joke (i think. hehe) :)

    Thanks and you know you’ll find all about a Terella in my About link!
    Of course you are included; you where one of my first blog friend!
    It was a typo – LoL – thanks for the tip (the post is updated!) – shows how powerful sharing knowledge are:-)

  12. Looks good! I added you to my blogroll at Bloggin’ Outloud. Wish you well in your new “home” – Thanks for stopping by! Lyn

    Thanks and also for plugging me! Will there be any Blogs of Summer this year then?

  13. Congratulation!!!! How wonderful! Very stylish blog you have now! Love it! I hate Blogger, so for me as a visitor it’s just AWESOME since the comments always make a fuss with me on Blogger!
    BTW: I mention the word Mariestad in my latest post… *giggles*

    Thanks – glad you liked my new template too!
    Will check your post later of course:-)

  14. Hey! New home! I like it!
    I was thinking of moving to WordPress too, but have some doubts. Do I have to buy a domain name? If you did, how much did it cost for you? Is WordPress easier than regular Blogger?

    You don’t need your own domain name – WP can host your blog for free if you like. I pay around 10€ pr month. I feel WP is easier as you hva more control and more features.

  15. Wow ! What a professional blog ! That’s what I first thought, very sober, serious and professional ! Have first to get used to it. So you left good old Bloogle Glogger ! What I miss is your picture at the top, that’s always so inviting and you can see who is “behind” the blog. Congratulations ! Must have been a lot of work to move everything over !

    Thanks for your compliments – I wanted to give a sober and professional look and my blog designer Chas has helped me a lot with his strong opinion.
    Actually I miss the unique look with the Norwegian flag myself, but all things must past and sometimes change is good too you know:-)

  16. I need to change your link from my blog as well heheheh

    RennyBA to all:
    Chas is my blog designer so go visit him and give him the credit he deserves!

  17. I love the new look–simplicity and clarity. Thanks for keeping me on the blogroll. Sometimes with the changes it is easy to be dropped. Always enjoy reading your site.

    Thanks for the compliments and you know I like to read your collection of thoughts too:-)

  18. Congratulations on the smooth transition and being able to have all the archived information remain intact. Well done to Chase ;) Wishing you all the best in “settling” with your new abode here. Thanks for stopping by, it was a good reminder for me to update your link at my end too ;) Let the fun continue!

    Thanks and yes, I’m very pleased to have all the old post intact in my new home for you to search.
    Thanks for updating yours too!
    The fun at blogsphere never ends you know:-)

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