Today there is a big birthday party going on in Norway! Blogging about Norway, our culture, history and traditions without mentioning it would of course have been a disgrace and of course Queen Sonja is worth it too – so know my American friends know why there is all this fireworks on tonight LoL

A bit history first: HM The Queen is a commoner, the daughter of Karl August Haraldsen and his wife, née Dagny Ulrichsen, she became engaged to then Crown Prince Harald in March 1968. They had been dating for nine years, although this had been kept secret because of opposition to her non-royal status. After the Crown Prince threatened to give up his rights to the throne unless he could marry her, the Crown Prince’s father, Olav V consulted the government for advice. The result was that the couple were wed on August 29, 1968, in Oslo.

As you might now, HM King Harald turned 70 21st of February this year and you can read more about the celebration on my post here!

Todays celebrations takes place in the west coast city of Stavanger, beginning with a thanksgiving service at the Stavanger Cathedral. Following the service, the Royal Family will take part in a walk through the city centre. During the walk, the Queen will be entertained by dancers, artists and displays. Here is a pic from today taken from Wikipedia:

Royal guests from all over Europe will arrive in Stavanger on Wednesday, and the City of Stavanger is hosting a lunch for the Queen and her guests.
The birthday celebrations end with a private dinner, before the Royal family and guests board the Norwegian and Danish royal yachts “Norge” and “Danebrog”, to begin a cruise along the south coast, back to the Oslofjord.
Long live The Queen:-)


  1. happy birthday to queen sonja! long may she reign. :)

    Thanks – I’ll pass it over next time I meet her:-)

  2. Re Hello Renny
    I learn a lot tonight about Norway! I know here in France many people are reading and know a lot about Families Royal in Europe! now I begin to know!
    Your king is a sailing champion! Nice!
    Happy birthday to Queen Sonja!

    Your compliments means a lot to me as I love to hear that people learn something from my posts – it’s inspiring!
    Yea, our King is a bit of a sports man and so was his father you know.

  3. Sounds like a celebration indeed worthy of a queen! Very interesting background story, Renny.

    Well worthy yes! Glad you could learn something too – that’s what I aim for you know:-)

  4. Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness…I have always love Queens, Kings, Princes & Princesses….kekekek….

    You should have been in Stavanger, Norway yesterday then – there was a lot of Royal Highnesses and I’m sure you could have picked your price :D

  5. I like that she was a commoner and he was willing to give up the throne for her. That’s true love! And she looks beautiful at 70!

    I knew you would:-)

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