Spare Ribs on the 4th of July

My new Terella
First of all, thank you for all your comments and compliments on my new blog home. I’m honored and feel flattered of course and even if I felt a bit shaky about moving into a new home, I am pleased and well settled. I can tell most of my blog friends have updated their blogrolls and I’m even listed at new once – thank you! I’m glad so many people around the world wants to know more about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions, habits and food for that matter:-)

Happy 4th of July
To family and all American friends: Happy Independence Day – May your day and night sparkle:-)
As you know, equivalent to your special day is the Norwegian 17th of May, our constitutional day. For those who likes to read about our Day and see the similarity and differences, check my post from this year celebration in Oslo, Norway.

Spare Ribs
As my regular readers know, my wife Diane is from NY, US. That gives me an unique position in sharing and understanding traditions from other parts of the world. It spice up and enriches the life you know. So on the table on a day like this we have Spare Ribs of course. This year we have my parents visiting in our summer home as well, so this was really a great family feast gathering. Let me invite you to sit in before I go on:

We bought the pork ribs fresh at the butcher of course and Diane make the most lovely BBQ sauce to marinade it before it’s steamed in the oven. Then we gives it the final touch on the grill before it is served. This year we had corn as well (what we in Norway calls maize, course that’s what it is:-), boiled potatoes and a fresh summer salad. For Norwegians or people all around in Scandinavia, it’s a habit to have aquavit with pork, so that and beer was on the menu as well. Here is the dish:

I asked my wife why you call it Spare Ribs and she wasn’t sure, so I searched on the net for more information. No special luck as this was what I found: ‘It’s in the etymology of the term rather than any butcher-speak location on the critter. Unlike short ribs (beef) or country-style ribs (pork), spareribs comes from ‘ribbesper’, Low German for pickled pork ribs done on a spit. The word has that diacritical macron over the last e.’
So does any other of my readers know and want to enlighten us in a comment?

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  1. Spare ribs sound sooo good and Happy Independence Day to Diane!

    Wish we could invite you over to our vacation home in Sweden to taste! Diane says thank you:-)

  2. wow! your new place is awesome! you’re one of us, wordpress user hehehee that spare ribs on the table sure taste really good! happy fourth of July to you too!

    Thanks – yea, finally I am one of yours! Glad you liked the food too:-)

  3. Hey renny:) Congrats on your new e-home All I can say is Wow! I like your theme a lot! So, where’s my champagne glass? :) Cheers !!
    Happy 4th of July to the whole family! I enjoyed the spareribs too much that I’ll need to do the cha cha again lol

    Thanks for your compliments too – let’s not use glasses but a whole bottle – cheers:-)
    Glad you liked the food and I would love to dance with you!

  4. You have a rather nice table set-up. Very elegant.
    Fourth of July here is rainy. No fireworks, no barbecue, since the weather decided not to cooperate.

    Thanks for the compliments and I’m said to say it’s poring rain here too:-(

  5. A beautiful family day you have! And a table’s decoration !!!
    I ate Spare Ribs for the first time when i was in germany in München! We tasted it in the englishen Garten with ein gute bier!
    Happy independence day to Diane!

    Glad you liked it and you always comments small details – very observant:-)
    Well, Germans know how to make port meal of course and beer is a must!
    I’ll pass your greetings to my wife – thanks!

  6. looks like a lovely and familiar meal. do enjoy :)

    It was and one day I hope we can share it with you and your family!

  7. congrat’s rennyba :)oh i love spareribs every 2nd wk of September there’s a celebration called ribs festival and it is awesome! great spareribs all over the world!
    I will link your new home.
    :) have a great day.

    Glad you like the serving – please keep us updated at September then!
    Thanks for adding me!

  8. Hi Renny! It’s a bit late now (23:30 nederlandsetijd) still I wish you, your wife and the whole family Happy Independence Day!
    thanks for sharing those ribs, it’s late in the evening and I’m salivating ha ha!

    well, we are in the same time zone, so we are late together.-)
    Thanks for the greetings and I’m glad you liked the Spare Ribs!

  9. Hi Renny! You really did my ribs justice. I will soon be getting orders from all over the world:-) Glad to see you managed 2 posts without your ‘editor’ on hand!

    Hi Dear, good to see you here too!
    Yea, let’s invite to a blog Spare Ribs party!
    I manage, but it’s always better after your final touch:-)

  10. Happy 4th of July, Renny!
    Those ribs sound amazing! It’s been many years since I’ve had them.
    Your new blog looks wonderful! Congrat’s, my friend!! XXOO

    Thanks and it was about time for you to get some then:-)
    Thanks also for your compliments – you know I love your photoblog too!

  11. Happy 4th July to you Renny & Diane, table set for how many guests?? :D Wish I could be there Renny and did you bake the potatoes? Wonderful meal :D

    Thanks – it was set for 5, but we have rooms for more! My wife also mentioned baked, but we ended up with boiled potatoes. Glad you liked it :D

  12. Spare ribs!!! Now you’re talking!!!!
    Gord BBQed ribs last weekend and they were amazing! I wasn’t sharing!!!

    Would have been nice if we could share on time – and I’ll bring some aquavit too you know:-)

  13. Mahalo for your visit…hey, it looks like you had a very American 4th of July dinner! Heh heh..the American wife is teaching you our food. Your new site is looking good! Bravo for having the courage to leap…I haven’t gotten mine up yet. :-)

    My wife is such an inspirational cook you know.
    Thanks for your compliments on my new blog home. You really should try yourself – and keep me posted!

  14. Happy July 4th, Diane!
    Well, if all the people you’ve invited come over for dinner, you better have lots of SPARE ribs! LOL! I always thought it meant that these were the ribs that the animal didn’t need so we got them! My husband makes great BBQ sauce too with soya, oil, ketchup and Kraft Rib /chicken sauce. I boil them for 35 minutes first though.

    Thanks for the greetings to my wife!
    You know your welcome over any time!
    It might be as simple as your theory yes, but I had to dig a bit further you know:-)
    I’m sure your husband and my wife would make a smashing kitchen team!

  15. Your rib dinner sounds and looks wonderful, Renny! Thanks for inviting me over, but I was still a bit hungry after my visit here and we went to a Chinese restaurant for supper, then we watched the fireworks on live streaming video on my computer. No mosquitoes to fight and it was cool and comfortable in here, LOL! :-)
    I think the term “spare” ribs refers to the fact that they don’t have much meat on the ribs, compared to the country style ribs which tend to have quite a bit more meat on them.
    Have a great rest of the week, Renny and Diane. :-)
    Love and hugs,

    Your always welcome over you know and thanks for sharing a bit of your 4th of July celebration!
    Your theory sounds the most reasonable.
    Thanks, we will and we wish you and your family the same!

  16. ok then, ill change your URL from your blogspot to your new domain.
    youve been the 6th blogger ive visited today that showed me i have to stop my diet. FOOD!FOOD! but no no no… I have to be be around 55-60kg. Or else I will be disqualified in the contest I am joining.
    have a nice day. Food! Food! Food!

    Thanks for updating your blogroll!
    Well, there isn’t 4th of July every day you know – so it has to be some special food:-)
    I shall have to check what contest your in too!

  17. it looks like it was a fine celebration, glad there was a family gathering: that is always fun! (well, almost always,lol)
    …in Scandinavia, it’s a habit to have aquavit with pork. Until now I would have only crossed out the “with pork” part of your sentence!
    Skoll! and greetings from the South

    Your right; it was great when they came and nice to get some privacy when they left:-)
    You’ve got a point there, but pork is a great excuse to have aquavit I guess!
    Skål and greetings from up north

  18. We had ribs and chicken. Happy 4th to Diane and you!

    Sounds like a great combination. Thanks for your greetings to both of us!

  19. Renny – Congrats of the move. I will update my blogroll shortly. What a lovely meal. Enjoy your new blog home!

    Thanks for the compliments – I’m glad you liked it!
    Also happy to know you are back home safe and sound from your trip to Norway.
    To all: Go visit her blog and see their adventures from Norway!!

  20. Hei Renny!!!!
    I like your new home and Belated happy 4th of July to you and Diane. I will visit her blog too.

    Glad you liked it and thanks for the greetings for both of us!

  21. Ah all change here I see that will teach me to go on holiday ;0)
    How do you like WP I tried it a couple of years ago and hated it, it would not do the things I wanted it to. Could just be I’m an idiot though.

    Well, I hope you’ll pic up some travel ideas about Norway!
    I’m new to WP, but so far I like it very much as it gives me more control and possibilities. The migration went on well thanks to Chas, my blog designer!

  22. Hey Renny got a new blog! I will have to change my URL for you on my sidebar.
    Looking very nice!
    Looks like you had a wonderful 4th of July feast.

    Thanks – glad you liked my new look!
    I was visiting yours and it seams like you had a great one too:-)

  23. How – how – young friend, why did it take so long to comment this wonderful post?
    Slow lines? Lack of interest? No – no – been away? sort of -yeah.
    Well I’m getting used to your new site – but my pop-up-show-the-item is not – yet.
    Have still one more day at work (and may be some hours on Tuesday) –
    then the best of all: Pick up D in Oslo and driving to Mariestad. What a vacation.
    We will have a jolly good time there – that’s for sure.
    PS. It took me 2 hours to post my last one – due to uploading photos – but that’s for me an important part of each story.
    hugs from
    Anna and Tor

    RennyBA and Diane
    Glad to know your lines at your summer house is fine again now!
    There is no reasons for hurry to your vacation, the weather is not summer like yet!
    But; next week when you are coming over, we’ll have fun and we are both looking forward to it!
    Loads of hugs back to you both :-)

  24. hello! thanks for stopping by. wow. The spare ribs look tasty. we ate grilled pork and mashed cauliflower as the special day dinner. I like your blog. I am always interested in knowing different culture. I am from China. My husband is from America. A couple from different culture background can learn a lot from each other. Y

  25. Oh my that food looks gorgeous! Reminds me of how much I adore spare ribs, they always have so much more meat on them than other ribs. I think spare ribs are traditionally pork while other ribs tend to come from beef. As soon as it stops raining here, I am going to make some for the BBQ.

    Glad you liked it and that you soon will have sun for BBQing:-)

  26. My goodness, that was a very funny definition of spareribs that you found. I don’t eat pork beyond the ham & bacon, so am therefore just as clueless. I don’t enjoy drinking beer, but the dinner it’s sitting in front of it sure makes it look like it could be very tasty with that combo. Actually, it’s possibly the aquavit that’s making me feel that way as I’ve never tried it. Maybe h’m feeling that way because h’m really thirsty at the moment too. ;D

    I like your sense of humor too!
    No matter you eat, aquavit always makes the meal ‘eatable’ :-)

  27. Mmmm I love spareribs. The ones you ate look meaty and delicious. Yummy. BTW happy belated 4th of July for your wife. :)

    Glad you liked it and I’ll pass your greetings of course.

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