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Golfing in the streets of Mariestad

The title of this article might strike you as a bit strange. It’s not as much an exaggeration as an interpretation. You see, the mini golf course my bonus child and I played on today is a copy or miniature model of our vacation town, Mariestad in Sweden. Each golf hole represents a place or a building from the local area, and you feel like golfing through the streets and the history of the town. We had great fun, both in the competitive spirit, but played in a jolly good and friendly atmosphere with plenty of others who wanted to use this day of sunshine to relax and enjoy since most of us have started our vacation.

Even from breakfast time – Kyle made me an egg sandwich today – we talked about going out to play miniature golf. I of course had to tease him by reminding him that I am a golfer and much older than him, so he should look to me to see how its done. He was just smiling and I could see the eagerness to get to the golf course in his eyes.
We took our time picking the right clubs – not to long or short and with a perfect grip for our fingers. He was to pick the color of the ball first – which is important of course – and he picked yellow so I got the blue. We got the score card and he was the score keeper.

I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand of course and sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words, so let me take you through the course with pics and the explanations of where in Mariestad we are (click the pics to enlarge):

Mariestad Cathedral (the steeple of the original is in the back over the person in blue!)

Mariestad Garden Center

Gøta Canal – see the locks in yellow!

The Mayor Residential house – ‘hosts Royal family when visiting’

The bridge to Torsö

Ice Cream Shop

The rail way – use your imagination! :-)

So how did this friendly but exciting competition ends you might ask? Well Kyle won by totally 42 strokes to 47 – congrats! I had one more hole in won than he did though, so we both deserved a nice treat. This place also has a wonderful bakery, so we gave ourself a free choice:

Brownies for Kyle of course and cream cake for me

My regular readers knows this is my new blog home powered by WordPress and I love to experiment. I use Photobucket for the pics so it doesn’t overload my domain site and make the blog to heavy to load. Playing with it tonight, I found this features for making slide shows of the pics, so just for fun, I’ll share it with you:

Click and move your mouse over to see the pics in details!

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  1. What would a day out be without some snacks? The pictures are lovely and the food looks delicious, as usual, Renny. I’m glad the weather cleared up for you. Hope it stays pretty for the rest of your vacation.
    We’re having some weird, strange weather here in the U.S. as well. Highly unusual even.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!
    Love and hugs,

    I knew you would like the treats:-) The weather: well at least it’s not raining today, but still to cold for a good summer (19C – 66F)
    A great weekend to all of you too!

  2. i like the the theme of the mini course is local attractions. how nice. and i must say i have always found it touching and lovely that you refer to your wife’s son as your ‘bonus’ child. that conveys such a warmth and acceptance that is clear he feels toward you too in that he cooks for you and enjoys time together.

    I like the expression ‘bonus child’ too and he is very cute (and clever within computers too, so we have a lot of fun together:-)

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun! A friend came over today and brought Austrian creme cakes! Mmmmm! We are lucky enough to have a good An Austrian baker in a nearby town! Yum!

    It was great fun and he loves to show me the score card to remind me of the champion LoL
    I’ll check your blog and hope to see some Austrian cream cakes!

  4. I already googled Marienstadt today because of another charming blog friend mentioning it, you’ll never guess who, lol!
    Looks like you are having fun with yor “bonus child”, what a great term! I will have to remember that.
    The slide show using the mouse was very clever, thanks for the tip and continue having a wonderful time.

    Have been visiting Mrs. Lifecruiser too!
    I like that bonus child term too you know.
    The slide show was an experiment – glad you liked it!

  5. You know why Kyle won don’t you? You have had to many cakes after golf and it’s affecting your swing :0)

    Hmmm, but Kyle had cakes too? Maybe the age different LoL

  6. How fun that they have built it like the town. I’m sure Mr L would have loved to play there….
    BTW: Finally I’ve updated the blogroll to your new one, thanks for being persistent :-D

    Hope we can play in those street together one day!
    Thanks for the blogroll update – A-Teamers should be up to date you know :-)

  7. A real pleasant moment you had with your “bonus child” at the mini golf party!
    It’s a long time since I haven’t play it. And it’s a first time I see a pedagogical mini golf ! Nice pics! I adored playing with the mouse!
    I learn that soon there will an other meeting in Mariestad between two A-Team Cruisers!

    Yea it was great and I’m glad I could share it with you – glad you had fun playing with the slide show too!
    Tor and his wife will come over next week – a blog gathering like the one you and Mar will have – blogging connecting people you know :-)

  8. I always wanted to play golf but my real father only takes my younger brother to golf courses. Nice pictures btw!

    Come on over and we’ll play! Thanks for the compliment on the pics – I want them bigger in the post though (please help me!).

  9. It does take a bit of getting used to Renny….I didn’t know you moved till the link on your comment did NOT work..(lol)..Well, I didn’t know you moved from that either, just that something was not quite right….IBut I will change the address in my blogroll…and I suggest you change it on your comment links, too!
    You had such a fun fun day….And the best part was the Brownies and Ice Cream cake at the end! LOL!
    Congratulations on your move, my dear!
    Is there a reason the Comments are at the top of the post? Kind of doesn’t make much sense, having to scroll back up after you have read through…..Oh Well….lol!

    So welcome to my new blog home and thanks for your greetings then and thanks for updating your blogroll!
    Yea, the game was fun and the treat even better LoL
    Comment link on top i standard here. I agree it’s a bit odd so I’ll see what I can do – otherwise I hope all get used to it.

  10. I have to get used first that comments are now on the top, lol ! It looks like a very nice Mini Golf place ! I love to play that too and each time during holidays we find one, we would play. Are you happy with your new blog system ?

    Like I said to Naomi, I think it’s odd too and will look into getting the comment link at the bottom.
    Hope we can play mini golf together one day then!
    I’m very pleased about WordPress and starts to get the hang of it. There is a lot of options ad features though, so I try to learn little by little :-) One good thing is to be able to reply comment by comment like this I think.

  11. Great to see you on the World Food Blog! That is definitely the most impressive mini-golf course I’ve ever seen!

    Thanks for returning the visit then and I’m proud to be one in the Team you know. Glad you liked the golf course too!

  12. Congrats, Kyle! Show him how it’s done! LOL! I like how you call him Bonus Child!

    I showed Kyle your comment and he put up a big smile!

  13. Renny,
    you sure have a very good companion in Kyle.
    And playing Mini-Golf – hehe, that’s exactly what we did in southern France when the two youngest ones year after year went with us. After Dinner – not the Mint Chockolade – BUT Mini Golf. We always lost. I have had nightmares when pondering why – Answer is very reasonable. Wine . Believe it or not – we had some wine with our dinner. The kids not.
    Hope it will clear up when we pick up Diane on Wednesday and heading for Mariestad.
    PS. Did I tell you: My mothers name: Marie-Louise. Her father was from Sweden. She is still a young lady at nearly 88.
    grrrr still raining

    Sounds like you’ve had a great mini golf experience too then – it’s always fun with the kids – thanks for sharing your adventures!
    It’s still poring rain here too, but the forecast for next week is promising – so let’s just hope. Anyway, I know we’ll have a jolly good time and we are so much looking forward to have you here!
    I didn’t know about your mom, but then again Marie is a very common Swedish name you know.

  14. Oh what fun in an interesting way…..hmmm….still don’t understand golf especially in sunny hot Singapore :(

    Hey..have a nice week ahead Renny :D

  15. Hey – great new look! And I guess a new web url.
    Oh and you celebrated the 4th, what a day that was..
    We are back and ironically I mentioned that miniature golf at this place on the way back would have been so fun to try (lack of time) and well you have made a post of it… Great post as usual!
    Oh email me if you can too, plus great new design. Back in Vancouver! But maybe pics to upload still.

    Good to see you in my new home and glad you like it. Yea, my own domain was one of the reason.
    Well, actually we had this dinner before as my parents left the 4th of Juli in the morning.
    I’ll send you a note.

  16. Visitor from Manila Philippines!
    I love those pictures! Make me wanna visit Sweden. :)

    Thanks for the visit and of course you are welcome both in Sweden and Norway:-)

  17. hello renny, looks like your summer would totally fun before it ends. who is kyle? is she your daughter or your wife? take care ren can i call u ren for short? hehehhe

    Kyle is my bonus child – as I’ve said.
    You can call me Ren of course:-)

  18. wow that looks cool.
    in Philippines, some people enjoy golf that way as well. The fame Luneta park hosts the event every year. Its called In-Golf (Informal Golf)

    Glad you liked it and I do hope one day I can go to Luneta park!
    Wish you a nice one too:-)

  19. Thank you very much for the nice birthday song ! Had never seen the text in Norvegian of course. It was a nice day with my son coming over from Amsterdam and even the sun came out !

    Thought I should give you somethings special you know :-) Glad you had a nice day and with family around!

  20. I am thinking of learning to play golf! Unfortunately, my husband’s not the type and it ain’t fun doing it alone…but maybe I could force him to try a mini golf course in Thailand on our upcoming vacation…you made me jealous, Renny! ha ha ha!

    Don’t try Golf – you’ll be addicted! LoL But of course, and to begin with mini golf is a good start. Half of the fun is to do it with you SO though – so force him!

  21. I was searching about mini-golf and residential golf. Your article helped me so much. Thanks:)

    Good to know someone find me while searching and like what they read – thanks for letting me know.

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