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Blogger Paradise in Sweden

My regular readers, especially LifecruisersA-Team Cruisers, know we have an honorary guest in our vacation home these days. My colleague from The Norwegian Computer Society and also a good blogger friend TorAA and his wife came to Mariestad, Sweden today. We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and finally they are here, landing safe and sound after a 5 hour drive from Oslo, Norway. They are a great couple, open minded and easy going – to make it short: a perfect chemistry match.

The first thing we experienced when they were settled in was lack of power outlets for our laptops (right now there are 5 wireless computers in the house!), so we had to go to the hardware store. For those of you who have read about Tor and me shopping (here is one from last year we where together in Mariestad), you know we love to go crazy and have fun – so we did:

Then Tor found that he had forgotten his sandals, so we had to go to another shop – and then more fun, as I got a bit kinky:

When we got home, it was time for dinner. We wanted to serve something special for our guests of course and we know they love sea food, so shrimp and craw fish was on the menu. Here you see the table set, please sit in if you like:

Actually before we sat down to dinner, Tor opened a bottle of champagne to commemorate the gathering and have a toast with us:

Is there anything better than sitting around the table with good food, wine (yeah we had a lot of white wine too!), good friends and conversation? The discussion in itself is an intellectual, gastronomic mind trip as one subjects lead to another – everyone contributes with their thoughts, ideas and knowledge. You talk and listen and learn and experience ultimate examples of story telling.

After dinner I made coffee in the press -can with avec of course; some wanted brandy, some baileys – the girls sitting out on our balcony and the boys in the living room, blogging :-) Life couldn’t be better, especially after Tor offered a cigar – we are living life to the fullest!

Talking about bloging connecting people. Tomorrow two of our blog friends: Claudie and Mar will meet in Marseilles – we hope they’ll keep us posted as well!

Update 12th of July:
Tor have posted about our second day together – read our exciting adventures by clicking here!

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  1. I’m flattered, honored and a bit embarrassed. I’ve only been Diane’s chauffeur from Oslo to Mariestad. Five hours – and what a welcome: A meal you only have twice in your lifetime.
    I do feel – not feel – but I have to tell the world next day, about Anna’s and my experiences from MARiestad. TORsdag 13.
    PS. When in Sweden – I do not speak or write English better than a child. *giggle*

    This is real fun as I am sitting beside Tor and we are talking while he is commenting. Sometimes bloggers are fare away – sometimes they are closer than you would ever think:-) I’ve never felt cyber space closer in my life *giggles*

  2. Oh how wonderful that the four of you got together! I can see everyone with their laptops! Hubby and I sit in our family room, dackels all around and our laptops in our laps, typing away! LOL Say Hi! for me.

    yea we have a great time and talking about how wonderful it would have been if the two of you – and of course the dogs – could be here too! Take you laptops with as we have wire less access for everyone:-)

  3. Bravo! Just I can say! When I see you all on pics, I understand immediately what the word friend “means”! You had a lovely day! First shopping: on the motos!!! super heros on the motos!! I’d like to have one too! And always lot of fun with the sandals!
    And what a nice table with sea food! And white wine! I love white wine with sea products! It’s the best!Not too sweet but unsweetened! And champagne and cigar! Of Chile? perhaps? or Havana? The best things to your wifes! A last friendly photo!
    Tchin! -Tchin! Connected people!!!
    Tomorrow: direction Marseille!

    Both Tor and me are happy you enjoined our post and day with our wife here in Sweden – we are glad you liked the wine and the sea food too! The cigars: ‘La Reina’ from Manila. Thanks for your greetings to our wifes which we gladly pass over of course!
    Looking forward to see your gathering at Marseillie!

  4. Renny, how wonderful and so much fun!
    I can’t wait to meet a few of my online friends today. I am leaving in a few minutes..I better make sure I brought my camera for pictures and big bag for book loot and money to pay for the books. (IT’s a literacy author signing…so for a good cause, I get signed books!)

    Glad you enjoy our meeting and I wish you a great one too! Please keep us posted!

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  6. *Tsk, tsk, tsk…..* boys and their toys, LOL! ;-) You two are just big kids in men’s bodies. :-)
    I love seafood, and especially shrimp!
    Hope you all have a wonderful visit together!
    Love and hugs,

    Yea, never getting to old to play you know :-)
    Glad you liked our shrimps – so come on over next summer then!
    Love and hugs from Diane, Anna, Tor and me!

  7. Love that you all are together with your 5 laptops…LOL…..Your excursion looked like fun and the description of your dinner conversation sounded WONDERFUL!
    Hope you all have a fabulous time together as this visit continues!

    I knew you would like the way we have our conversations. We had and will have a jolly good time – they are staying here until Sunday you know.

  8. I can just picture you all with your 5 laptops!
    Renny, I must say that those shoes you are tying on in the photo are not quite your style. ;-)
    Cheers to you and your most excellent visitors. Enjoy!

    How can you say the shoes wasn’t my style – isn’t golden perfect to me? LoL You see, the only problem was the size!

  9. Five laptops! LOL I’m picturing you sitting around all sending emails to each other even though you’re in the same room. LOL
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Great photos! Oh and that table setting looks lovely. :)

    Not only sending emails, but chatting too LoL
    Thanks for the compliments – glad you’d like to sit in:-)

  10. Hey what fun….you & Toraa?? How can you guys leave me out of the picture :D

    Sorry, but we couldn’t find you at that time! LoL

  11. i like the way you and tor shop!! i think you should have gone for some stiletto heels. hehehe
    i really love the picture of the 2 couples. looks and sounds like such a lovely time together.

    Thats the only way know how to shop LoL It was stiletto, but maybe not high enough LoL
    Make sure your in the picture next year then!

  12. nice nice. its good to hear youre making connection personally to your fellow bloggers and online friends.
    in the philippines, regular eye-balls are held with other bloggers too. pinoys are fund of making new friends through blogging.
    thanks for the visit. :d i do like it whenever i see you commenting on my entries. seriously.

    I’m a network evangelist you know and blogging connecting people!
    I know, I have a lot of Pinoys blog friends too.
    I love visiting your blog and it’s great to see you here too:-)

  13. you two always meet. hehehe.
    and i love your first pic. you two are funny! hehehe :)

    We are close, also geographically you know:-)
    Glad you liked the pic – it was fun making it too!

  14. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time by all! The meal looks spectacular! I can only imagine how wonderful it was! My dream is to make it to Sweden one day to meet Captain Lifecruiser in person.

    Yea, a smashing great gathering! Bot the food and the wine was great! Tell in advance – hope we can see you too and you are always welcome to Norway too!

  15. That’s so great! I love having a leisurely dinner with friends. :)

    So why don’t you join us then:-)

  16. GREAT CRUISER SPIRIT, I have to say as the Captain :-) OH, I wish I could have been there too, butt somehow I don’t manage to be a t several places at the same time!!! *giggles*
    That is looking absolutely delicious…. *drooling*
    I’m so happy that several of our cruisers get to meet each other like this!!! And we’ll meet Tor & Anna later on too!!!
    We’ve been having some problem with the Internet connection and yesterday we were a bit occupied as you can read in my latest post….
    Cheers good friends :-D

    Thanks for your approval Captain! I know you are busy and have a great time at your paradise too – next year we just have to meet – all of us!
    I know you would love the seafood, champagne and wine!
    Lifecruisers loves to meet you know and there is a lot of them this summer! I envy Tor and Anna who can meet you this year – take good care of them LoL
    I’ll come over and visit soon and please visit Tor’s blog for a post from today later on!
    We all cheers you from Mariestad too :-D

  17. wow, you really know how to travel! enjoy the food pics, lyn

    Travel is always fun and even funnier with friends like Tor and Anna.

  18. I love all of the funny photos of you and Tor – it’s wonderful that you met online and now have become friends. Thanks for the invite to dinner – I had seconds!

    Glad you liked the pics and also the dinner, but then again I know you love sea food:-)

  19. I’ve reading all the comments, while you took a well deserved nap, after being our perfect chauffeur and guide to day.
    I’m proud to say I’m very happy you hooked me into the blogger world a year ago.
    Reading these comments gives me a tremendous feeling of the kindness and warmth our blogger friends spread.
    Thanks for being here a second time;)
    Anna and Tor

    That power nap was need and great – thanks Tor!
    I’m glad I could inspire you to the blogsphere and we have so many mutual friends here now. Together we’re a smashing team!
    Both me and Diane are pleased to see you in Mariestad again you know!
    To all: I’m sitting with Tor beside me and he is writing a post from our adventure today – can hardly wait to see it on his blog – go visit!

  20. Good food, good friends and making shopping fun. Doesn’t get any better that that!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Best ever HNT says a lot. :-)

    Your so right: Couldn’t be better!
    Your welcome – the stripping show was hillerious.

  21. We only have 3 laptops and 2 stationery’s – you know someone is living off their computers when there is that many I guess. Great pictures and what a shopping spree!

    Is there a life off the computer?!? LoL

  22. Ok – that looks like so much fun and now you guys are just trouble together at last! I’d like to be there for that next year. ;-)
    And Renny – wow – all these replies to the comments!

    Boys like us always means trouble you know! You and P. heartily welcome next year!
    Glad you notice I am replaying – one of the advantage of WorPress – I do hope my commenter like it too!

  23. You all look like you are having so much fun! The pictures are all great; the foods look so yummy! I love your zest for life! And your site looks really good. :D
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes to D. He loved it!

    Glad you enjoyed our gathering too!
    Hope D. had a great birthday!

  24. Hey…Mahalo Nui Loa for the offer of sharing your Facebook friends with me! What a guy! Of course, they don’t know me at all…but hey, I’m bold. I’ll invite them anyway! Sounds like ya’ll are having a good time hanging together. Yesterday another couple, friends of ours, came over from their island, Oahu, to hang with us, and we shared laughs, food, and drink too.

    Thats what networking is all about you know and you can always ask and if they don’t want to add you, that’s their choice.
    Yea, great to meet friends – hope you’ll keep us posted about your visit too!

  25. Oh, great fun!
    The dynamic duo together again.
    The women will be exhausted.

    We just love that expression: ‘The Dynamic Duo‘ !
    After three days, I’m not sure if it’s only the woman who are exhausted:-)

  26. looks Rennyba’s having fun! yahooo summer treat!
    congrats on youre new website*wink*
    I’ll comeback later to read everything I missed.

    Always good to see old blog friends in my new home – welcome and thanks for your compliments!
    You know your welcome back any time *wink*

  27. Seems that you are spending a very nice time together ! Poor Tor is always in war with his clothes when he goes away. Last time to France he had to buy everything new because of his lost luggage and this time he forgot his sandals, lol ! I read this morning that Claudie and Mar also had a great time in Marseille. Isn’t that nice to meet in flesh and blood ?

    Yea we do enjoy our company. I’m not sure I am sad he had to buy new once as we had a great time in the shop.
    Both me and Tor (sitting beside each other right now on each of our computers:-) have been visiting Claudie and it’s great to see A-Team Lifecruisers gathering!

  28. Thanks for visited my blog. Nice photos of yours! Hugs to you…

    Your welcome and how great of you to return the favor! Thanks also for your compliments – hugs back to you:-)

  29. I have to comment Gattinas comment: She should know I love shopping;))
    PS. After todays sport event – we are all still friends.

    and I can confirm: shopping with Tor takes it to newer dimensions!
    PS: and will alway be!

  30. You’re having so much fun together! This really is what life is all about, sharing it with friends!
    I really like your new blog template, BTW! :)

    You said that right Ginnie!
    Thanks for your compliments on my new blog home:-)

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