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‘Canoe’ cruise with us in Sweden?

I’ve loved boating since I was a boy and have made my own canoes, a kayak and even a small sailing boat (I made sails out of old bed sheets on my moms new Singer sewing machine!). Living close to the Norwegian coast line (a very long one you know), I’ve always felt water like a magnet – one of the four elements that has to be challenged and controlled. It stays in the blood from our forefathers, the Vikings I guess:-)
Therefore, I was thrilled when Tor and Anna brought their canoe when visiting us in our vacation home. In my post two days ago, you saw our first day together and on Tor’s blog you saw our adventures yesterday. Today we finely have summer weather (it has been kind of a green winter the last weeks:-( and time for The Dynamic Duo our wifes and my bonus children to paddle on Vänern, Scandinavia’s largest lake at our vacation town, Mariestad. When posting about food, I always say sit in, and this time I could use the same phrase:

Then it was the boys turn (the young once then LoL), paddling around for an hour:

Saftey first of course, so since we only had two life vests, we took only two at a time. Next out was the The Dynamic Duo:

The surroundings are just beautiful throughout our significant four seasons and we’ve frequented these environment the last seven years. Here you see my post from last year showing the beach from winter to summer. Today, as I said, we had a taste of real warm summer and next one out was Anna and Diane:

My regular readers knows I like to share knowledge, so let me ad some canoe history:
Petroglyph (rock carvings) in Norway and Sweden from 1000 – 400 BC shows lodge boats or canoes as the first type of Viking ships (read my post about them!). Birch-bark canoe: in the temperate regions of eastern North America, canoes were traditionally made of a wooden frame covered with bark of a birch tree, pitched to make it waterproof. Traditional voyageur canoes were similar to birch-bark canoes but larger and purpose built for the fur trade business, capable of carrying 12 to 20 passengers and 3000 lbs of cargo. Wood-and-canvas canoe – evolved from the birchbark canoe in the late 19th century when canvas became much easier to acquire than the bark of the white birch tree. Our canoe is made in Norway of polyethylene (a unique mold technique), so you might say it has been a development.

Btw: Tor and Anna is staying until Sunday, so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m flattered. My humble cruise ship creating so much fun and activity.
    On top of that, my dear friend – you as allways – give a very interesting background.
    PS. I suspect Anna will write a “Guestbook post” about our stay here with you lovely and kind people.
    So stay tuned our common readers

    All of us and the ‘cruise ship’ makes a smashing team you know!
    Thanks for your compliments – looking forward to Anna’s post tomorrow!

  2. I’ll be back tonight when the kids are in bed. :)

    Your welcome any time – the canoe will still be here for you to get on board!

  3. Oh you guys are really having fun there! I hope I can do some sort of boating when I am in Fredrikstad next week.

    Wish you where here with us! Have a great trip and vacation in Fredrikstad Chase!

  4. Aw! May we join you? We have our own canoe and paddles AND life vests! Our canoe is a cedar strip made by Chestnut Co. in 1954. It’s 17′ long and not really that heavy. I love canoeing! Have a great weekend! Is the water cold right where you are paddling here?

    Woow, wouldn’t it be nice to paddle together! Your really experienced then and what a canoe you have! Tor’s is 16,5′
    Wishing you a lovely weekend too! Temperature in the water is around 17C or 63F (just perfect for Vikings you know:-) Normally at this time of the year we have around 20C or 68F, but like I said, we’ve had ‘green winter’ so far.

  5. I tried kayaking last summer … it was fun but I didn’t get hooked. Looks/sounds like you’re having fun :)

    Kayaking is fun to, but more difficult thank canoeing I think as it takes some time to learn balancing.

  6. How wonderful and you are still alive (both !)

    Never felt more alive than now – with these crazy friends around you know LoL

  7. What a fun day you all had, and lovely surroundings to enjoy as well! :-)
    Tell me, didn’t I see a woman sunbathing topless in one of those pictures? I’m not shocked but it’s relatively rare here and only allowed in certain places on private property. Just wondering about your customs there in Norway….
    Have a wonderful weekend, Renny and company! ;-)
    Love and hugs,

    Yes she was topless and that is not that uncommon at beaches in Scandinavia. I guess it’s part of a strong womans liberation back from the 70s and we might have a bit more open attitude to bodies and nakedness. There are quite a few nude beaches here too you know. It’s also quite common to see a mother breast feeding her child in public places like parks and I have noticed during the tourist season that some finds it shocking wile others finds it cute and natrual.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend too!

  8. As I’ve been on a cruise around countries that included Norway, this was very reminiscent.

    Good to see you and glad I could bring up some memories to you -welcome back any time!

  9. Canoe ride looks like a lot of fun…but is ToraA making you do all the work?

    It was just great and we’re having another round today! No, no, Tor has a paddle too – to double the speed you know:-)

  10. oh i do so enjoy canoeing and kayaking. it has been far too long since i have had the chance to do that.

    Come on over then! We where paddling today too and I have a vid I might post today!

  11. Must be a time for cruises. Hubby and I just signed up for a Panama Canal Cruise in November! I think our boat will be a little bigger! ;~)

    A Canal Cruise on Panama sounds great and romantic – enjoy and please keep us posted!

  12. Ouuuu! Our vikings have beautiful days in Mariestad! I love the landscapes, lakes and the friendly sportpeople on the photos!!! Canoe seems to be a super activity! I’d like to try it! I stay tuned!

    The Vikings always knows how to enjoy ourself you know! Glad you like the nature view – you have to join us next year!

  13. More canoing! I love it. You’ve made me determined to get in a canoe again this summer! The area and beach you were visiting looks lovely. I’m glad you had great weather for your outing.

    The western native Indians of North America also used dug out canoes – as in they would literally hollow out a tree trunk and shape it into a canoe, but you’re right they evolved into frames with birch or other types of bark applied onto them.

  14. When I was young, still living at home, Renny, I went to camp every summer and LOVED canoeing! I often went by myself, even, if I didn’t have a partner who wanted to join me. There is something so peaceful about paddling around the lake so quietly. That’s what I like about canoes. The Native Americans and Vikings knew what they were doing! :)

    Great to know about you! Yea, no enoying engine sound – just pure nature and really close to the elements – that is mind powering (or charging) I think:-)

  15. I love that video capability! That is the most fantastic phone in all of Norge, LOL!
    I like the new web site. I must get a domain so I can clean up my place a bit! The weather is equally as bad here…positively horrid!

    Thanks – glad you liked it! Maybe the most fantastic in the whole Scandinavia LoL
    Glad you liked my new blog home and I would say go for it too!
    We’ve had the first real summer weather here in Mariestad today. My wife and I took a walk in The old town (Gamla Stan!), so stay tuned!

  16. I reallly loved this pics you know. That blue sky, all the people together. IT just looks like so much fun!

    Thanks ET – coming from you, thats a great compliment – you know I always admire your photos!

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